Also check drunk driving in space

  After the domestic science fiction film “Wandering Earth” was released, it was sought after by hundreds of millions of viewers. The attentive audience will notice a scene in the film: a Russian astronaut holding a bottle of transparent liquid and asked Liu Peiqiang with a smirk: “Do you want a mouthful?” Liu Peiqiang immediately asked: “This thing is not a contraband. Russian astronauts replied carelessly: “Gagarin also smuggled this gadget into space.” This “gadget” is a Russian favorite-vodka. Therefore, the audience was suspicious: Is there a drunk driving in space, will this cause the “Wandering Space Station”?
  As we all know, drunk driving on the earth is very dangerous, and drunk driving in space is definitely not safe. However, soaring thousands of kilometers away from the earth to complete a difficult task, it will cause great pressure and extreme panic. So why can’t the astronauts relax with a “doomsday” cocktail? Regrettably, government agencies that send astronauts to space almost prohibit them from contaminating all alcoholic beverages. After all, drinking alcohol in space is too risky.
  Although drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited in space, for Russian astronauts, how can the vast universe be without alcohol? So, in order to drink that sip of wine, Russian astronauts showed their magical powers. One day in 1971, a Soviet astronaut celebrated his birthday at the “Salute 7” space station, and his mechanic friends prepared gifts for him before taking off. They hid a bottle of Armenian brandy in the cuff of the sphygmomanometer. The cuff was just enough to hold a bottle of wine, and finally brought the wine into space.
  In 1984, astronauts Igor Volk and Valodya Zanibekov planned to take some brandy and pickled cucumber to the International Space Station before boarding the Soyuz spacecraft. However, the spaceship is an extremely precise device, and its own weight has undergone rigorous scientific calculations. If these things are carried, it will destroy the balance of the center of gravity of the spacecraft and threaten flight safety. So, during the week before departure, they had an emergency diet, eating nothing but bread and water. In this way, the two finally managed to bring brandy and pickled cucumber to the space station through weight loss.
  However, bringing wine into space is only half the battle, and when the wine enters the stomach properly, it is truly successful. It ’s not easy to drink in space. In the environment of weightlessness, astronauts must be careful, otherwise Bailan said to fly.
  At that time, Grechko and his partners spent 200 Earth days in the space station. They could only take a trickle and drink 7.5 grams of wine per person per day. But the wine didn’t pour out until half of the pot remained, and they could only stare. Kovalenok and Ivanchenkov, who succeeded them, successfully drank the remaining half-pot. One of them first floated up, head down, while holding the jug with his mouth, while the other patted his head with his hand, so that as he moved down, the wine in the jug would inertia Into his mouth under the influence of. So, in the process of patting each other’s heads, the two men finished the half of the jug of wine.
  Safety experts pointed out that astronauts on the International Space Station are not allowed to drink alcohol because alcohol and other volatile compounds may have an impact on the space station ’s water recovery system. If you enjoy beer and other beverages on the International Space Station, a large amount of foam will not gravitationally help, and the liquid and gas will continue to roll in the stomach of the astronauts, causing them to hiccup continuously. risk.
  Next, maybe space should really check drunk driving. After all, the cost of the International Space Station is as high as 150 billion US dollars, and its speed reaches 27,680 kilometers per hour in space close to vacuum. The consequences of drunk driving are unimaginable. People even worry, will there be situations where astronauts will take the space station to wander after drinking?