Confessions of an entrepreneur: how do I kill myself step by step

In this age of opportunities everywhere, there are more and more entrepreneurs and fewer and fewer successful people. Most entrepreneurs don’t know when they will be cold.

After investing money and energy and still failing, if you can’t sum up experience from it and can’t see the problem, you may continue to fail. After several failures, having passed the best age for job search and continuing to start a business has become a forced choice.

Entrepreneurs will not compromise their fate even if they fail, but they have to bow their heads and see what steps have been taken. And those who want to start a business but have not yet started to act, don’t worry, talk to people who have experienced failures.

The real experience of the loser is more worth learning than the “poisonous chicken soup” of the winner.

Some entrepreneurial ideas are doomed to fail
In early 2018, I decided to start a business for the first time because I accepted an invitation from a friend to do flowers and flowers together. But when I recalled the decision at the time, I realized that it was a doomed plan.

Beijing at the beginning of the year is the coldest season of the year. I accepted my friend’s invitation to discuss the business plan together.

Why choose to start a business?

On the one hand, because housing prices in Beijing are very expensive, it is estimated that they cannot afford to buy a house just by earning wages by going to work. On the other hand, it was probably brainwashed by the “Poisonous Chicken Soup” successfully learned in the past few years, and I wanted to toss about it, otherwise I would feel uncomfortable.

On the third floor of Starbucks in Jianwai SOHO, our three founders sat together for the first time to formally formulate our entrepreneurial plan.

A producer, a videographer, and my self-media editor, such a team, even decided to make a flower brand. Three laymen who want to be in an industry they do n’t understand are a bit unreliable. But it was such an unreliable decision that we all agreed.

Flowers are a big market, and many scenes have a great demand for flowers, including daily viewing, festive flower ceremonies, wedding celebration decorations, and so on. This market is full of opportunities. But is it really suitable for us?

Many entrepreneurs’ failures start with self-esteem.

There are two manifestations of self-hi: one is that you have an idea, but you are just a whimsical pseudo-need; the other is a real demand, but you have no ability but you do n’t know it.

Is your idea a real demand or a fake demand? This requires verification and data support. It must not be taken for granted. Entrepreneurship starts with low-cost trial and error and uses lower costs to verify the authenticity of the demand.

I have seen the BP (Business Plan) of an entrepreneur. He wanted to open a Journey to the West restaurant on a commercial street. The result was “I think” throughout.

“There are more than a dozen restaurants on this street, but there is no theme restaurant, so I think the theme restaurant has its own advantages.”

“There are many office buildings near this street, and there are many people working, so I think there is definitely a great demand for catering.”

Not to mention whether this demand is true, it is said that all conclusions are “I think”, which is not reliable in itself. “I think” does not mean facts, I still think I am the most handsome in the world, but this is not true.

The buddy’s restaurant opened, but it didn’t last long before it was cold. Because people around the work are around, every day at noon time, first ask fast. However, due to lack of experience, he has imperfect operating procedures, and every time he has to wait for guests for a long time. So, apart from the freshness two days before the opening, no one will go after that.

Even if it is a real need, but you still have to ask yourself, can you do it?

We plan to be a flower brand, a market that has existed for a long time, enough to show that this is indeed a real demand. But no one of us 3 laymen understands the business model of the flower market. I do n’t know what to do at all, but I am blinded by the passion of entrepreneurship and completely ignore this problem.

Seeing the wide use of flowers, seeing the success of Fauvism and roseonly, we brainwashed ourselves and told ourselves that this industry has the opportunity to immerse in a deep self-esteem. But we have forgotten to think, the opportunity is real, but we have no ability to seize it.

Having done something that I am not good at but not knowing it, I have planted the seeds of failure.

Entrepreneurship with only goals can’t stand the test of reality
On the 3rd floor of SOHO Starbucks in Jianwai, we determined our ultimate goal: first to make a flower brand, then invest in film and television promotion brands, then make derivatives around the brand, and finally make an investment company.

It took an afternoon to construct a grand goal for the future. The goal is getting bigger and bigger, the mood is more and more excited, as if I have seen the dawn of the future.

Next, the first thing we do is give our brand a name. It has been a month after the repeated entanglement and constant modification to finalize the brand name.

A month later, we sat on the third floor of Jianwai SOHO Starbucks again. This time, in addition to our three founders, we finally added a part-time florist.

Because of the involvement of the florist, we have put forward many ideas, we can do this, we can do that. When I left, I felt refreshed and we came up with many ways. But it ignored a problem, and ultimately did not come up with an implementation plan.

Half a month later, still building the 3rd floor of SOHO Starbucks, the producer suggested that we can make a social bouquet concept.

In Europe, the application of flowers in daily social is very common. When you visit a friend’s house, many will give flowers. But in China, there is no such habit. And we didn’t think about whether the social bouquet meets the social habits of the Chinese people, but we think it is feasible. Then we decided to do this concept.

But still has not decided what to do.

Half a month later, we feel that we can still make fine roses. After half a month, we feel that we can make rose tea.

Our goals are constantly changing, and we always have new ideas. But the problem is that there has never been a specific implementation plan for a certain goal.

Of course, without an implementation plan, it is not that nothing is done. In this process, some things were done. Through the relationship of the producers, we have done a few small-scale floral activities without earning money; in cooperation with a wine restaurant, I took some photos of the combination of red wine and flowers and wrote a few articles posted on the newly created In the public account; participated in an offline event and sold several “one flower per week”, which is the kind of customer who pays 99 yuan first and then sends the flower once a week.

We did a lot of things, and now in retrospect, there is only one feeling, that is chaos. I still do n’t understand why these things were done at that time.

Fragmented thinking is destined to be difficult to succeed.

After you have formulated an entrepreneurial goal, it is very important to plan a clear route. Otherwise, it will bump like a headless fly.

What is your ultimate goal? How should it be implemented? Where to start? What kind of process does it go through? What needs to be done at each step? These problems must have a clear concept before starting to act.

Don’t believe the words “to be successful, go crazy first, and go forward with a simple mind”, deceive the ghosts. I didn’t find the direction and the path before I started to rush, maybe in front of a wall with nails, and finally hit the face with blood. This is not a simple mind, it is stupid to get home.

Now, back to summarize the entrepreneurial process at that time, if you want to be a flower brand, what should you do?

Need to register commodities and design your own flower products; need to have display windows and promotion windows; need to have user experience and purchase channels. After knowing what is needed, an execution plan must be formulated to clearly define the division of labor. Who will design the product, who will produce the promotional materials, who will be responsible for marketing and promotion, who will operate the purchase channel, who will be responsible for after-sales service, how to cooperate with each other, etc.

These are all vital parts of a business, but the most important thing is to connect these parts with a line.

But what did we do then?

The floral artist designs the bouquet, and the cameraman takes the picture. I will write the copy of the public account and then forward it to the circle of friends. Then, there is no more.

First of all, some parts are not done at all, and a complete process cannot be formed. Second, there is no one line connecting all parts, and the execution of each part is scattered. How can this not fail?

Entrepreneurs are most afraid of fragmentation of thinking, which is the deadliest injury. Fragmented thinking, it is easy to think of what to do, can not form a clear organization. Can’t see the direction and path clearly, and the last things done will form a mess.

The best way is to draw a flow chart. According to the flow chart, you can clearly see who is needed in each link, and you can also find the position you are good at.

Before starting a business, ask yourself what you want

In the course of this venture, we actually did a lot of things, but we did not have a clear and complete plan, and because the architecture layer is not perfect, many important links are missing. Therefore, the final result is doomed from the beginning.

Later, more and more entrepreneurs contacted and learned more and more.

Everyone’s failure has its own unique reasons. But in my experience and the people I contacted, self-hi and fragmented thinking are the two most common causes of entrepreneurial failure.

In fact, many entrepreneurs have never thought about why they should start a business before starting a business. Some entrepreneurs find it cool because they see others starting their own business. In this case, it is also easy to fail.

Entrepreneurship is risky, and success is a very unlikely thing. If you must do it, please be mentally prepared.

Since the outbreak of the New Crown Epidemic in the United States, there have been serious confrontations and confrontations within the government and among social groups. Fear, resentment, repulsion, complaints, gloating, and anger have become high-frequency words in the American media. The New Crown Outbreak is destined to cause further The split and the huge inequalities it exposes are remembered.

In particular, the epidemic further reflected the unequal nightmare into reality. Since mid-March, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits in the United States has reached 22.02 million, almost erasing the new jobs created since November 2009. This is not only the inequality between the wealthy class and other classes, but also the inequality in health, working conditions and access to medical insurance.

In the face of the rampant epidemic, many Americans are in a clearly disadvantaged position. Blue-collar workers and low-income groups do their best to keep high-risk and unsecured jobs, such as transportation workers, shop assistants, and caregivers. It is difficult to avoid contact with the public. The families of these people have to share the kitchen or bathroom with others and thus cannot achieve effective isolation. The closure of the school also left many poor children with meals, and these children were even forced to abandon online learning because they had no internet at home.

In stark contrast to these, white-collar workers can open a remote office model with medical insurance and paid vacation systems at home; the rich evade apartments in Manhattan, go to country houses to avoid the limelight, or hide into safe bunkers with rich reserves; elite tutors, High-end demand such as private jets is also in a blowout.

As mentioned earlier, applicants for unemployment benefits are mainly employees who lost their jobs due to the closure of restaurants, bars, hotels and shops. They belong to low-income groups, and the unemployment caused by the epidemic has once again widened the gap between the rich and the poor.

The racial discrimination caused by the epidemic also attracted attention. Because China first reported the new crown epidemic, some Americans were “indignation” when they saw the Chinese. The contempt and alienation that were in the past have turned into unprovoked provocations. Hate crimes against Chinese are on the rise, and many Asians lie down. .

The epidemic also exacerbated intergenerational conflicts. Because the virus is the most deadly to the elderly, some young people laughed at it as the “old deceased terminator”; the old people criticized the young people to open the “new crown party” as usual regardless of the safety of others.

Some people may say that inequality and differences are not surprising, they are just normalized expressions of the United States. At the same time, there were some cases of cooperation and mutual assistance. Medical staff took the initiative to make up for the pit. Social organizations distributed anti-epidemic materials along the street. The rich generously contributed to the development of the vaccine. Appropriations and record economic stimulus bills.

Objectively speaking, the epidemic has indeed spawned each other

Contradictory two situations, but compared to the common social mutual assistance, the current inequality and divisions have broken through the historical boundaries, manifested in an unprecedented way, and touched a wider field and group, and therefore more protruding. Even if we only look at the performance of the parties, the cooperation between the two parties under the political correct principle of anti-epidemic can not cover up their confrontation at the affairs level, the rash on the spread of anti-epidemic, the mutual denial of welfare planning, and the material Mutual blame on distribution. Voters of the two parties have also used practical actions to demonstrate their

Individuality rather than commonality: The study found that the regions that supported Trump in the 2016 election, and people like him who do not believe in global warming, are the least willing to isolate at home, while Democrats perform much better; believe in coronavirus Democrats who are “real threats” have reached 76%, while Republicans have only 40%.

Among the many factors leading to this inequality and division, the White House ’s words and deeds have undoubtedly played an important guiding role. Senior government officials deliberately use the term “Chinese virus” to ignore the promotion of racial discrimination; continue to advocate early recovery and worsen the relationship between the federal and the state; insist on optimistic expectations that are contrary to expert opinions, leaving the general public at a loss …

The particularity of infectious diseases and the impact of American values

Suddenly, the division has been induced at a deeper level. The epidemic prevention measures themselves are mandatory, but the deeply entrenched liberalism in the United States is unacceptable. As long as it does not affect others, I am responsible for everything, and others have no right to beg, and the entire society has reached a tacit agreement on this. The epidemic has obscured the once-clear scale of behavior. Things that were not originally a problem may become a problem, but my rights are forever. Take Texas as an example. In some counties, 70% of residents no longer meet, but neighboring counties do n’t care, and differences and confrontations begin.

It is undeniable that the epidemic also highlighted the inequalities that society had hidden. After the pressure of survival increases sharply, the issue of benefit distribution becomes sensitive or even fatal. Does racial harmony still need to be kept away from risks? Should priority be given to the elderly or the youth when supplies are scarce? These problems that did not originally exist will become prominent. In addition, the use of social media increased during the epidemic, and the extreme repressions that were usually suppressed were rampant on this virtual “extra-jurisdictional land” through the epidemic, although the public believed that the credibility of information on social media was only 3% But this does not hinder the fight over the air.

In fact, the epidemic is only a stimulus, and the original disease is torn apart. Racial discrimination, the gap between the rich and the poor, and the party establishment are only amplified by the epidemic. Just as Trump responded to the question of “the rich first”, he just meaningfully said, “Maybe this is life”, the social inequality and division in the United States may also be a fate.