Chasing the ghost hunter

  The profession of ghost hunters is quite old. It appeared in the first century BC and reached its peak in the seventeenth century, when they were called “ghost hunters”. What kind of profession do these ghost hunters do? If you think of the Ghostbusters, chasing ghosts with guns, it may be a little different from your imagination. In fact, Ghostbusters are not so easy to deal with. Many spiritual events have difficult ghosts involved. Among them, he died accidentally.
  So ghost hunters are mostly knowledgeable professors, not muscular hunters, and they will investigate the place where the supernatural event occurred. It is said that these supernatural phenomena are often accompanied by several kinds of evidence. Based on these evidences, the ghost hunter can judge what kind of ghost is responsible, and know how to solve them. They will observe for several months, carefully record relevant data and events, and record the actions of ghosts, so they have the title of super-power incident investigator.
  The earliest ghost hunters
  said that these records ghost hunter appeared in the early 100 BC. Prinny Young recorded a series of supernatural events he investigated in Athens. Since then, people have regarded him as the pioneer of ghost hunters. Because in the age of underdeveloped technology, people are superstitious, and people who pretend to be ghosts are not There are few, so supernatural incidents are frequent. Sometimes, some people who cheat money and deceive in the name of gods and ghosts appear. This peculiar industry of ghost hunters has become popular. They investigate supernatural incidents around the world and help local people solve them. These so-called “ghost problems”.
  In London in 1862, a strange club appeared, called the Ghostbusters Club. This is a research institution that studies supernatural events and ghosts. Many people who are interested in it have joined. The more well-known ones include the great writer Dickens, the English alchemist Professor Cook and the psychic Harry Price.
  Ghost Investigator: Feideruiqi · Nikolai
  another famous ghost investigator is both a philosopher and booksellers identity Feideruiqi · Nikolai. His interest in the supernatural began after he began to be tortured by the phantoms of the dead.
  In order to find a solution to his situation, he set out to investigate various supernatural phenomena.
  In 1799, he published the book “Memoirs: Appearance of Ghosts or Apparitions Due to Illness”.
  This book not only contains a variety of supernatural experiences, but also puts forward a point of view-that this kind of situation can be treated with leeches.
  It was nearly a hundred years later that the world’s first official supernatural research organization, the “Mind Research Society”, was established in 1882 and was originally called the “Ghost Research Society”.
  The purpose of this research group is to investigate various unproven supernatural phenomena. This research group is composed of a group of outstanding scholars and continues to investigate various supernatural phenomena from a scientific and neutral point of view.
  Modern ghost hunters
  today’s ghost hunting activities have become a need to rely on a variety of high-tech equipment hobby. Fans of this event need to spend thousands of pounds in money. It is said that static electricity is the cause of the manifestation of ghosts. Therefore, ghost hunters with higher self-demand are all equipped with EMF detectors that can detect static electricity.
  Another piece of ghost hunting equipment is a digital thermometer that can be used to detect temperature changes in specific locations. Before ghosts start to move, there is usually an unexplainable temperature drop, so it is very important to have an accurate thermometer.
  In addition, ghost hunters will also carry sound detectors, hygrometers, and light meters to monitor haunted locations during the investigation.
  High-quality recording equipment is very important for ghost hunting operations, so tape recorders and voice recorders have become one of the necessary equipment for ghost hunters.