Come back home

Kiki and Xiaoguang University graduated and stayed in Tianjin. Kiki went to a research institute and Xiaoguang entered a software company. Both of them are the backbone of the unit, and they are preparing for the doctoral degree. So I have not returned to my hometown for the Spring Festival in three years. There was another reason for not returning home. Xiaoguang’s parents lived in Harbin, and Kiki’s parents lived in Guangzhou. They couldn’t take care of both ends in just seven days of vacation. Whichever one she gave up, one of them was unhappy. Moreover, now that communications are so developed, if the pair of parents who are let go know, they must not be sad!

Both of them are only children. After the New Year, both parents will urge them to go home again and again. The two people understood the feeling of hope, especially when they heard the father’s long sigh on the phone, and the crying voice in the mother’s words, the two felt painful.

This year, both of them got the admission notice of Cobb. While excited, they decided to go home for the Chinese New Year and get close to their long-awaited parents. However, the problem that the two had been avoiding had to be on the table. That is, which home do you go back to? For this matter, the two of them have been struggling for the past few days, and they do not want to hurt each other, so as to cast a shadow on the harmonious relationship between husband and wife.

Therefore, neither of them wanted to speak first, and both silently expected the other to speak first and take the initiative. In fact, both of them understand each other’s mood very well, and those who are parents do not care about their children going home for reunion! “Why not go to your house for the Chinese New Year?” Both of them talked and swallowed again. Who willingly gave up the opportunity of reunion with their parents?

Seeing that it is getting closer and closer to the Spring Festival, if you drag it on again, there is a danger of not getting tickets! So, it can’t be delayed anymore.

Just on Sunday, in order to create a relaxed atmosphere, the two went to the Western restaurant and had a delicious dinner.

Back home, it’s seven o’clock. Xiaoguang made a cup of jasmine tea for Qiqi, and Qiqi also cut an apple for Xiaoguang. In order to adjust the atmosphere, Xiaoguang deliberately turned on the TV, and Kiki picked up the remote control and tuned to the news channel. Both of them faced the TV. In fact, no one paid attention to the TV.

In the unbearable silence, they are all thinking about a common problem. How can they persuade the other party to agree with their heart and heart and agree to go home to visit their parents who are thinking day and night? However, both parties felt it was too difficult, and they were both too impatient to let the other make sacrifices. The two were very surprised. Such a loving couple, this moment of selfishness will be so serious!

Silence is not a solution, or should find a way to solve the problem properly, but not let the other person sad and disappointed. Convince that this method is now used, how pale it should be. The situation is the same, the reasons are the same, and the mood is the same. Who can come up with a reason that can make the other person convinced?

Kiki and Xiaoguang smiled at each other, and Xiaoguang clearly saw that Kiki had tears in her eyes. So, Xiaoguang felt weak, let’s go to Guangzhou and return to Harbin next year. However, just when he was about to open his mouth, his father’s eyes longing for him to return home flashed in his mind, and even more his mother wanted his son to wet his tears.

Xiaoguang’s smile, which was uglier than crying, also made Qi Qi guess Xiaoguang’s mood. Everyone has parents, my parents miss me, and Xiaoguang’s parents also miss Xiaoguang! Let him go to Harbin with him, and visit his parents next year. Kiki just opened her mouth and was covered by Xiaoguang’s hand. Xiaoguang said: “Don’t say it, I know your mood. I thank you very much, but I can’t bear to let you do that.”

Kiki took the paper towel Xiaoguang handed over and tried to wipe the tears away, but the tears of unsatisfied tears were getting more and more. With Xiaoguang’s embrace, she simply fell into Xiaoguang’s arms and cried out. Kiki, who finally stopped crying, said, “I’ve got it, go to your house!”

Xiaoguang picked up Kiki’s tearful face and said, “No, I’ve decided to go to your house!”

Xiaoguang’s unquestionable words moved Qiqi even more and made her decision stronger: “No, go to your home!”

Kiki’s decision did not meet Xiaoguang’s expectations. Xiaoguang has never been so moved, so he was determined to satisfy Kiki’s wish: “No! Just go to your house!”

Kiki was angry and thumped Xiaoguang’s chest with her fist: “How are you so! I will go wherever I say, listen to me anyway!”

Xiaoguang was also anxious. He pointed at Qiqi’s head with his finger and said, “Why are you screwing up like this? I used to listen to you in the past, wouldn’t you just listen to me this time?”

Xiaoguang’s cell phone rang and it was a call from his father: “Son, don’t come back during the New Year! You are at home, safe and healthy, we can be at ease.”

Kiki’s cell phone also rang, it was her mother’s call, speaking the same words as her father-in-law.

Just when the two were stunned, they suddenly heard the announcer say, in order to prevent the spread of the new crown epidemic, please minimize going out…