Can sports competitive games create more commercial value for professional sports leagues

Due to the temporary suspension of the U.S. Basketball, many players who are active on the field during the epidemic prevention at home have chosen video games for recreation. In addition to players such as Ben Simmons and Zach LaVine choosing the latest “Call of Duty” game, there are also players such as Devin Booker choosing to participate in the online “American Basketball 2K20” basketball game.

As soon as the U.S. Basketball team announced the lockout, the U.S. Basketball ’s Phoenix Suns team officially announced that the team ’s remaining games this season will continue through the game form of “NBA 2K20” during the lockout, and will be provided to fans for free Live broadcast. Although this is a helpless move under the epidemic, it is not difficult to see that rrake-two has been operating carefully for many years. The extremely realistic “NBA 2K20” game has become a “branch product” recognized by the US Basketball, the world’s highest level basketball court. Because Take-Two dropped US $ 1.1 billion to the US Basketball League and thus obtained the right to use various IPs of the US Basketball League in the next 7 years. Perhaps something like “NBA 2K20” can really become a continuation of the actual game of the U.S. Basketball League and produce quite high commercial value.

In the current video game field, there are 3A masterpieces such as the “GTA” series or “Dea Mountain Slranding”, and they make a profit by selling the permanent use rights of the game directly at a higher price. There is also an operating model such as “League of Legends” that uses in-game props or other virtual assets for profit. The immersive sports games represented by the “NBA2K” and “ProEvolution Soccer” series can refer to the advantages of the two game profit models.

Game production companies have invested high costs in the early stages of production, programming, and rendering, including the purchase of real sports IP, and can also balance costs through higher game prices. In this regard, gamers and sports enthusiasts will be willing to pay. And because it imitates the round system of most sports competitions, the realistic sports competition games have infinitely repeatable playability and randomness, which is similar to the electronic sports games like “League of Legends”. It is believed that there will be a good market response to the virtual packaging of lP in real sports events for sale in games.

Now Nike and Adidas have both valued the value of virtual products in “NBA 2K” and cooperated with the “NBA 2K” game through the virtual end combined with the real world. Perhaps in the future during the US Basketball offseason, the league can also open the official league of “NBA 2K” except for the summer league, so that fans and gamers can continue to interact with the team and players. Once formed, the commercial value behind this is self-evident.