Do superpowers really exist?

  Human beings have a curiosity about all mysterious things. The more mysterious the more we are curious. This is the case with superpowers.
  Man’s fascination with superpowers has not diminished since ancient times. From the ancient magicians and wizards to the current superpowers, everyone hopes to become an outstanding superman, able to do what ordinary people can’t and cannot do. Things, people who like to discuss superpowers actually want to have superpowers in their consciousness. Think about it, if you can take things at will or travel through time and space with the spirit body, it’s so enjoyable, the reason why people like it Researching superpowers is actually just that you want to be lucky enough to have one of them. The more difficult things you can achieve, the more interesting it is. So although it is difficult to prove the existence of superpowers, the enthusiasm for exploring it is Unabated.
  Tenth: Shaman
  shaman ceremony has swept the world, for those who believe it is more tribes have a deep foundation. This spiritual-based ritual can be traced even today, and it has highly complex steps. It is said that a witch doctor in the Philippines has the dual ability to materialize and nihilize things. Whenever the witch doctor enters a slight trance, he acquires supernatural abilities, and he can perform surgery on the patient with little or no contact with the patient. They can remove foreign objects (such as glass, metal) in the patient’s body and provide pain relief for the patient.
  Most witch doctors have been proven to be liars, and they use some inscrutable hand skills to complete the entire deception in complicated rituals. But not all witch doctors are liars. Some witch doctors can remove molars with their bare hands, and some can remove and reattach their eyeballs. There is still no strong enough evidence to decipher the special abilities of these witch doctors for a long time.
  Ninth: heart surgeon
  and witch doctors, like heart surgeon can do that usually requires tools and medical supplies (such as narcotics) to complete the surgery. But unlike the witch doctor, the psychic surgeon needs to penetrate the patient’s body to remove the tumor and organs.
  Psychiatric surgeons are mainly concentrated in Brazil and the Philippines, where people have a strong belief in mental power. Patients are told that those negative emotions and thoughts will only make the condition worse. If you do not believe that you can overcome the disease, then you will not be cured. In other words, the patient must achieve the unity of mind, body, and spirit, so as to provide a balanced environment for recovery; if the mind and spirit cannot be unified, there is no hope of recovery. This is also the reason why psychiatric surgeons believe that outsiders (non-native people without spiritual beliefs) are difficult to heal because they lack faith.
  Eighth: human spontaneous combustion
  of human spontaneous combustion inside the human body is defined by spontaneous combustion. This sounds incredible, but now we are very familiar with this supernatural phenomenon. Famous cases include Jack Angel, who was recorded spontaneously, causing amputation of his hand, and Mary Reeser was burnt through, and only a shrunken skull was left when discovered. Even in the novel, there is no lack of spontaneous combustion. For example, Charles Dicken’s “Desolate Manor” (Dicken is obsessed with the subject of spontaneous combustion, and he has studied it in depth).
  Maybe you have already thought of some examples to uncover the truth of the mystery, but please take a look at the following information: In the crematorium, the temperature of the furnace must be preheated to 1837.4 degrees Fahrenheit, because it is not a light thing to turn human bones into ashes. It takes an hour or two for the flesh and main skeleton of a person to burn to ashes. The spontaneous combustion of the human body is now often turned into a pool of liquid when it is discovered, which means that at least 2998 degrees Fahrenheit can achieve this effect. And in some cases of spontaneous combustion, not the entire body was completely burned, and the burn marks on the whole body in the vulgar fire script we expected did not appear.
  Seventh place: Fire control
  Regarding the study of fire, we have the Leidenfrost phenomenon (a phenomenon in which liquid does not wet the hot surface, but only forms a vapor layer on it, discovered by the scientist Leidenfrost in 1756). In 1756, a scientist named Leiden Frost dropped a drop of water on a burning iron spoon. The drop of water was suspended for 30 seconds. This is the famous “Leiden” in modern physics. Frost phenomenon”. The reason why the water droplets can be suspended is that after touching the hot iron spoon, a layer of water vapor is formed at the bottom of the water droplets, which separates the water droplets from the iron spoon, so that the water droplets are suspended, and the suspended water droplets cannot absorb more heat temporarily. , Slows down the speed of vaporization, so the suspension can last for 30 seconds). This phenomenon shows that when the liquid encounters extreme heat, it will turn into an insulating gaseous protective layer. When you squeeze out the candle with wet fingers, it is the protection of this layer of vapor. As long as there are sufficient conditions, everyone can do this (just like a firewall), but only a few people can be immune to fire.
  Nathan Coker is a blacksmith in Maryland. He can step on hot metal, hold molten lead until it solidifies in his mouth, and hold fiery coal in his hand. And his skin is extremely sensitive and never leaves any burn marks. Is this the effect of a mind-control substance or is his skin already able to resist the pain caused by burning after years of controlling fire?
  Correspondingly, some fire controllers can trigger and control the flame. AW Underwood can blow on a handkerchief and set it on fire. It may be faster to control the fire with your mind or make fire with your hands, but those are just fantasy in the novel.
  Sixth: probing surgery
  as early as the fifteenth century, there is a technique to detect. Fortune-tellers never need scientific instruments. They can detect underground water, metals, or other substances by relying on a probe. There is a saying that the detector is sensitive to magnetic fields or can form a super-sensory perception, and the detection rod helps the detector to amplify this invisible magnetic field movement sensation by hand.
  Another explanation for this phenomenon is to survey nature. If a probe can perceive the clues around it, then their hands will subconsciously move, which causes the probe to shake and tilt to indicate that there are valuables nearby. Most of the explorers cannot give a clear explanation of the ins and outs of the exploration, but they have a history of successful exploration for centuries.
  Fifth: bioelectrical
  Maybe you’ve seen on Youtube someone can control electricity. In fact, as early as the 19th century, there were some people with negative electric charge or electromagnetism. The things around them would be affected by weird electromagnetic effects. Some people even have an allergic reaction to electronic products. When there are electronic devices that emit large magnetic fields or electric charges around them, they will feel restless.
  There are also cases of people with excessive battery charge, who can make it brighter just by holding a light bulb. Others have no control over their own electricity and will burn the fuse directly. What’s more, it will emit a continuous static current, enough to cause harm to others.
  Fourth: bioluminescence
  surprising is that patients are often light-emitting body. Anna Monaro suffers from asthma, and whenever she sleeps a few weeks later, her chest will glow blue. In Hereward Carrington (Hereward Carrington) “Death: Its Causes and Phenomena” (Death: Its Causes and Phenomena) recorded a boy who died of severe indigestion, his body will also radiate blue glow.

  There are not many cases of the firefly phenomenon, but Japanese researchers recently discovered that the human body emits light. The light emitted by our body is 1,000 times lower than what can be seen with the naked eye. Human body light fluctuates periodically throughout the day, which makes us the brightest in the afternoon (the skin near people’s mouth is also the brightest at this time) and the darkest in the evening.
  Third place: levitation technique
  D·D Homes (DD Homes) is famous for its levitation technique. In 1868, Honms performed his most incredible feat: at an assembly, he floated out of one window and floated into another window. Harry Houdini (Harry Houdini, a famous American magician) tried to copy Houdini’s “magic”, but even he could not debunk the mystery of Houdini’s supernatural function.
  Nowadays, many magic tricks have performances about levitation, and their inspirations are all taken from real levitation. (Homs) The performances at the rally are occasional, and neither the audience nor the surrounding props are prepared in advance.
  Second: telepathy
  telepathy is a kind of extrasensory perception, it is now possible to obtain information by unknown scientific method. Before entering the state of telepathy, you must realize that you actually have more than five senses. You can experience temperature changes, proprioception (perceive the orientation of each of your muscles) and gravity (perceived by the angle of your head when you close your eyes). Telepathy includes perceptions other than the five senses.
  There are many anecdotes about telepathy, so what research does orthodox science have? The Ganzfeld experiment in the 1930s was very classic. People who claim to be telepathic are asked to lie down, and then focus on listening to white noise to clear the brain (white noise or white noise is a random signal or random process with a constant power spectral density. In other words , The power of this signal in each frequency band is the same. Since white light is mixed with monochromatic lights of various frequencies (colors), the flat power spectrum of this signal is called “white “This signal is therefore called white noise. The ideal white noise has an infinite bandwidth, so its energy is infinite, which is impossible in the real world. In fact, we often regard flat signals with limited bandwidth as White noise, because it makes mathematical analysis more convenient).
  An observer in another room attempts to use his mind to send a picture of his observation to the telepath. Next, the telepaths were asked to choose one of the four pictures that they felt in their brains. The evaluator predicted an accuracy rate of 25%, but in fact the accuracy rate reached an astonishing 35%. Although this ratio is not much higher than the theoretical data in statistics, it may reveal that telepathy does exist.
  First: Prophecy surgery
  Delphi oracle of ancient Greece is very famous prophecy. In the Temple of Apollo in the city of Delphi, the priestess Pythia (Pythia) entered a coma-like hypnotic state, asked others to ask questions, and she made predictions about future events. “Plato’s Dialogue” records that a friend of Socrates went to Delphi to ask Pitya, the goddess of prophecy, who was the wisest person. Delphi is the seat of the Temple of Apollo in ancient Greek mythology, which can predict the future, and has become synonymous with predicting the future. Nostradamus was born in France on December 14, 1503, and died on July 2, 1566. He is a doctor, and he is also known for his outstanding astrology talents. The French are very convinced and admired by him. Even King Henry II of France was invited into the palace and asked him to predict good and bad luck for the country. Five years later, he left the court and came to Sharon. It took four years to complete a strange book. This book is the famous work “The Centuries”.
  You can find a prophet to talk to you about the future whenever you make a phone call. History is devastated by those who can predict. Some people can imagine past and present lives, some can dream and predict, some need to use rituals to prophesy, and some people make random predictions. Maybe you have this kind of personal experience yourself. When you think of a close friend of yours, he will call you a few seconds later? Is this a kind of prophecy or just a coincidence?
  Nostradamus had a series of predictions, many of which interpreted specific events: the fire in London and the prominence of Adolf Hitler. However, Nostradamus deliberately obfuscates and mystifies his prophecy in order to facilitate the free interpretation of the prophecy. In this regard, he understands that the prediction of major events in history is quite extended. Nevertheless, in this ranking, prophecy is still the richest, most bizarre and special one of the abilities that people have.