Distance from one to ten

“Do you have the time?”


“I invite you to dinner and see you later.”

It was a friend of mine who was calling for many years. It is strange to say that her English was so bad when she was in school, but she is now a high school English teacher.

When I met my friend, what I saw was her unconcealed smile of joy, like a ray of sunshine, giving people warmth and hope.

My friend said to me very excitedly: “One of my students got 147 points in the English college entrance examination, and was admitted to Fudan University.” Before I could reply to her in the future, she couldn’t wait to continue saying: “When he first entered school, English was better. Poor, especially like me when I was in junior high school…” I also learned about her middle school story in her narration:

“The entrance examination of junior high school and the scores in other subjects are among the best, but English is unexpectedly poor. To me, English books are equivalent to the books of heaven. The English teacher in the class is a person with a weird personality and a bad temper. I I clearly remember that once the class discipline was poor, we angered the English teacher, she casually dropped the glass on the desk angrily to the ground. At that moment, I had a fear of her, and I was also afraid of English. Fear occurred in the subject, and I began to give up learning English, intending to let my fate.

Once the get out of class was over, the English teacher took me to the office, but the other teachers were not there. Only me and her were left in the huge office. I started to be afraid, even a little scared, not daring to look up at her, my heartbeat speeded up abnormally, and my hands trembled slightly. She glanced at the monthly test report and asked me:’Why can’t you?

My voice is very small and soft, so small that even mosquitoes may not be able to hear what I am talking about. ‘I…I can’t write all 26 English letters. After tremblingly speaking this sentence, I was ready to face the blood and rain, and there were countless pictures in my mind. For example, the English teacher would slap me on the table and teach me, he would not care about me anymore, let me fend for myself, and even told me to stop in the corridor in every English class. But unexpectedly, she squatted down, stroked my head, and said to me with a smile on her face: “It’s okay, we will start with 26 English letters. From the beginning, I will teach you slowly.

The English teacher taught me 26 English alphabetical sequences, taught me phonetic symbols to spell words, taught me phrase grammar, and also popularized foreign culture and customs. My English scores ranged from a dozen points to seventy points, and then stable at the end. In one hundred and thirty points. After the college entrance examination results came out, the English teacher knew my scores and wept tears of joy. At that moment, I was shocked by her, that is, at that moment, I did not hesitate to fill in the English major. After graduation, I chose to be an English teacher without hesitation.

I know in my heart that choosing a teacher in this profession will be very poor. After working for many years, I still pay in obscurity, but some happiness cannot be measured by money. When you see naughty students start to study hard, when you know that students can get into a better school, you will feel extremely proud and proud.

do you know? From ten to one hundred, I only spent a short year, but from one to ten, I spent a full three years. Too many people have witnessed my moment of success, but few people know what I was like before success. There is no one, how can there be ten, there is no ten, how can there be a hundred, and one is the teacher who taught me, without her, how can there be me now. ”

Speaking of this, my friend has already burst into tears. From her eyes, I can see her appearance as a student; from her expression, I can see the style of her English teacher back then. From English teacher to her, it is the inheritance of profession. The professional ethics of teachers have been carved into their bones and taught to countless students. How can I not be moved?

“Yeah, if there were no teachers, I would not sit here and chat with you happily now.” When I said this, I couldn’t help thinking of the teachers who taught me, and I was grateful.

Bless you, my teacher; bless you, all teachers.