I slowly stepped away from my legs and struggled to adapt to the balance of this neural signal conversion suit.

Although the touch is almost numb, I can still feel the cold wind penetrate into the bone through the conversion suit. But perhaps, the conversion suit that oppresses every pore is itself a source of chill.

The wind through the hall between the tall buildings whined, as if to blow away the reality, so that the vague past could permeate the eyes.

When was the last time you came to this dim narrow alley?

It was three years ago.

Also in the early morning, his call pulled me from the bed.

I asked him why he didn’t speak on the phone.

He stood in the upper hand and supported my shoulders with his hands.

I almost thought he would hold me in my arms like those pretending idol drama heroes.

He said he was afraid of disturbing my colleagues in the same dormitory. He just wanted to tell me alone: ​​He may have succeeded.

“Successful?” Chen Feng’s sound seemed to disappear all of a sudden.

“Last night I had a whimsy and did a small test overtime in the West Laboratory Building. I did not expect that the receiver in the East Laboratory Building really responded.”

I was probably like a stunned hamster. The man who was just a stone away from me told me: He realized the first instant communication in human history a few hours ago.

Future textbooks may say: Einstein physics is just a special case of the latest theory. The tone is the same as saying that Newtonian mechanics is an approximation of the theory of relativity at low speed.

“But you said ‘probably?”

“Not one receiver received the signal,” he frowned. “All the receivers in the East Building have received it.”

The following weekend, we concealed the entire project team and carefully checked all the experimental data. He also carefully deleted overtime records.

Three days later, exhausted, we confirmed that all receivers that were supposed to be silent had all received the test signal unusually.

This is like you sending a text message to your lover, but the whole world has seen that pile of nasty words.

I disagree, this is just a trivial “by-product”. We can declare this to the outside world: Instant communication technology, for unknown reasons, changed from fixed-point transmission at the time of project establishment to omnidirectional transmission. This is not difficult to be accepted by the market, because the radio signals that people are used to are like this.

But he was very stubborn, “We want to make gold. But there is nothing left in the furnace except gold. Can we sell these things?”

I disagree with his morbid caution, but I am willing to cooperate with him. Because, in the project team of more than a hundred people, he only shared this secret with me-I tried to convince myself that it was not just because I was the chief technical officer under him. This makes the events that rewrite physics seem less important.

However, this is only temporary.

After three weeks, he asked me to forget about that weekend.

He decided to lead the project team to take another technical route.

But after three months, the project is still stuck, like the relationship between him and me-I can’t even determine whether it exists. As the chief technical officer, I can’t see him more and more.

Three years later, this is still the case.

I’m not the only one who can’t hold my breath.

The green company’s stock movement made the boss thunderous. I can understand the boss ’s recent mood. The company ’s heavily invested projects have encountered obstacles, including human-computer interface projects that make the brain ’s information processing capabilities leap-no matter how mature the neural signal conversion suit is, the success rate of neurosurgery No matter how high, the HA just does not issue approval for human testing. The company has also developed a massive video compression algorithm, but the military has decided.

The only thing that could rescue the company from the daily limit is the instant messaging project.

I do n’t know which part of the loophole occurred, let the boss know the experiment of “possible success” three years ago; but in the eyes of the boss, the word “possible” should be crossed.

“Reproduce the results of this experiment, end this project, take away your bonus, and then wait for someone from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to investigate.” The girl with fewer fabrics than the poor in Africa handed over ice orange juice-this billionaire only likes this cheap drink, “Or, let her take over to do all this.” The boss pointed to me.

“I believe she is competent.” Before leaving, he was polite.

“You can’t go.” I drove through the entire Science City and came to his house.

“I didn’t plan to leave. Look, my door is reserved for you.”

I probably showed a hamster-like expression again.

“You are now the project director, and someone has the authority, so you will return to hire me as the technical chief, right?” He lit a cigarette.

My self-esteem was deeply offended, although what he said was indeed my intention. “I have to think about it again.” My mouth was hard.

“The salary is the same as yours. You don’t have to punch in to work. I will move to your old office tomorrow.” He spit out a smoke ring.

When I threw the door hard, I didn’t know whether I hated him more or fell in love with him more.

I work around the clock, hoping to reproduce the results of the experiment as soon as possible. “The important thing is gold,” I reminded him as the new project director. “It doesn’t matter if there is any residue. Just throw it away.”

“What if the residue is gunpowder?” Although he disagreed with me, he still assisted me diligently and responsibly.

However, even if the project team was running at full speed, the experiment could not be reproduced.

Time passed day by day, and the urging above changed from side-to-side slamming to ranting roar.

I pulled him into the conference room alone, “You must change your mind. Don’t rely on theory to design experiments. We will repeat it exactly as you did that night. If the air conditioning in the laboratory is 23 degrees that night, don’t turn on 24 degrees; if you press the button with your right hand, do n’t use your left hand. ”

“What if I thought about McDonald’s that night?

“Then don’t call it KFC.”

“It’s not really. I was thinking about you that night.”

“You lost this mentally handicapped game. I didn’t believe it.” But my voice was weaker than the hamster squeaking.

“I thought at that time, would you like to wake you up and witness together.” He said word by word, “but I didn’t do that. Because the experiment faced huge uncertainty-even this uncertainty is about Nothing is certain. If there are any serious consequences from this, I am ready to bear it alone, and I do n’t want to hurt you. ”

I must say something to hide my excitement, “Then you underestimated my ability to take responsibility.”

“I didn’t,” he took a half step and kissed me, “so I told you immediately.”

To his instant messaging project, to his Nobel Prize, I just want to bite his clear lips.

Bite all day.

Even if he and I carefully reproduced all the links, even if all the colleagues tried their best, even if the boss came to the prison, the experiment still failed.

The button of the transmitter in the west building was almost pressed by him, and the receiver in the east building 5 kilometers away was still silent like a hibernating frog.

The boss ripped off the white coat and the buttons fell on the anti-static floor. “Ice orange juice, where is ice orange juice?” He yelled like a wayward wild boy before remembering that he didn’t bring his secretary to this highly confidential laboratory today.

“There is a drink shop on the opposite side of the street.” I can’t help clearing the ears.

Then I turned around and coldly ordered everyone to make one last effort.

When he pressed the button, I stared closely at the signal screen.

There is nothing on it.

I let everyone go and pointed at him, “Come with me.”

“You have been a director for a few days, and Guanwei has grown a lot,” he said.

I dragged him to the wind alley downstairs. The roaring wind through the hall made few pedestrians here.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“What?” The cigarette failed to light, and was pinched between his fingers.

“Don’t pretend, it’s you, secretly ruining the experiment.”

“It seems that after you became the director, it was just that the authority was long, but the IQ was not.” He seemed to notice my serious expression. “Well, I shouldn’t joke you.”

“Do you think I’m kidding?” I put his hand on his neck and put my nose to his lips, as if to sniff out any lies in his mouth.

His face suddenly turned on with a soft light, and his eyes softened. “Yes, I deliberately experimented with pornography.”

“Why?” I almost jumped up, “Is it because of that ‘unexplainable reason?'”

“Light is our king of the universe. I’m really worried that when we exceed the speed of light, light will come to avenge us. I found …”

“Net bullshit! Tell you, I am the director and I am responsible for the project. I, I really don’t know what to do with you.”

Suddenly, a sneer came from behind us, “Don’t worry, I know.”

The boss’s fat face actually had a smile on his face, “Ice orange juice is good.” He raised his glass and walked away.

The next day, I ordered to redo the experiment.

Everyone looks at me more like a lunatic.

“Two hours later, I want your report.” The entire west building echoed my yelling, “Either the experimental report or the resignation report.”

And what echoed in my head was the boss ’s phone in the early morning: “The police have arrested him. Of course, if the experiment is successful before prosecution, then I can plead with the judge for a light sentence.”

Then there was a farther echo, from a few days ago: “I was thinking about you that night.” He said.

The assistant with dark circles notified me hoarsely that everything was ready.

I stood in front of the signal transmitter, fixed my eyes on the directional antenna like a ballpoint pen tip, and pressed the button subconsciously with my right hand.

There was silence in the laboratory.

The green characters and white icons on the large screen display the receiver status of the East Building of Science City in real time.

Suddenly, cheers came from the mountains.

People hug, laugh, scream, and jump.

In fact, they should cry.

“When we exceed the speed of light, light will revenge us.”

The first incident occurred at the central crossroads of Science City.

A truck ran over an old lady, with no brakes at all, and the internal organs dragged on the road for dozens of meters.

Afterwards, the traffic police department inspected the truck and found that it had no brake pedal.

However, it is impossible for a car that cannot brake to drive dozens of kilometers from the port to Science City, and the surveillance video of the last intersection also shows that it can stop normally.

This seems to confirm the driver’s confession: the brake pedal suddenly disappeared out of thin air.

The second incident occurred in an amusement park.

In the ghostly house where light and shadow are floating, a tourist is smashed to the ground by a fake zombie hanging from the ceiling. The spine was damaged so that he could only spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The last thing he saw before fainting was the strange light flashing in the zombie’s mouth. The quality supervision department could not find the iron buckle for hanging the zombie props afterwards.

Then, similar reports began to overwhelm: the two-carat diamond in the jewelry store disappeared when the salesperson turned around, and the firefighter rushed into the fire to find that the bottom of the fire extinguisher bottle fell …

“These are accidental incidents, please don’t whistle.” A spokeswoman for the Science City authorities assured everyone with a smile.

She hurried back to the office without giving the reporter a chance to ask questions.

Later, I heard that she had been busy for a few days. She closed her eyes and sat on a soft chair. She was preparing to completely forget her tired body and leave her spirit empty. The professional smiley at the press conference just disappeared.

To be precise, half of the smiley face disappeared.

The reporters in the conference hall heard a screaming scream. They ignored the security guard and rushed towards the office aisle.

They saw the spokeswoman kneeling on the ground with her hands choked on both sides of the neck, as if she was going to get stuck.

Even more frightening, her large lips and chin disappeared.

Half of her face had turned into a flesh-and-blood skeleton.

Blood burst into the sky.

Soon the media discovered that these strange things are related to time and space: the first truck incident was investigated by the traffic police. The traffic police contacted the colleague who had an accident in the ghost house. The salesperson of the jewelry store lives near the fire station …

The 25-square-kilometer area designated by the government to promote high-tech development has become a ghost town.

When people reacted and tried to escape, they discovered that the road was blocked by the army.

All people and things in the Science City are isolated like infectious diseases.

Of course, “infectious disease” is just a metaphor, because the speed of transmission of no “infectious disease” is instantaneous.

Nothing in the world can spread at an instant.


I know not.

I closed the office door and read through the report of the bizarre accident in the city recently.

I spread out the map of Science City on the desktop and marked the accident site with a red magnet.

Anyone can see at a glance that the red dots are distributed on both sides of a straight line. The closer to the straight line, the denser the red dots. The whole is like an interference fringe in the double-slit experiment.

I gasped.

The strange symmetrical line on the map connects the buildings on the east and west sides of the Science City. It is also the line through which signals travel in the void in an instant communication experiment.

We were hit by Pharaoh like a man who broke into an Egyptian tomb.

The Wings of Death have arrived.

“Light is the king of the universe.”

“I knew this would happen. However, they did not allow me to contact the outside world.” He was wearing a large orange striped prison coat with red eyes and looked haggard. “He was thrown into a big prison On the first day, I wanted to understand: our experiment quantized the matter particles between the two experimental buildings in the wrong way. So, a large number of things disappeared out of thin air-or shifted strangely, this This situation will spread with the movement of particles, and one day the government will wake up and send troops to blockade. ”

I stepped forward, holding his hand, tears swirling uncontrollably in my orbit.

“Hey! Why! Go back!” The guards cried and dragged me back across the table.

I want to spit on the prison guard’s face, but this will undoubtedly put me on the blacklist of prohibited visits.

“Don’t worry, I’m just a misdemeanor. I was put back in prison for a while.”

I’m not the kind of woman crying in trouble, and after a while, I calmed down. “You just said, ‘Wrong way?”

“The essence of instant messaging,” he sighed, “not the quantum entanglement that we envisioned earlier.”

“But our successful experiment is based on this assumption.”

“That’s just a mistake,” he shook his head. “The basis of instant messaging is actually collapse.”

“This is two sides of a silver coin.”

“You haven’t understood yet. Quantum mechanics is a theory of the particle world, but we apply it to macroscopic things …” He looked the same when he knocked on the table as when he was the project director, “Why a transmitter starts, all receivers in the east building Have received signals? The only explanation is: we applied the quantum law to the entire space synchronously. The macroscopic performance is the instability of batch particles. ”

I remembered the red dots on the map that were symmetrical along the east-west axis.

He glanced at the prison guard standing behind him, “Maybe the next minute, the ceiling fan on that guy’s head will fall, and then I will be free.”

“What’s the use? Now Science City is a big prison.” I said desperately, “You guessed it, the army has begun to build a closed biosphere for us. When they are finished, we will never talk to the outside world again. Material exchange occurs. We will be stuck here forever. ”

“Then you have to remind them to use inert materials to repair the wall, so that the molecules here do not corrode and penetrate.”

Suddenly, a scream came from afar.

Several prison guards ran across the door quickly. “Something happened!” I wonder who shouted over there.

“The second one.” He shrugged. “This prison is near the experimental east building, which is really the hardest hit area.”

I watched him pretend to be relaxed, “We will all die, right?”

He raised his neck as if his eyes could pass through the concrete ceiling of the reception room and cast into the blue sky and white clouds. “Yes, every minute and every second, something may cause a fatal accident due to missing parts; sleep becomes the most uncomfortable thing, because once we relax our awareness of the body, a certain part of the body surface It may suddenly disappear out of thin air. Yeah, Bliss is playing with us for a lottery execution. ”

“The Grim Reaper said: ‘Hey, who gave you a partial understanding of quantum mechanics.”

“This grim reaper is light, we are too arrogant to exceed its speed …”

and many more! I wonder if I shouted like this.

Suddenly a bright flash of light crossed my mind.

“… So wherever you go, there will be a crisis.” He continued to finish.

“Or we should show humility to the light and submit to it.” I murmured.

The prison guard walked blankly, “Time is up.”

I ignored it, “How exactly did you destroy the experiment? No, I asked another question: What is the key to the success of the experiment? Now I can only reproduce the experiment by accident.”

The prison guard lifted him off his chair without being polite.

“Forget this experiment, enjoy the last time of life,” he said.

“No, I’m going to ask for death.”

“This will only cause more trouble.”

“Where’s the bigger trouble?” I smiled bitterly, “Hurry up! I’ll take the trouble, I’ll take it!”

The prison guard has pushed him out of the door.

“Observe,” his voice echoed in prison, “This is the premise of collapse …”

The wind is strong in the narrow lane. Strangely, the entire City of Science was roughly enclosed by engineering units with inert materials, but the wind through the hall was still so fierce.

However, wearing a neural signal conversion suit, I have not felt much coldness.

In fact, apart from vision, I have almost lost all sensory functions.

I had surgery last week, and now my optic nerve is connected to the data chip.

Listening to the doctor, a scary scar will be left behind my skull.

It doesn’t matter, anyway, when I put on this sealed conversion suit, no one will see it even if there is a skull behind it.

There were two teams of police officers beside me walking along with me, slowly like a funeral procession. They are not so much my guards as they are my jailers. Since I announced my role as a “caretaker” in the Science City, they have not left me half a step.

Of course I understand that my safety is irrelevant. In fact, more than half of the hundreds of thousands of residents in the Science City can’t wait to divide my body.

What matters is my job: to ensure that no mass particles disappear or transfer in this closed urban area.

The shadow of the West Lab Building has been cast on my face.

I walked into the original laboratory, which had been requisitioned by the authorities and transformed into a huge monitoring center. All the video surveillance of the whole city is connected here.

I nodded to the assistant behind me. She came over and put on a hood for my conversion suit. As a result, the world is dark. But soon, she opened the headgear again, aligning with the 16 data interfaces on the side, and she carefully connected the data cables one by one.

I had no time to watch this world in normal vision at the last glance, and suddenly there was a flower in front of me.

Colorful image information flows like an ocean of ants.

Like the God of omniscience, I can not only observe the limbs and legs of each ant in a microscopic way, but also see the ups and downs of the ant ocean from a macroscopic view.

I know that the video information of the whole city has been connected to my nervous system-the nervous system after surgery.

My life-long duty of voluntary acceptance is to constantly observe millions of compressed pictures to ensure that every illuminated corner of the city is observed.

So as to ensure that everything in the picture will not disappear inexplicably.

“Observation, this is the premise of collapse … and collapse brings reality.”

That day, I sat in the prison reception room and realized.

Things are so simple, the key to the experiment is observation.

I quickly took out the tablet. Before the prison guards drove off the passengers, I already calculated that: where the light is irradiated, the quantized batch particles will only collapse when there is an observer, and they will be sure Its macro form-in the experiment is instant messaging.

When I walk out of prison, it must be like a walking dead, because all my thoughts are focused on an idea: Anything observed by someone will not stay in an unstable superposition state, but collapse into a fixed position entity.

The data from the urban authorities confirmed my thoughts: the objects disappeared out of thin air, and all happened in places where there was light but no one saw them.

Everything that follows is logical.

The authorities immediately launched the “caregiver” program: cameras were installed in every corner of the city, including most residential houses.

Those citizens who are extremely sensitive to privacy have no choice but to live in spouse’s life under the complete darkness.

Therefore, you only need to look after the caregivers on duty and keep an eye on all the places in the Science City where the light is shining. This isolated area where the time and space are disrupted will be as usual.

The last trouble with the plan is that there are too many places to “watch”, and it takes a dozen or so cameras in an apartment to clear the dead ends. Even if a person observes everything around him day and night, it is still unlikely to guarantee his all-round security.

So, the boss generously thought of his two sets of idle inventions: human-machine neural information interface technology, massive video compression algorithm.

Who is willing to be the “caregiver” of this half-human half-machine?

During the last visit, I told him my choice. “I am responsible for what I have done.”

He was silent for a long time and nodded.

Massive digital signals are compressed by the newly-invented coding technology, and then directly connected to my brain through the human-machine interface on the conversion suit.

I watched all living beings like God.

Guard them.

My nervous system allocates these millions of compressed videos almost indistinguishably.

Oh no, one of the pictures still attracted more attention.

That’s the footage of the waiting room in the surveillance center. People are supporting another caregiver in a changeover who will pick up my shift in 12 hours.

Before he put on the balaclava, I just saw his last look.

The crisis caused by the new coronary pneumonia is likely to have just begun, and there will be more and more serious challenges from the epidemic to the international political field. As the first major country to emerge from the critical state of the epidemic, China will face an extremely complicated situation next. We need to be fully prepared mentally and materially, respond actively, and stay calm.

The epidemic does not seem to end soon. Now it has spread throughout the world, the epicenter of the epidemic is constantly moving, and some animals that are in close contact with humans are becoming new hosts of the virus. The new coronavirus is likely to repeatedly impact human society. It may only be controlled, but it cannot be eliminated in a short time.

Compared with Europe and the United States, the total number and proportion of infections and deaths in China are low, and China has practiced real humanitarianism. However, if the epidemic is prevalent for a long time, this round of European and American society with a high proportion of infections and deaths may form a certain adaptability, and the new pattern of anti-epidemic may also change. China must speed up the development of vaccines and specific drugs to win the next stage of the race against the virus.

The relationship between China’s resumption of production and anti-epidemic needs dynamic adjustment. When the epidemic is mainly concentrated in China, as the situation eases, our task should be to fully restore the economy and bring it to the level before the outbreak, or even make up for a rebound. However, with the overall collapse of Europe and the United States, the global economic recession has become a foregone conclusion, the world economic pattern has never been turbulent, and the conditions for China ’s resumption of production and production have been disordered.

We believe that there should be two goals for resuming production at this time. One is to ensure that the Chinese economy as a whole operates, reduce corporate failures, maximize employment protection, and maintain the normal living capacity of all citizens. The second is to keep China’s economic recovery at the highest level among the major countries in the world, so as to maintain China’s global manufacturing center status and firmly grasp the country’s strategic initiative.

The new crown epidemic will severely impact the world order and the international pattern, leading to a series of turbulences and even out of control. Extreme nationalism and populism will have more opportunities for a big outbreak, and China may become the number one target for Western countries such as the United States to divert domestic disappointment and anger. Impulsivity and irrationality will replace the due reflection in the Western world. China may face much more serious international political risks than before the epidemic.

China must now make comprehensive preparations for the risks of violent conflicts, especially to strengthen strategic tools that can deter challengers and force them to calm down. We must have a clear sense: time is very urgent.

In China, the most important work is to improve the true unity and cohesion of society. They need to withstand unprecedented high pressure without being disintegrated. None of the problems caused by this crisis can be neglected. It is necessary to promote their practical solutions or improvements so that the government and the people share one mind and the cohesion of all sectors of society is more unbreakable.

It should be noted that the unexpected changes in the global epidemic situation have constantly refreshed the Chinese people ’s understanding of the epidemic and their evaluation of the country ’s anti-epidemic situation. China is in a very advantageous position to seek truth from facts, solve problems, and build consensus and confidence. Although there is great uncertainty ahead, as a country that has controlled the epidemic, has the most complete industries in the national economy, and has strong political and economic mobilization capabilities, it is fully capable of overcoming those challenges, maintaining strategic security, and ensuring the Chinese people ’s Interests are not violated.