Alpine speed train is about to derail

 Car No. 18 became a “living coffin”
  At 7:40 on March 20, 2003, Ford “Flying 4″ slowly drove out of Seattle Station, and more than 500 passengers started with this mobile five-star hotel Their journey.
  Martava is the flight attendant in the 18th carriage. He has worked with the flight attendant named Marianne for 14 months, and the two have sparked love.
  At 10 o’clock, the train began to climb Mount Rainier. The crimson rugged rocks outside the window immediately attracted the attention of many passengers. Whenever the train surpassed Mount Rainier, Martava began to count the number of turns the train passed through in his heart. At the 47th corner, looking straight from the upper edge of the car window, there was a rhododendron on the cliff opposite to the distance that made his heart tremble, and its blooming posture was enough to make a dead valley full of life.
  However, this time when the train turned the 47th corner, the familiar cuckoo did not catch Martava’s eyes. He was taken aback for a moment, unwillingly put his face close to the car window and looked up-seeing it, the cuckoo was still waiting for him on the cliff. However, why can’t it be seen by just raising the eyelid like in the past? It is impossible for the cuckoo to move. The only explanation is that the right side of the train was sinking when it turned left. This is even more impossible. When the train turns left, the air suspension on the right side of the car should lift the car up. Martava didn’t dare to think anymore. He really has no courage to doubt the safety of this world’s most luxurious train.
  When the train finally left Mount Rainier far behind, Martava and Marian pushed the carts and started to distribute lunch. When the cart traveled to the middle of the carriage, the train happened to pass a left turn of about 30 degrees. The champagne bottle steadily resting on the cart suddenly fell to the ground with a thump. Martava’s heart began to sink, and the right side of the train was indeed sinking. Could it be that the suspension system on the right side of the train has lost its function…
  After discussing with Marianne, Martava decided to inform the conductor of the abnormal situation. But grabbing the wired intercom in the flight attendant room, there was a dead silence in the receiver. Martava decided to go to the conductor himself, but when he walked to the end of the carriage, he was horrified to find that the soundproof and sealed doors at both ends of the carriage could not be opened-carriage 18 was forcibly closed.
  ”Mobile phone!” At Marianne’s reminder, Martava took the mobile phone out of his pocket, but the mobile phone showed no service signal. It turned out that because the train was always racing through the lofty mountains, the cliffs on both sides of the train formed an impenetrable telecommunication barrier.
  ”Wait, wait until the train leaves the mountains.” Marian comforted Martava, and when the train arrived on a highland plain in time, Martava quickly took out his mobile phone-there was a signal! He hurriedly dialed 911, but what came out of the phone was an extremely harsh whistling sound, and he could not hear the connection prompt or the other party’s answer. Is my phone also malfunctioning? Martava was at a loss.
  ”I’ll try it.” Marianne quickly took out her cell phone, but no matter how hard she tried to dial, the result was the same as Martava. The two looked at each other, and it was only at this moment that they realized that the train was in serious trouble.
  Ford Flying is about to depart to “heaven” The
  Ford Flying is a direct express train that will never stop during the whole journey. The most frightening part of the journey was Mount Whitney between Oakland and Pasadena. Because the rock is hard to excavate, the railway can only be built against the mountain, winding and paved, and just a short distance from the railway, there is a bottomless abyss, and Whitney’s most heart-puzzling thing is There is a super curve that reaches almost 60 degrees in this section.
  If the train is speeding into a 60-degree curve, the No. 18 car they are in will surely overturn due to the failure of the suspension system to maintain balance. Under the strong inertia of overturning, the entire train will eventually fall into the abyss together, more than 500 All lives will be wiped out in the blink of an eye.
  ”Perhaps, when the conductor is patrolling, he will know something is abnormal.” Marian comforted Martava. Martava shook his head dejectedly: “It’s impossible. According to the regulations, the conductor must patrol all the cars every one and a half hours. But it has been more than 6 hours since the train started. It didn’t come. Waiting is not a solution. We have to rely on ourselves.”
  After confirming that the air suspension system in the carriage had indeed failed, Martava told all the passengers the real situation, hoping that everyone could work together to come up with a way to obtain foreign aid. A good way is to make the train stop in time before reaching the Whitney curve, otherwise, this sightseeing trip will become a “death journey”.
  The frightened passengers took out their mobile phones one after another, but in the end they all cast their heads down and cast their eyes on Martava for help.
  Suddenly, a can of spray paint caught Baltava’s attention. He had an idea-he could spray the words for help on the window with color spray. If someone saw the police along the way, the train and passengers would be saved!
  After listening to Martava’s idea, the other passengers were also busy driving away. Some use lipstick, some use mascara… Every window glass is painted with help, SOS and other help symbols. Then, everyone crowded on the aisle, silently waiting for the verdict of the goddess of fate.
  Reading, Chico, Berwick… Many stations flashed past the windows of the car, everyone squeezed in front of the window and shook their scarves and ties… hoping to attract the attention of the people on the platform. But two hours later, the train showed no signs of slowing down. Martava cheered the passengers. He told everyone that when the train passed through Auckland, the speed would drop to 60 kilometers per hour when it passed through Auckland Station. This is the only chance for everyone to be rescued. Hope everyone will not give up.
  With everyone’s eagerness to look forward to, the train finally drove into Oakland Station. The small carriage No. 18 suddenly boiled, calling out, shaking things in hand, and slamming the windows…in just 20 seconds, the train had already stopped. The Oakland Station was left far behind, and everyone finally calmed down, staring at the clock displays on both sides of the carriage, and began to wait for the unpredictable future.
  Struggle before the death curve
  One hour later, the train was still at a speed. Martava understood that he would enter the Whitney corner in half an hour. He grabbed Marianne’s hand. She gently put the ancient silver ring she had worn since she was a child on Marianne’s middle finger. “Marian, maybe I can’t accompany you forever, but I am willing to face death with you and let our lives start from heaven, are you willing?” Marianne lowered her head shyly: “I do!” In this situation, there was a faint cry of crying in the carriage.
  When Martava realized that he would enter the death bend in 20 minutes, he and Marian sat on the carpet hugging each other, feeling that the present moment is forever.
  Suddenly, Marianne pointed out the window to look at Martava, and Martava turned around. There was a fire helicopter hovering at low altitude in the sky not far from the train.
  Seeing this fiery red plane, Martava suddenly had an idea. He said loudly to Marianne: “Quickly, get a towel and a lighter, we may be rescued.” While talking, Martava had already begun to slam into the sealed window of the carriage. As soon as he smashed a hole, Martava immediately wrapped his right hand with a towel dipped in motor oil, smashed the broken glass, and got out of the car.

  The biting cold wind immediately made him shiver, and the strange rock on the side of the roadbed almost ran into Martava. He knew very well what he would end up after letting go. He just tightened his muscles and tried to climb up the protruding edge of the car window… Time passed by minute by minute, Martava was struggling hard, the blood on his palm followed The sharp edges of the windows flowed down, and Marianne watched her beloved lover burst into tears, while the passengers in carriage 18 were all nervously lying down in front of the window.
  Martava’s red coat was torn in the gust of wind, which had bulged into a ball and fluttered in the wind. Fortunately, when the train passed a straight cliff edge again, the helicopter finally noticed the abnormal phenomenon outside the train.
  ”Look, what does that guy want to do?” Bill the fire engine driver pointed to the train and shouted to the co-pilot. Immediately, Bill flew towards the “red ball”…
  When Martava exhausted his last effort to climb onto the roof, more than 10 minutes had passed. The helicopter was hovering over Car No. 18 to watch the strange man. Almost all the passengers in the car were calling for help at the plane. When Bill saw that man, suddenly a raging flame ignited in his arms, he finally realized something. On both sides of the railway, there are some dead branches and grasses that have not yet returned to spring. The situation seemed extremely dangerous. When Billton became nervous, he immediately issued a warning through the on-board loudspeaker. Seeing that the warning was invalid, Bill immediately flew towards the locomotive.
  In less than two minutes, the locomotive driver noticed a shining fire-fighting helicopter hovering over 1.2 kilometers of railroad tracks ahead. Seeing that the aircraft kept flashing warning lights, he had to pull down the brake lever. …
  Within two minutes, a 160-kilometer-per-hour train stopped on the track, 20 meters ahead, and the sign read: Whitney Super Curve, dangerous! ! ——”We are rescued!” Martava shouted, and there was a loud cry and excitement in the carriage.
  According to subsequent investigations, due to insufficient air pressure, the right suspension system of Ford Feixiang No. 4 carriage 18 was always closed, which caused huge pressure when the train turned to cut off the telephone line of the wired intercom through the air inlet. And make the mobile phone unable to talk. At the same time, because all the doors of the Ford Flying are controlled by air pressure, the abnormal air pressure caused by the suspension system failure also caused the door to fail to open.
  In addition to the mechanical failure, the most infuriating passengers is that the conductor of Ford Flying No. 4 has neglected his duty. He has been flirting with a new sexy beauty in the dining car, and has not fulfilled his duty of patrolling the carriages every hour. Today, Ford Flying 4 is once again running on the alpine railroad tracks. The air suspension system of this luxury train has been comprehensively improved. The railway company has replaced the train’s intercom system with a wireless intercom, and the carriage doors can be opened manually in emergency situations.
  Martava and Marian still work for Ford Flying 4, but Martava is now the youngest conductor in the company. Marianne decides to resign after marrying Martava. She is going to compile a book, which contains all the final confession left by people at dangerous moments to their lovers…