Create a “post-epidemic product upgrade plan”

How to turn crisis into opportunity and minimize the negative impact of the epidemic is a very realistic task. In this regard, we must not only implement and accelerate the digital transformation of relevant service models, but also innovate on the basis of existing consumption habits and service methods, and optimize and upgrade relevant service models by strengthening the design of epidemic prevention service methods.

Carry out service space and mode design for service industries that are heavily affected by the epidemic, such as catering, retail, and cinema, and design public space structures, service models, crowd flow lines, and air control systems according to “social distance” and “disinfection and ventilation” requirements Etc., to release “Guidelines on the Design of Epidemic Prevention in Service Industry”, promote the improvement of the catering structure and facility structure, and activate the consumption of catering and entertainment

And reduce the risk of confinement and aggregation, and improve the daily anti-risk ability of the service industry. At the same time, it is recommended to strengthen the design of food and beverage processing equipment, food packaging, anti-epidemic facilities for theaters and exhibitions, strengthen the design and production of anti-epidemic products, ecological materials, anti-epidemic functional product packaging and anti-epidemic lifestyle products, and establish effective defense barriers to reduce the risk of virus transmission. , Precautions for the “post-epidemic” period of life style optimization and transformation to improve product leadership and support.

At present, the development of 5G technology commercial, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other high-end technologies will disrupt the production, delivery and appreciation of creative products and services. The quality of cultural products is

The core of the output quality, and the excellent cultural products are not only made, but also designed with innovative thinking. Creativity is the core resource of the cultural and creative industries, while creatives and designers are the basic guarantee of imagination. Professional creatives, designers and knowledge workers should further enhance the creative value of creative design from two aspects: one is the interpretation and conversion of traditional excellent cultural content, and the other is the integration and improvement of traditional industries and cultural and creative industries. Through the development of the entire industry chain of IP, a new cultural form with the most room for market growth can be formed. It can open up the core product matrix of movies, cultural tourism, animation, games, e-sports, design, performance, planning, craftsmanship, derivatives and other products. Various cultural scenes, to further cultivate and develop a full cultural and creative industry chain with content copyright.