Albania has more Mercedes cars than Germany

  Albania, as one of the most obscure countries in the world, is a well-deserved home of Mercedes-Benz in the world. You can find almost all Mercedes-Benz models since the 1970s in any corner of the country.
  The rugged mountainous country’s poor infrastructure and poor fuel quality will make every incoming car’s life short and pitiful. In this case, only cars that exceed general durability and endurance standards can be tolerated. Mercedes-Benz is well-known for its strong safety, excellent manufacturing quality and long service life. Albanians believe that Mercedes-Benz is the best and best car for them.
  ”If you need some parts to repair your car, you can always find usable parts in the dump.” A Mercedes-Benz car has been driving for 30 years, and today’s 75-year-old shepherd Ilir Gats thinks that if you Without Mercedes-Benz, it is not worthy of being an Albanian.
  Then the question is coming, even in Europe and the United States, Mercedes-Benz is not affordable for every ordinary person to say. Why should Albanians with an average monthly salary of $300 buy Mercedes-Benz between $30,000 and $90,000? Like buying an Emma electric car?
  In fact, every European Mercedes-Benz owner knows that Albania is the first place where Mercedes-Benz stolen vehicles are sold. Its unofficial travel slogan is: Welcome to play, your Mercedes-Benz may be here.
  According to the German police, 99% of the stolen Mercedes was stolen by violent and highly organized professional gangsters. These gangs are related to Albania’s rampant drug and arms trade. Balkan organized criminal groups now control more than 70% of the heroin market in Europe and take over the smuggling, prostitution and car theft of populations throughout Europe.
  Everyone knows that the car was stolen, but nobody cares. “In Albania, if you legally buy a Mercedes, you are a fool.” The average price of the old Mercedes they found on the black market was less than $1,000.
  According to official data, only three new cars were registered in the country last year.
  Various Mercedes-Benzes usually arrive from Frankfurt, Munich and Bonn, and sometimes from Switzerland, Italy and Greece. Albanian gangs generally do not steal British Mercedes because it is the right rudder.
  As soon as the car arrives in Albania, you will die.
  The 110,000 Mercedes-Benz stolen in Germany last year are now mostly in Albania. “We know that many of them are in Albania, but without the cooperation of the country’s authorities, we cannot recover them. This is too difficult and dangerous.” German Federal Police spokesman Weiss Baden said.
  The Albanian police turned a blind eye to this, and some of them even participated in the transaction. Customs officials also closed their eyes when the car was brought in, and they were easily bribed or intimidated by criminals.
  Sometimes the situation is embarrassing. The President of the Central Bank of Albania, Iriel Hoti, took his official Mercedes-Benz car to Italy, but the Italian police told him that they checked the computer records and the car was included in the stolen list. The car was confiscated.
  Even Mercedes-Benz staff will not buy cars from official dealers. Sokol Kodra, a salesman at the Mercedes-Benz 4S store in the capital Tirana, recently prepared to buy a car. “Anyway, I will get a Mercedes. Of course, it is not a model for sale.” He said quietly to a foreign reporter.