Attended Mr. “I Can’t” Funeral

  I used to be a teacher in Michigan, and that was my first job. Before officially giving classes to the students, the principal took us to visit a school in Daxi City to learn from the teachers of other schools how to take classes. There is a female teacher named Donna, who is said to be very good. It’s an honor to be placed in her class.
  When I walked into the class, I immediately felt a little unusual, and there seemed to be an unknown power in the air. I sat down on an empty seat at the back of the classroom and observed everything in the classroom. All the students were immersed in what was written. I stood up and walked to the little boy closest to me. I saw that he was writing on the paper some things he couldn’t do, such as I couldn’t kick the ball over the second bottom line, I wouldn’t divide by more than three digits, I don’t know how to make Mike like me He had finished half a sheet of paper, but he didn’t mean to stop at all, still writing it very seriously.
  I saw a few students next to them, and they were also very serious about what they thought they could not do. I’m curious. I don’t know why Teacher Donna asked students to write this. In fact, Teacher Donna is also writing something on the podium. When I approached her, I found that she was also writing something she could not do. For example, I don’t know how to get John’s mother to attend the parent meeting; besides corporal punishment, I don’t know how to educate Allen…
  I don’t understand why Teacher Donna and her students should focus on these unachievable things Why not think more about what I can do or what I am best at. I returned to my seat suspiciously. After about 20 minutes, the students had written a whole piece of paper and stopped. Teacher Donna also stood up. She asked the students to follow her, folded the paper in her hands, and then lined up to throw the paper into an empty box. Finally, Ms. Donna put her own paper in. She covered the box and held it in her hand, and let the students line up to follow her out of the classroom. Of course, I followed them.
  Teacher Donna took us to an open space by the playground. She picked up the shovel and dug a hole about 1 meter deep. Then she asked the students to put the box in and let each student grab a handful of dirt and scatter it into the hole. In the end, there appeared a “little grave” with a high uplift. At this time, Teacher Donna said seriously: “Children, now please hold hands and lower your head, we are ready to observe silence.” The
  students quickly took each other’s hands, surrounded the “grave” in the middle, and then all lowered their heads . Teacher Donna solemnly remembered the eulogy: “My friends, today I am honored to invite you to come to the funeral of Mr. I Can’t. When Mr. I Can’t be alive, I lived with our lives and influenced us Everyone’s life. Now, we bury him here, hoping he can rest in peace. Please rest assured that Mr. I can’t, after you leave, your friend Mr. I can will always accompany us and produce to us A more positive impact…”
  ”May Mr.’I can’t’ rest in peace, and wish each of us to be uplifted and move forward!” the students said.
  My mind has been greatly shaken, and I think students will never forget this day, it will be deeply carved in everyone’s mind. In the future, whenever a student inadvertently wants to say “I can’t…”, he should remember that Mr. “I can’t” is dead, and then come up with a positive solution.
  This matter has been passed for many years, but until now, as soon as I heard someone say “I can’t…” or intend to say “I can’t…”, the class will immediately appear in my mind, And the scene when Teacher Donna and the students buried Mr. “I Can’t” together. Those students should be like me, and they will always remember that Mr. “I can’t” is dead!