“Air Force One” of the world

  According to international practice, heads of state usually bring their own special planes when visiting another country, and the cars are provided by the host country. If going outside the capital, the host country will provide a special plane. The President of the United States and the President of Russia travel in their own cars and airplanes no matter where they travel, including when they travel in their home countries.
  US President’s car: Air Force One,
  the US presidential plane “Air Force One” in the name began in 1959, when Eisenhower aboard the presidential plane named for convenience. The fuselage painting of “Air Force One” was decided by former US President Kennedy. The fuselage was sprayed with the full name of the United States of America, the tail was printed with the American flag, and the wings were marked with the United States Air Force logo and English abbreviation. In the past 40 years, the United States has replaced at least four “Air Force One.”
  The “Air Force One” currently in service is a Boeing 747-200 provided by Boeing in 1994. It is said to have a cost of 1.35 billion U.S. dollars, a length of 70 meters, a weight of 375 tons, and a speed of 1,128 kilometers per hour. There are presidential reception rooms, presidential bedrooms, first lady bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms and offices on the plane, as well as meeting rooms and small clinics. The sky kitchen can meet the dining needs of 100 people at the same time, and can carry 2000 foods each time. Generally speaking, without air refueling, the range of Air Force One can reach 11,490 kilometers, and its space time is about 12 hours. If air refueling is carried out, the remaining empty time can reach 72 hours, which is enough to send the President of the United States to any place in the world.
  The US “Air Force One” is a temporary air command post, equipped with a complete communication system, to communicate with all over the world for military mobilization, and it can operate even in the event of a nuclear explosion. The whole machine is equipped with a total of 85 telephones, and is also equipped with multi-pulse frequency radio communication equipment with air-to-air and air-to-ground functions.
  There are two presidential planes in the United States, the main engine and the auxiliary plane. If the main engine fails, the president can transfer to the deputy at any time. When encountering a missile attack, the auxiliary aircraft body can automatically send out an electromagnetic wave to attract the attack and protect the presidential plane from danger. When the President of the United States travels, he will be accompanied by at least one communications aircraft from the National Security Agency to monitor the incoming missiles. It is said that Air Force One was attacked by missiles from the ground when it landed in Central America. However, due to the timely activation of the electronic countermeasure system and the rapid launch of a large number of decoy shells like a movie, Air Force One escaped the catastrophe.
  When “Air Force One” is flying long-range, there is generally no U.S. Air Force fighter escort. And the United States is “full of enemies” all over the world, and what will happen when “Air Force One” is intercepted by a hostile fighter? This relies on the complete detection system on Air Force One. The system operated by Air Force personnel can provide early warning for Air Force One. If an enemy aircraft is detected, the air force of friendly countries will be notified for assistance or rely on the interference of the aircraft. The system destroys the enemy’s radar and communication system.
  In addition to Air Force One, the United States still has some special planes, such as the E-4B “National Air Command Post,” which is exclusively used by the US President to command NATO combat when a nuclear war breaks out. Its communications facilities are more complete than Air Force One.
  In the American movie “Air Force One”, the protagonist is Harrison Ford, which is also the huge Air Force One. Harrison Ford represents the image that a president should have in the minds of Americans-calm, alert, and brave, while the “Air Force One” presidential plane is full of high technology that Americans can be proud of.
  As an extraordinary aircraft in the history of world flight, “Air Force One” has personally experienced many major historical events in the world.
  In 1972, Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and US President Nixon had a historic handshake at Beijing Airport. The blue and white Boeing 707 passenger plane parked on the tarmac not far behind the two great men was “Air Force One.” In 1963, the then-U.S. President Kennedy flew to Berlin on Air Force One. Later that year, it was Air Force One that transported Kennedy’s body from Dallas to Washington. Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the President of the United States. The ceremony was held on the “Air Force One”; on July 1, 1997, it was the “Air Force One” that carried the US Secretary of State Albright to Hong Kong to attend the ceremony of Hong Kong’s return to China.
  The nuclear button of the Russian head of state’s special plane flew around in the air.
  In 1994, Yeltsin felt that his special plane was far inferior to the US President’s “Air Force One.” It took more than three years for a Swiss aircraft manufacturing company to finally transform the Russian President’s Il-62 plane into a modern and luxurious “Ill-96” new plane in 1996, costing 200 million US dollars. The special planes of the former Soviet Union and Russian heads of state were all domestically-made planes, and most of the special planes they flew were “Tu-134”, “Tu-154” and “Il-62”.
  Putin’s presidential plane is called the “flying palace” by the Russians, and its luxury is by no means inferior to the Kremlin. The wall panels are all wooden, with deep and solemn colors. The aircraft has luxurious facilities, including 1 bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a conference room that can accommodate 12 people and other facilities. Putin’s office is about 10 square meters, and the “nuclear button” briefcase that is rumored to be a myth when the president travels is placed here. The aircraft is equipped with the most advanced communication command equipment, and Putin can get in touch with any part of the world in the air.
  Italian Prime Minister enjoying Airbus
  Italian government office under the jurisdiction of a small flight team, which take the heads of Airbus “A319CJ” known as the “Pearl of the aviation industry.”
  The front of the Airbus is the office of the leaders and cronies. The central part is the office of the head, which can be easily converted into a bedroom with a double bed when needed. There are 48 seats behind the summit area. At the rear of the plane is the kitchen and dining room. The crew on board can enjoy a variety of delicious spaghetti and brand-name drinks. The personnel serving on the plane are all male, borne by the Italian Air Force, and the pilot is also a soldier. Three years ago, the former Italian prime minister visited Russia. His special plane was crashed by Yeltsin’s special plane at Moscow airport. Italian Prime Minister Amato’s current special plane is Airbus “A319CJ”.
  The German Chancellor’s “Mobile Kitchen in the Air”
  German Chancellor Schroeder traveled on a government aviation squadron plane. This team is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence and is located at the “Cologne Bonn” airport and was established in 1957. It currently has 5 “A-310” Airbuses, two “Boeing 707”, 7 “Challenger” aircraft and a helicopter unit. This squadron orbits the world nearly 6 million kilometers every year.
  Former Prime Minister Cole liked the “Super Puma” helicopter very much. This kind of aircraft has expensive materials, carpeted cabins, bright and comfortable leather sofas and other living facilities. Someone joked that Cole had to bring a mobile kitchen every time he traveled. The cost of traveling by this kind of plane is 10544 marks per half hour.
  British head of state is an old airplane plane
  Blair commonly used is the 32nd Battalion of the Royal Air Force aircraft Britain, Queen Elizabeth II is also used by the battalion’s aircraft. Once, in order to participate in the EU summit in Portugal, a special plane was dispatched for each of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Finance, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, spending a total of US$47,500 in state funds. After this criticism, Blair became more frugal. It is said that Blair’s plane is not particularly luxurious. This is an old “VC-IO” military aircraft. The backrest of the seat is already loose, which makes the head feel very uncomfortable, but the leather seat is still spacious and there is a spotless carpet on the floor. In the Prime Minister’s “Sky Bar”, you can enjoy a bottle of whiskey worth more than US$200, and all alcohol is provided free of charge. The waiters wear uniform uniforms. There is no beautiful stewardess on the plane.