Clap your wrist

 The moment when the son held his mother’s wrist tightly, that mutual look was actually a precious moment in life’s turning point!
  I was staying at home during the epidemic, and many people followed me. My grandson, who used to be a babysitter in my house, also called to greet him.
  Thirty years ago, Xiao Sun came to my house to help. At that time, she was under twenty years old. My wife taught her cooking with her hands. Later, her best dish was braised fish. She was most grateful to my wife and said that she would never forget. Once she cooked a mandarin fish and put it in a long round blue and white porcelain plate. She planned to bring it from the kitchen to the dining room. Then she accidentally dropped the plate on the ground. Make a great noise. I couldn’t help shouting “What’s the matter” while getting up from the computer desk to get out of the house to see what happened. At this time, my wife was at the kitchen door and said to me “Please stay.” She was sick at that time, and she always spoke softly and quietly, but the “Please stay for a walk” directed at me was loud and loud, of course I turned around and went back to the computer desk. This was a trivial matter. The main course of dinner that day was changed to scrambled eggs with zucchini, and it was delicious.
  Later, my wife went and Xiao Sun continued to cook for me. Once she thought of dropping the fish plate and said to me: “Uncle, don’t you know that there was a splash of broken porcelain and garlic cloves in the kitchen that day. I’m really afraid you will come and see it!” Her eyes turned red. Reading the benefits of my deceased wife said: “Auntie didn’t say anything to me, and she cleaned up the mess with me.”
  Xiaosun later returned to his hometown to get married, and her husband was a small cadre in the village. He gave birth to a son in one year and asked me to name . After thinking about it, I suggest to call Congyu. Her husband applauded first, saying yes, using cleverness to get rich is just what we rural people want. The couple readily adopted it, and I also have a grandson named Congyu.
  Later, Xiaosun and her husband both came to the capital and brought a very mischievous Congyu to visit me at my home and brought some local produce from their hometown. I was chatting with Xiaosun happily, when I heard a scream, it was Congyu who broke a vase on my Duobaoge on the ground. Little Sun’s husband didn’t say anything. He used to grab Congyu’s arm with one hand and slap Congyu’s ass with the other. Xiao Sun actually went to help and Congyu cried. After I persuaded me to leave, the couple repeatedly apologized to me. To be honest, I didn’t have the broad-mindedness of my deceased wife. I said “It’s okay” and felt awkward for many days.
  At that time, another hourly worker came to help. Xiaosun and his wife have a good job, which is to manage a public toilet in the downtown area. The treatment is good. They are also covered by medical care, pension and work-related injury insurance. Congyu also studies in a primary school in Beijing. During the holidays, the couple always brought Congyu to visit me. I saw Congyu grow taller and fatter. He was always overly restrained when he came. Obviously, his parents told him that he was not allowed to talk about chaos after he came. . I think it is good for Congyu to be quiet for a while.
  As the years go by, Xiao Sun will call at intervals. The focus of the call is no longer to ask about my situation, but to talk about her anxiety: Congyu’s academic performance is very poor, almost always in the bottom five, sometimes simply Is the bottom. The teacher asked her husband and her many times and said that Congyu’s grades were bad. The seriousness of the problem was that he was quite tall, sitting in the last row, and he was shaking every moment in class. Calling for criticism, asking him to sit still, he still talked back. The teacher meant that this would affect the whole class, so just drop out. The way Xiaosun’s husband educates Congyu is to fight, and the fight doesn’t go smoothly. According to my suggestion, Xiaosun rationalizes Congyu, which seems to have some effect. Later, Xiaosun’s husband was too lazy to play, but if Xiaosun insisted, Congyu would really drop out of school and send him back to his hometown, grandparents.
  Suddenly one night, Xiao Sun came to me alone with tears in his eyes, and talked about the day: Congyu was in class, crumpled the test paper into a ball and threw it on the teacher. This time, it was not the head teacher, but the principal who was talking to the parents. It seems that Congyu’s expulsion is inevitable. Xiaosun said that she returned from school to the small hut in the hutong courtyard where they rented. Seeing Congyu sitting on the bed in a daze, she felt anguish and hatred. She wanted to fight a few times in the past. However, Congyu saw her coming, stood up and stretched out both hands, grabbed his mother’s wrists all at once, clenched tightly, now she can’t fight!
  Later, Xiao Sun calmed down and described in detail how Congyu felt when he clenched his wrist. She said that at that moment she realized that Congyu had grown up and was two fingers taller than her. The hands that held her were man’s hands, very powerful. Moreover, while talking, Xiao Sun dropped tears and told me that at that moment, she had never noticed that there was a small fluff on Congyu’s upper lip.
  I was very moved when I heard that, the years, life, future, how many seemingly plain and trivial moments in the world, how many caring feelings have been accommodated! Although I have said a lot to comfort Xiaosun and made a lot of suggestions, I really don’t have any good strategies to change Congyu.
  However, after the epidemic eased, Xiao Sun called and told me that Congyu had graduated from junior high school and went back to his hometown to continue school, attending a three-plus-two vocational training school. How did Congyu change so that he finally finished his junior high school and embarked on a smoother life? I asked her, Xiao Sun followed my tone: a word is hard to say! But she told me that perhaps, the change started when Cong Yu grabbed her wrists. Congyu later told her that it was not until that day that he could see his mother’s hands clearly. Those hands were trembling with anger and wanted to hit him. The veins violently lit up his heart. From that moment, he was deeply aware of his sins and vowed to give his parents, first and foremost, a new kind of performance.
  When I think of Xiaosun’s family, I feel that the scene where Congyu grabbed his mother’s wrists that day was living in front of my eyes. That moment, that mutual look, was actually a precious moment of a turning point in life!