“Boiled Beef in Clear Soup”, Austrian Royal Cuisine

The author has eaten a lot of Austrian specialties, and the most impressive thing is the former royal delicacy “Boiled Beef in Clear Soup”. In fact, it looks very ordinary, that is, beef and vegetables are soaked in a clear soup, but it can have a solid position at the Austrian state banquet. Only by tasting will you know that the cooking method, the sense of ritual and the taste of this dish are all very different.

“Boiled beef in clear soup” is a traditional dish that can be made in many restaurants in Austria and southern Germany, but the most authentic and famous restaurant is the “Prahuta Restaurant” in Vienna’s inner city. The exterior of the restaurant is a green and white Austrian youth school building style, and the interior decoration is elegant and retro. It seems to be back to the old time when dining. The price of the signature dish “Boiled Beef in Clear Soup” really makes the author feel distressed, but the whole meal It is good value for money.

The process of enjoying “Boiled Beef in Clear Soup” is very ritual, mainly divided into three steps. When the waiter was serving dishes, he first set up a long iron plate on the table, and put several brass pots of different sizes on it one after another, and the hot pot was filled with aromas. The first step is to “drink the soup.” The waiter scooped out the soup from the pot and put it in small bowls in front of everyone, and put some root vegetables and a bone-like thing. Don’t underestimate the clear soup in this pot, which fully presents the original flavor of natural ingredients. The deliciousness of beef and the sweetness of vegetables are in it, and it is not greasy at all. The second step is “tasting beef bone marrow”. Take out the bone left in the soup bowl, use a knife to dig out the middle bone marrow part, and evenly spread it on a piece of black bread. You can add some salt or black pepper, just like breakfast. Like jam and bread, very interesting. The third step is to “eat beef”. First take some crumbled pan-fried potatoes and place them on a large plate, then pick a slice of beef from the copper pan, and garnish several slices of orange carrots in the soup. Finally, according to personal taste Add spinach puree and so on. When eating, cut the beef into small pieces and serve with a refreshing and appetizing vegetable sauce. The taste is delicate and tender.

“Boiled beef in clear soup” is the Chinese name based on the method of this beef dish, and its real name in German means “beef rump”. As the name suggests, the most authentic “Boiled Beef in Clear Soup” uses meat from the buttocks of calf, but in fact, many parts of beef can be used to make this dish.

The method of “boiled beef in clear soup” is both rough and delicate. Large chunks of raw beef do not need to be cut into small pieces, and directly simmer in a pot at low temperature for two to three hours. At the same time, cut the onion in half and fry until it is charred to increase the color and flavor of the soup. Then the whole root Put the carrots, green onions and fried onions into the pot and cook for another hour. Remove the boiled beef and carrots and slice them into thin slices. If there are beef bones, cut them into small pieces, and pour them into a copper pot together with the filtered clarified broth. Finally, heat the whole pot of soup to a temperature suitable for consumption, add a little green onion, and then you can serve it. At this time, the beef is cooked but not old, soft and not broken. The section is neat and beautiful, and the carrot is bright and bright in color. I have an appetite just looking at it.

As early as the end of the Middle Ages, potatoes were not grown on a large scale. At that time, cattle were easier to raise than pigs and it was more convenient to travel from remote rural areas to cities. Therefore, beef was one of the cheapest foods in cities at that time, and it was even used in Vienna like bread. People are the most important source of nutrition. In the 19th century, the Viennese people had been able to accurately identify and evaluate the quality and difference of various parts of the cow’s body, creating the “beef culture” well-known in Europe. At that time, almost all recipes contained related content on how to mix and eat beef.

The traditional Viennese dish “boiled beef” originated in the 19th century and became the main dish on the menu of the Austrian royal kitchen. It is served with different side dishes every day. Emperor Franz Joseph, who lived frugally, was a loyal lover of beef, which made his simple and simple boiled beef famous. Viennese citizens followed the royal diet, and boiled beef became the first choice for people of all walks of life when dining at home or restaurants.