Artificial dreams for health preservation

  An emerging discipline-“brain science” is rising in countries all over the world, and is considered to be the third wave of life science development after DNA and artificial intelligence. With the continuous development and application of this subject, short-lived dreams can create eternal beauty. This emerging science and art is especially valued in Japan, Europe and the United States.
  Dreams can not only restore agility to the mind, but also give people the inspiration of invention and artistic inspiration. The most famous “Dream Enlightenment” event is the chemical benzene structure discovered by the German chemist Oster Kelly; another example is the famous Russian poet Pushkin who wrote many well-recited lines while dreaming; Dante’s famous piece “The Divine Comedy” “Some content was conceived in a dream; Ellis Howe, the designer who invented the sewing machine needle, was inspired by the tip of a round-eyed spear held by a wild man in the dream.
  British biophysicist Crick won the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for proposing the double-stranded helix structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). He published an article in the British “New Nature” magazine “Just learning without dreaming equals zero”, the article believes: the more information the brain stores, the transmission of information will be disordered, and dreaming can eliminate useless excess in the brain Information, so that information transmission is normal, rapid and accurate, and the brain can be restored. Therefore, no matter how hard you work, if you don’t dream and sort out the information, then your brain is just a mess. While the British “New Nature” magazine published Crick’s new views on dreams, it also published another scholar Hobfield’s experiments on artificial dreams. Hobfield conducted many experiments with new technology dream devices such as the lure machine and the dream device. The results showed that the brain cannot become developed without dreaming; artificial dreams can improve human brain intelligence, give people inspiration, and make people’s memories lasting and clear. In addition, dreams can predict disease to a certain extent. This is because the sensations of the body can be reflected in dreams. People with stroke often dream of their hands being numb before they get sick.
  Nowadays, with the development of high technology, ideas such as “artificial dreams to improve people’s abilities and health preservation” have been turned into reality by new technologies.
  Dream eliminator-let you get a relaxing dream
  The habitual episodes of muscle pain or cramps in sleep have always been a major trouble for athletes and physical workers. The “dream reliever” designed by the Herno Research Center for this group of people has brought good news to people.
  According to reports, people who habitually suffer from muscle pain or cramps in their dreams can put a dream reliever equipped with an ultrasonic mediation device on the affected area when they fall asleep. When you have muscle pain or cramps in your sleep, this dream reliever By automatically adjusting the ultrasonic frequency, the symptoms can be relieved just right, and at the same time, the dream effect of relieving fatigue and relaxing can be achieved. The secret is: the ultrasonic wave called “ohm” emitted by the dream reliever can remove obstacles to the energy flow that powers the body, so that it can deliver energy with the highest efficiency, and at the same time relax all the nerves and muscles in the body.
  Dream Recorder – lets you understand every dream
  rain Meng, she was like an angel to visit old friends, seeking to find their destination, urging them some excitement, or giving gentle; some people sad or scary … …
  Harvard Medical School in the United States invented a “dream recorder”. When you fall asleep, you can put this device on your head. It can use signals to record brain waves, body movements and the number of frequent eyelid movements to show The dream is sweet or scary. If you are restless and thoughtful, you will have more dreams after you fall asleep. When dreaming, the body relaxes but the eyes are still active, sometimes tense and sometimes relaxed. In order to remember the content of the dream, when the head instrument shows that the dream is over, a buzzer will quickly wake up the sleeper, and the sleeper immediately sits up and immediately records the details and content of the dream.
  Dream improver – let your sweet dream and fulfilling
  a dream how much of it? Individuals, families, society, the earth, the universe… are all wonderfully contained in dreams.
  Recently, psychologists in the United States and Japan asserted that looking up at the stars can improve dreams. They believe that when people sleep in the open air or stare at the starry sky before going to bed, they can forget their worries and worries, let the brain lay down the excessive burden, relax the mental tension, sleep peacefully and deep, and sleep sweet and full. Based on this, American engineer Eric designed and manufactured a “dream improver” to improve dreams. When people are ready to go to bed, just press the bedside button, the ceiling or bedroom wall will “light up” stars, nebulae appear, and present the Milky Way and outer space that can trigger all kinds of beautiful dreams.
  Bone sound like a dream phone – allows you to see the dream of their own
  British life Franz bone Electric Company introduced a new mobile phone sound like a dream, a dream to make people see themselves. As long as the user puts the ring-shaped mobile phone on his finger next to his ear, he can track and record his own form when dreaming. This miniature phone called “Bone Sound Dream” uses a biological phenomenon called “bone conduction.” The main body of the mobile phone is a ring. The digital signal is converted into an auditory signal through the ring, and the signal is transmitted to the finger bone. The user only needs to put his finger next to his ear to hear the sound through the vibration of the bone; at the same time, the mobile phone transcribes the bone sound into the form of the user’s dream, including the state of the upper body, the movements of the limbs and the dream Changed facial expressions, etc.
  This kind of bone-sound dream-like mobile phone has no buttons. The user only needs to tap the finger wearing the ring with his thumb rhythmically, and he can see his body shape when dreaming, and then judge his mind and mind according to the different forms of your body performance. health condition.
  Dream effect glasses – let you enjoy the feeling of a dream super-
  famous “dream effect” is a German chemist Kelly Oster discovered the chemical structure of benzene. Once in a dream, Kekule saw six snakes linking their heads and tails to form a ring, and he suddenly drew the structure of benzene-a benzene ring, and the puzzle was solved. Other celebrities such as the British mathematician Luo Biao also said that his dreams often solved many puzzling problems for him; the famous Russian poet Pushkin once dreamed of many well-recited famous lines in his dreams; Dante’s masterpiece “The Divine Comedy” “Some of the content was conceived in a dream; designer Ellis How was inspired by the savages in the dream holding the tip of a round-eyed spear, and moved the eye of the original needle bar to the tip of the needle. This is how the sewing machine needle was invented.
  Kevelin, a psychologist at Stanford University, said: “Who has never dreamed? But unfortunately, only 2 to 4% of people can experience super-sensory dream effects from time to time.” For this reason, the expert invented an idea. This kind of glasses is said to enable people other than the lucky few to enjoy this super-sensational “dream effect”. As long as you wear this kind of glasses, in your sleep, the rapid movement of your eyes will cause the sensor on the glasses to emit a pulsating red light. The red light can make the sleeper know that he is in a dream, so it can easily control the changes of dreams consciously, and get effective information that changes rapidly.
  Subconscious dreams machines – letting you create manufacturing dreams
  US Wilton Science and Technology Instrument Company invented a new product called “dream maker” in. This instrument is based on psychology and acts on subconscious information when the cerebral cortex of the human is inhibited and becomes shallow. At this time, it is often when dreaming before waking up. After stimulation by the instrument, the user will produce sweet and happy dreams. , And the continuity of dreams is strong and close to real life. This kind of artificial dream is clearer when waking up, so it can let the user enter a new day with a happy mood.

  The appearance of the instrument is like an electrostatic body examination instrument. Before use, the user needs to think about and remember the dream he wants to make before falling asleep. Put the sensory parts on the left hand, head and bridge of the nose. The instrument calculates breathing and pulse. Sleep lightly, and the instrument will start dreaming using the subconscious information you remember.
  Intention to lure dream machine – allowing you to enter the well-being of the dream state
  Osaka, Japan Sato animation company’s design staff recently developed a voice-controlled intention Activities Scenic induced dream machine. The user only needs to say the words “night scene, waterfall, mountains, grassland” and other words, and this 2×2M screen dream machine will display the corresponding natural scenery, and the whole scenery will be active as if it were a real scene. . As long as people keep watching the moving pictures and quietly listening to the sounds from the scenery, they will naturally enter a dream state.
  This dream-inducing machine has the functions of calming the spirit and eliminating fatigue. It has excellent therapeutic effects for patients with neurasthenia, nocturia, shyness, and insomnia.
  Dream is volitional control – allows you to make a sane dream
  British doctors Hearn invented a new machine that lets you control your own dreams and wake up still remember all the dream happen. Hearn claims that this small machine allows you to remove the demons and ghosts that entangle you from your dreams and only have sweet dreams. Hearn explained: “When you go to bed, just stick a sensor connected to a microcomputer on your face, and the device will monitor your breathing rate. When your breathing drops to 20 breaths per minute, it You know that you have fallen asleep and started dreaming. At this time, the machine will emit a weak electric shock. This shock will not wake you up, but it will wake up your consciousness.” When you are clearly aware that you are dreaming, you can use your mind Consciousness controls dreams. Such dreams are called “sane dreams.”
  Hexagonal Dreaming Device-Let you puzzle and fitness in your sleep
  As early as 10 years ago, Japanese transcendental dreams instructors were inspired by the magical power of the pyramid and discovered that transcendental dreams can activate the underlying brain function, thereby improving mental fitness. Then, finding a device that can help ordinary people enter the state of transcendence faster and easier has become the goal pursued by many transcendence researchers. When some experts are studying the instruments that help realize Transcendent Dreams, they found that the best shape to replace the pyramid is a six-pointed star composed of two regular hexagons. Not long ago, Taro Yamada, head of Tokyo’s Transcendental Dreams Institute, tested a young man with a hexagonal star made of metal wire. The young man meditated near the six-pointed star, and quickly entered transcendence under the guidance of Yamada: he saw an unknown world shining completely with golden light. Yamada accordingly referred to the six-pointed star as the “hiranje effect”. The word Hiranya comes from Sanskrit and means gold.
  In the days after the birth of the “Hiranje Effect”, Yamada saw a series of unexpected phenomena. The flowers placed next to Hiranje are not easy to wither, the battery life is extended, the food tastes better, and so on. In this regard, Yamada believes that Hiranya can collect energy throughout the universe, which is connected with the energy of the pyramid and the “qi” in Chinese Qigong. Recently, Yamada has developed a new type of Hiranje. He installed a light modulator in the center of the sapphire processed into a six-pointed star. It can emit red light with a frequency of 0.5 Hz. Through the interaction of light, the Hiranje The energy is further enhanced, so that people have better mental fitness effects in their sleep.