Blog, live the grandest youth

  At this time a year ago, Bai and I sat on Guijie to eat skewers. The winter in the Northland was terribly cold, and we looked at each other with a smirk through the spicy water vapor.
  Strictly speaking, it was a meeting of netizens. We first met in the summer of 2011 and approached each other through text on the Sina blog. Seven or eight years later, the young days have become the memories of the past, but we came to the same city by chance, and then became the friends in reality unconsciously.
  When they first met, both of them came to the appointed place early. Bai saw me across the street, she stood in the crowd, waving her arms and shouting: “Cat, are you?”
  When I just started blogging, I couldn’t think of a beautiful screen name because I racked my brains because Like cats, she solemnly put this word in the name, so from the first acquaintance, she always called me “cat”, I called her “white”, pure white.
  That day, we ate a lot of strings, and also talked about a lot of past and future. The words written in the blog era spread out in front of our eyes bit by bit. We walked along this virtual bridge, and kept walking, He tranced across the shore and returned to the best time that was hard to replicate.
  In the summer of 2011, I graduated from junior high school, and I spent a lot of time in the long vacation. I turned on the computer and wandered aimlessly, noticing how I noticed the blog. At that time, QQ was the main chat tool, WeChat had not yet appeared, the online forum was in the ascendant, and many people gathered on blogs and gave pointers. At a young age, I have no interest in military affairs, politics, or even entertainment. Many celebrities and scholars have failed to attract me on the blog, but inexplicably moved by some quiet articles. Young people from all over the world are in their own ” “Back Garden” writes about youth, mind, love and being loved, and daydreams that are difficult to realize and hard to give up.
  I registered a blog for myself almost happily, spent a whole day arranging it, picked my favorite pattern as the avatar, selected the most mysterious photo as the background, I will carefully consider where each component is placed, and then put the screen name and personality signature Carefully crafted.
  Later in the day, I started to write a diary on my blog, and occasionally sent out poems or novels that I was n’t looking for. When I was free, I read other people ’s articles, followed bloggers I liked, and gradually gained a small group of readers.
  Life in high school is going smoothly, and I travel back and forth between school and home at 2 o’clock every day. At that time, my biggest fun was logging on to a blog, like entering a utopia, where I had unstoppable dreams.
  Soon, I met Bai. She is one year older than me. She has beautiful writing and a mature enough spirit. We have paid attention to each other and left a message to interact with each other. As time goes on, we add QQ to each other and become good friends.
  At that time, the blog also had something called “circles”, like a small forum in a large forum, which could gather like-minded groups and send articles and topics that everyone concerned about. In addition to Bai, I have also made many new friends. For example, Shrimp studying in Yunnan, majoring in literature, always publishes large sections of reading notes; Mian’er likes to travel, travels through thousands of mountains, and uses text and photos to record fragments on the road; potatoes have mild depression, senior three During the re-reading, I often suffered from insomnia until late at night, and put all the fragility and sadness in the text …
  At that time, everyone did not expect that Weibo was hot after a few years, WeChat was born, and the blog was canceled after revisions. “Circle”, people’s time is more fragmented, and they gradually bid farewell to blogs.
  Leaving the blog seems to be a vague concept. I ca n’t remember the specific day when I wo n’t update it anymore, I wo n’t remember the specific day when I will stop reading the latest blog posts from my friends, and I wo n’t remember the day when I deleted the night. ‘S diary, forgot the entrance of the “circle”, no longer whim to change the background pattern, avatar and net name, and gradually cut off the robe with that period of time, no longer contact.
  When I realized it, I realized that the most beautiful part of youth ended with a hula.
  After the college entrance examination, I went to Lanzhou to go to university. Bai graduated a year earlier than me and went to Southland. Shrimp went abroad to become a Chinese teacher, Mian’er became a tour guide as expected, Tudou dropped out of school and worked hard to recover … We are still very good friends, chatting on QQ and WeChat, but getting less time to return to the blog Too. What was written in the text was hidden in the heart. Everyone is growing up and getting busy.
  Not long ago, Bai saw a message on the Internet and sent me the first time: “Every night, struggling to sleep, we looked up at the starry sky countless times, hated and loved our 20-year-old, that burning, boring The Golden Age. ”
  I quietly changed my 20-year-old to 18-year-old. It’s really a golden age. We lived our greatest youth in our blog.