Are you deceived?

  April 1st is a traditional festival in Western countries, April Fools’ Day. On this day, people can play jokes and fool each other for entertainment. But it can only be opened until 12 noon at the latest, which is a strict convention. On April Fools’ Day every year, fabricating fake news seems to have become a tradition in the Western news media. Various media “show their talents” in this annual informal competition, focusing on those who are easily deceived. Below, let’s take a look at those famous April Fools’ Day jokes in history to see if you will be fooled.
  2010: Jordan alien invasion triggered panic
  aliens are coming! This seemingly old-fashioned April Fool’s Day trick unexpectedly fooled tens of thousands of residents in a small city in Jordan. The mayor was so scared that he almost activated an emergency plan and evacuated the entire city.
  According to the British “Daily Telegraph” report, Jordan’s “Arab Independence Daily” published a shocking news on the front page of April 1, 2010, saying that aliens landed on a flying saucer in the desert town of Jaff. The news also pointedly stated that the alien was nearly 3 meters tall, the flying saucer illuminated the entire city, communications in the city were interrupted, and frightened residents flooded the streets.
  The mayor of Jaff City Mohammed and many citizens took this news as true. Muhammad sent security forces to search for aliens inside and outside the city. He told foreign reporters afterwards: “The students were afraid to go to class, the whole city was in panic, and people were afraid of being attacked by aliens. I almost ordered the evacuation of 13,000 residents in the city.” Mohammed said that he might sue the publication of Fool’s News. The newspaper accused it of publishing a “whould be a big lie,” but the newspaper has already apologized for the trouble caused by excessive jokes.
  2009: Bush in Canada arrested
  a US website hosted “Crazy Fool’s Day news Contest” in 2009 April Fool’s Day, inviting the public to prepare a wide variety of users “false” press release, that someone would concoct follows a “very real “Press release. The press release claimed that on the first day of his visit to Canada, former US President Bush was arrested by the Canadian police for war crimes, on the grounds that Bush was partially involved in torturing prisoners at the US military base in Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. According to Canadian law, even a non-Canadian citizen may be charged for crimes committed abroad.
  2009: “Flying Hotel” smashed the earth people wildly.
  In April 2009, many media around the world released a compelling news. An American company successfully rebuilt a breathtaking “helicopter hotel” with the former Soviet Union’s “Mi-12” heavy transport helicopter, which will be put into first commercial operation in June 2009. Although this news made many people believe it was true, a media reporter found after investigating that the so-called “helicopter hotel” was actually an April Fool’s joke that everyone laughed at! After investigating, a British reporter pointed out that, first of all, the images in the advertisement were all made with computers, and the photos inside the hotel were all from promotional photos on the website of the “Yotel” chain airport hotel company. The bigger loophole is that the “Mi 12” heavy transport aircraft is the largest helicopter in the history of the world. The first “Mi 12” manufactured by the Soviet Union made its first test flight in 1968, but only two prototypes have been manufactured so far. Put into mass production.
  2008: The British media spoofed Sarkozy to “pull his legs up.”
  On April Fool’s Day in 2008, the British “Sun” declared in pictures and texts that the 53-year-old French President Sarkozy was dissatisfied with his height due to ridicule by the British media. I have contacted the “April Fish” Medical Center in Geneva, Switzerland, and decided to undergo a pioneering “leg stretch” operation. The newspaper reported in pictures and texts that this pioneering operation was invented by Israeli professor Urahhimke. The newspaper also quoted Shimke as saying that if Sarkozy undergoes surgery, he can gain 13 cm in one year.
  2007: Britain and France co-host the Olympic Games
  On April 1, 2007, a blockbuster piece of news was published in the online news page of the Daily Telegraph: “Due to insufficient funds, London is preparing to co-host the 2012 Olympic Games with Paris.” “The rapid increase in costs and the fact that the London stadiums cannot be completed on time have forced the London Olympic Organizing Committee to take urgent measures.” It was not until the end that the article pointed out that this was an April Fools’ Day joke, “Everyone knows that this proposal will suffer. Objection.”
  2006: Bennis announced the sale of the remains of a “fairy” on eBay
  As a well-known auction site, eBay has a tradition of April Fools’ spoof. Some auctioneers spoof on eBay every year, the most famous of which is British artist Dan Bennis. On April Fools’ Day in 2006, Bennis announced the sale of the remains of a “fairy” on eBay. As a result, it took him several days to reply to all the emails he received. In an interview with the BBC, he said: “I have received various emails, some of whom said they had seen the exact same thing, and another person ordered me to return the’remains’ to the cemetery immediately, otherwise I will bear the consequences.”
  2004: The Queen of England took to the streets to walk her dog to buy lottery tickets.
  On April Fools’ Day in 2004, the “London Daily Mail” published a full-page report that Queen Elizabeth took her pet dog to the lottery shop to buy lottery tickets, and also attached photos. Of course, this report is all fabricated by the editor, and the photos are also synthetic fakes.
  2002: Fake
  alcohol restriction order . On April Fool’s Day 2002, Thailand’s “Bangkok Post” reported that Pracha, the Minister of the Interior who spared no effort to promote healthy living, issued a new regulation that restricts alcoholic guests to only two glasses of wine per night at the bar. Customers want When drinking wine, the waiter must stamp on his hand. Those who have two seals on their hands cannot continue to buy wine. At the same time, the government is also considering issuing a new smart ID card that can record the number of times people buy alcohol. Bars are required to “pass the machine” and register their customers’ ID cards and check whether customers have exceeded the limit on the device.
  1999: British national anthem to change
  the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Radio 4 reported that the British national anthem “God Save the Queen” will be the EU’s “unified national anthem” instead, and sang in German. This “Unification National Anthem” uses Beethoven’s music, and the BBC also broadcast a version sung by British elementary school students, and claimed that Prince Charles’s office also called the radio to request audio and video tapes of the song.
  1996: Jupiter discovers creatures
  The Internet, which was still an emerging media back then, soon joined the ranks of “April Fools’ Day” fake news. On April 1, 1996, the first news that AOL users saw after logging in was: A government official revealed that creatures had been found on Jupiter. The report stated that the U.S. government already had evidence of Jupiter’s existence, but kept the news closed. AOL CEO and a well-known biologist came forward to confirm the reliability of this news. After this news went online, more than 1,300 follow-ups, and people called to relevant government departments to inquire about relevant information.
  1995: Disney buys the body of Lenin
  The Irish Times reported that Disney is negotiating with the Russian government to buy Lenin’s body. The newspaper stated that Disney suggested that Lenin’s body should be moved from Moscow’s Red Square to Disneyland in Europe for visitors to pay their respects, and there will be “Lenin shirts” for sale. The newspaper also analyzed that Euro Disneyland can attract a large number of tourists and get out of the predicament.
  1993: Men and women with a phone
  in a serious, rational known to the world of German is also April Fool’s Day joked. On April Fool’s Day in 1993, a local newspaper in Germany stated that the local area was preparing to introduce a new telephone system where men and women would use different telephones because “women take too long to use phones.”
  1992: Belgian division
  in this year’s April Fool’s Day, “Times of London” with a large version of the story about Belgium will be divided into two messages. The newspaper stated that the Dutch-speaking part of northern Belgium will be merged into the Netherlands, and the French-speaking part of the south will be merged into France. This report was quite sensible and attached a detailed map of the division, which actually fooled the British Foreign Secretary at the time. He also stated that he was prepared to accept a TV interview to discuss this “important issue.”
  1991: Mona Lisa frown
  British “The Independent” reported that a group of art discovered a startling secret when wiping the famous painting “Mona Lisa”, after the dust on the painting removed, who with ” “Mysterious smile”, the woman who swept the world frowned.