China annual increase of 2100 cases of MDR-TB patients

China is one of the MDR-TB high-burden countries, the incidence of MDR-TB is ranked 2 in the world. Multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patients in China was 8.32%, an estimated 120,000 cases per year of new MDR-TB patients. In 2008, Zhejiang Province, the third resistance monitoring data show that the Zhejiang TB drug resistance rate of 29% resistant to multiple drugs was 6%, in patients with floating population accounted for 1/3.

Yesterday was the 15 World TB Day. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the provincial CDC 2100 a number of MDR-TB, MDR-TB prevention and control difficulties. Rifampicin used for treatment of TB.

Just the disease in TB patients, to use more than four kinds of drugs in combination therapy, the general course of 6-8 months in the treatment free withdrawal even eat, it will generate resistance, if a variety of treatment of tuberculosis The drugs have a resistance, that is, become multidrug-resistant TB. Have a high relapse rate, morbidity and mortality of MDR-TB. MDR-TB patients with more advanced drugs control the disease, the cost of treatment is 100 times that of ordinary TB.

In October last year, the city’s launch of the Global Fund of MDR-TB control projects, resistant to the MDR-TB patients free of charge to second-line anti-TB drugs, these drugs are much more expensive than generic drugs. TB prevention and control of the provincial CDC director Wang Xiaomeng said, by droplets spread of TB, MDR-TB patients, the average each patient can transmit 15 healthy people, healthy people directly suffering from MDR-TB than normal TB refractory a lot.

This year, Zhejiang Province, to win the Global Fund TB Control Project, various grants MDR-TB patients. So far, Hangzhou, Huzhou, Shaoxing, Quzhou and Lishui built MDR-TB treatment center, to provide medicines to patients free of charge.