Canada men into fast food fanatics to eat McDonald’s in 53 countries

  A man in Amsterburg, Canada, is extremely passionate about McDonald’s fast food. He has tasted more than 300 dishes from McDonald’s in 53 countries and wrote a comment on his blog. The man is named James McGowan, 28 years old this year, and is a software designer. Since 2005, when he traveled around the world, he began to try McDonald’s everywhere, taking pictures of each meal to share with his family and friends. He has tasted caramel pudding ice in Singapore, salmon burger in Bangkok, Thailand, tofu nuggets in Japan, and churros in Korea. Afterwards, he wrote about his feelings after tasting on his blog, and also gave suggestions on some dishes.
  Beauty and eat seafood eat rare purple pearl
  when a woman enjoying clam and other seafood dinner at an Italian restaurant, an unexpected bite Washington state a value of approximately $ 600 rare purple pearl. According to reports, when the woman Haz and her husband ate at an Italian restaurant in Issaquah, Washington, they bit a hard object in the main dish. Haz said that she was not sure what this hard object was, but she put it in her pocket and took it home for study. She showed it to gem experts and found that it was a oyster purple pearl worth about $600. Experts from the Northwest Geological Laboratory believe that this pearl is quite rare.
  Women roof again and again the tremendous noise they discovered 20 snakeskin
  Jacqueline Rutland in November 2015 just moved into a new home. After spending 3 months in peace, one day she suddenly heard a sound from the roof, and then one after another, which made her feel terrified, thinking it was her pet dog playing on the roof. There are loopholes in the roof of the new home. Fearing that the roof may collapse or snakes may enter the house, Jacqueline decided to find a craftsman to renovate the roof. However, the craftsman accidentally found 20 white snake skins on the roof. Some of these snakeskins are 2.5 meters long, and the widest can fit Jacqueline’s entire forearm in.
  British girl vomits for many days when she gets excited
  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, a girl in the UK suffered from a strange disease and developed vomiting symptoms, and the symptoms would last for many days. It is reported that the girl is named Mia Gleason and is 11 years old. Mia has been tortured by illness for many years. Every time she vomited, she had to vomit for several days. During this period, her body collapsed and she had to take time off and stay in bed to recuperate. The doctor was helpless because he could not determine the cause. It was not until some time ago that her mother arranged a trip to Disneyland for her and her brother, that her cause was finally determined. On the day of visiting Disneyland, Mia started to vomit before she got out of the car due to her excitement. She vomited up to 50 times a day. After returning home from Disneyland, her mother realized that excitement was an important cause of Mia’s vomiting. Because every time she looks forward to her birthday, her physical condition is very similar to that of the Disney trip. So she made an emergency appointment with a doctor and told about Mia’s situation. Subsequently, Mia was diagnosed with periodic vomiting syndrome.
  Austria burp so loud man fined 70 euros
  in libraries, theaters and other public places to keep quiet, which we all know. But if you are about to travel to Vienna, Austria, you have to pay attention. If the hiccups are too loud, they may be regarded as “breaking public morals.” According to reports, Viennese bartender Mechic hiccups while visiting Prater Park, and the hiccup reaches the ears of a nearby policeman. The police called Mesic “hiccups were too loud and violated public morals” and issued a 70 euro fine. Mehic said that the reason why he hiccups that day was because there were many onions in the barbecue he had eaten before. He was very dissatisfied with the ticket issued by the police and said that he would appeal.
  Residents heard the screams and called the police, it was the “The Walking Dead” next door to blame
  The police in Great Falls, Montana, USA received an alarm call. The police said that they heard screams and gunshots from nearby houses around 7:30 p.m. However, when the police arrived at the scene, they found no incidents occurred. Of people are just watching the hit American drama “The Walking Dead”. The police said they rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the alarm call and surrounded the neighbor’s house as instructed by the reporter with weapons. When the police entered the house cautiously, they found that the owner’s family, including two adults and a few children, were watching the American TV series “The Walking Dead” with the windows open. They immediately realized that the so-called screams and gunfire came from What came out on TV caused misunderstandings among neighbors.