Book fragrance in spring

After cleaning the room with my family on the weekend, my daughter walked into the study and continued to create unfinished paintings; my wife scattered her back hair and copied a magazine nestled on the sofa in the living room to taste fashion; and I, Then picked out a book of elaborately bound poems from the bookcase, sat at the desk in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the balcony, and began to read it with concentration. Chunyang was slowly tossed down from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and Huangshan Maofeng in the water cup was exuding the delicate fragrance under the infiltration of boiling water. This spring, because of the companionship of books, people feel comfortable and calm.

Open the thin collection of poems, and there are too many poems describing spring and reading. Or familiar, or rare, but the words and sentences are intoxicating. For example, Tang Zhenbai, the poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote in “Two White Deer Caves and One of the First”: “Reading is already deep in spring, one inch of time and one inch of gold. It is not Taoism that makes fun, Zhou Qing Kong Sizheng is pursuing.” Spring is fleeting, which just shows the concentration and ecstasy of reading, so that every inch of time is as precious as gold.

Tao Yuanming, a poet from the Eastern Jin Dynasty, loves rural life and likes to read. He wrote four sentences in the first song of “Miscellaneous Poetry”: “No longer comes in the prime of the year, it is difficult to get up early in the day. Be timely in encouragement, and treat people for years.” When self-imposed, Shaohua does not live up to Qing. In fact, the fragrance of books is just like the enamel of porcelain. The thick and rich enamel is more precious. As far as mortals are concerned, on the road of running forward, only reading will not lose the soul charm, and the improvement of the charm begins with a bit of reading.

In the Tang Dynasty writer Han Yu wrote in “Persuasion to Learn Poems”: “There are not many problems with reading, and there is no clear idea of ​​the problems. The suffering is no longer learned, and both learning and suffering are not good.” “Fear”. In a nutshell, the poet is saying that in the process of studying and studying, we must read more, think more, be modest, and practice. The purpose of reading is to nourish the body and mind, cultivate temperament, broaden horizons, greed, seeking more, swallowing jujube is taboo, as the so-called “reading is ignorant, it is better to beam Gaoge.”

Reading poems requires a quiet and soothing mood and a graceful and comfortable environment. Several ancient poems “gnaw” down and digested as if they were farming. Although the body is slightly tired, the soul is more warm and full.

I took a sip of light tea, closed the book, crept into the study, and saw that my daughter was finishing the painting. This is a rural pastoral picture that she started creating a few days ago-about early morning or dusk in the countryside, a child sitting under the tree by the river and studying hard. The daughter drew the pen and dipped it in ink, and wrote two rows of small heady letters in a careless manner. After reading it, I couldn’t help but smile. The daughter wrote: “Three more lights and five more chickens, it is when men are studying. Black hair does not know how to study early, Bai Shoufang regrets reading too late.” “Poetry”, he exhorted people to study hard, not to miss the good time of reading. The daughter borrowed this ancient poem to annotate his paintings. Although some “big poems are small”, they can justify themselves.

Reading is not only a spiritual need, but also a spiritual desire. It is a must-have in spring, but not the only one. Reading is a romantic trip that embellishes life, accumulates knowledge, improves self-cultivation, and cultivates temperament. The scenery along the way is constant, and the pace is constant.

A person with a fragrant book on his stomach must be an indifferent gentleman. Those who like to absorb nutrients in the forest of book fragrance must have the humility of “Hate less when you use the book”. As Lu You, a patriotic poet in the Southern Song Dynasty, wrote in “Winter Night Reading Shezi Yu”: “The ancients have no power to learn, and the young and the strong have worked hard. It’s easy to get it on paper. The more I feel the lack and limitation of my own knowledge, the more humble I become. It is better to have no books than to believe in books, and it is more important to practice by reading.

But nowadays, people are even faster in chasing dramas, and short videos are taking away the leisure time of most people. There are few people in life who can concentrate on reading paper books slowly. If there is, then there must be a full fragrance in his temperament. This scent is especially bad in spring.