Barren romance

  Friday ’s campus radio sounded on time, and the sweet girl was telling the audience a wonderful story. At this time, the afternoon sun passed through the green sycamore leaves and spilled on the cheeks of passersby, appearing too soft. In my opinion, this kind of softness is like a cup of fragrant mint tea. I always feel that there is nothing missing in such a quiet and gentle day, so I looked up at random, and suddenly found that the dazzling golden sunlight in the sky seemed to turn into a golden desert in front of me, and the shadowy green tree shadow was Like a huge cactus, guarding this romantic wilderness.
  It seems that in everyone’s heart, there is a margin of the world that is expected to reach, where it is poetic or magnificent. And the edge of my world may be just a splendid desert: whether it is the oldest Namib desert, the distant Sahara desert, or the Taklimakan desert in close proximity, I want to take a look and see the yellow sand, Green grass, blue sky. It was that “The Story of the Sahara” that outlined my first impression of the desert-barren and romantic. The kind of romance that is unique to the desert and the kind of wanton life in San Mao’s brush made me want to live. .
  When it comes to the desert, the word “barren” first appears in the minds of many people, but in my opinion it is not the case. I have always felt that this piece of “desolation” in the eyes of the world actually has its own style and has a romantic and moving story, just because the yellow sand is long, it seems too far away, too mysterious, so that those wonderful and moving stories are It is treasured in the sand sea, and few people know it.
  I have always believed that the desert has never been a useless land on earth, because the deserts of the desert have enjoyed the unique romance endowed by the universe for thousands of years, leaving the world alone and independent. They isolate the hustle and bustle of the world, don’t care who comes and goes, and grow in a barbarous world in their own way.
  Until now, I still remember clearly, San Mao said she saw the Sahara for the first time, just like seeing her long-lost hometown. Perhaps, for San Mao, who had been in a foreign country for many years at that time, could not find a more suitable place for her to settle in the heart of the world than the desert? The grains of sand are the most helpless things in the world. They are stable and wandering, letting the wind stop and the desert containing them, and the people who come are also embraced by it and share this barren romance.
  This may be true of all deserts. It is honest, not vanity, without your refinement, without your makeup, without your giving. As long as you are at ease, this is your hometown. And you can also see the white moonlight on its shoulders and the oasis dotted in the center of the eyebrow, and the gleaming starlight looming in the dark eyes. This barren romance can only be experienced by those who love it. Just like the dialogue between the heart and the soul, only you and the two know it. This is also a poetic romance.
  From a certain point of view, I am probably a bit jealous. I am jealous that she can find nature and simplicity in the barren, and truly feel the barren romance. I also want to go to the desert, to feel the wildness and sincerity coming in the face, and in the arms of the sand, like Haizi’s poem, together with the beloved, look at the sun in the desert. I want to reach out and grab a handful of yellow sand, and feel the feeling of fine yellow sand in my nails, maybe this is the drunken drunk I want to isolate from the hustle and bustle of the desert.
  When the wind blew, my fantasy was suddenly awakened by the coolness of the breeze, and all the waves gradually calmed down, restoring the original tranquility and softness. However, a crack appeared in a corner of my heart, like a fiery red being thrown into a blue water wave, unable to calm down and ignore. Yes, I would like to pack my bag and go to see the golden desert, and see the romantic story of the desert in full bloom.