Adventure Xinjiang Tiger

  One summer, I took a bus from Dunhuang, Gansu, and embarked on a desert adventure. Two days later, I got off the road at a place called Niubiliang, climbed the Altyn Mountains, and headed north. There is no man’s land in front of me. I can’t remember how many times I have taken such an adventure. I like this feeling.
  The magnificent scenery has always been with me. A few days later, when I reach the place where the mountains and the desert are adjacent, the scenery is even more amazing. The snow and spring water on the mountain flow into the desert, forming an oasis, presenting a scene of vitality, and there are also many wild animals. It should be said that it is almost as I expected, and there is an endless desert further ahead. I am alone, and the possibility of going into it is unlikely, but a good tour near the mountains is also quite satisfactory.
   So I abandoned the car, brought equipment and food, and walked deep into the oasis. Due to my limited physical strength, I cannot bring too much drinking water, so I have to collect water for purification and drink locally. I dare not leave the water source too far. Fortunately, there are still many streams, springs and small lakes here. On this day, I came to a large puddle, and looking far away, it was basically desert. Looking at the food, it was just enough to eat on the way back, so I decided to take this place as the end of my trip. There are no traces of humans around, maybe I am the first person here, at least the first outsider.
   There are no water sources such as small rivers nearby. Perhaps this is the only water source within a radius. Looking closely, it turns out that there are many animal footprints around. I’ll hide it next to me so I can take a good look at the animals. I am not afraid that they will not show up, because they always drink water.
   The sand is very soft. I dug a hole, set up a tent, and camouflaged it, hiding in it for observation.
   At first, there were no animals. Maybe they felt strange, but I was not in a hurry. Finally, a few hours later, many hares ran over. Although they were thirsty, they were still alert.
   After confirming that there was no problem, the rabbits began to drink water, and I watched not far away.
   Suddenly, several huge shadows appeared nearby like a juggling, rushing towards the water. When the rabbits heard it, they ran away immediately. But those few shadows have formed an encirclement, and they are particularly experienced. They move quickly, and most of the rabbits can’t escape. They are bitten by their big mouths, and they cry miserably.
   All this happened in a short period of time, my eyes were a little flowery, and I didn’t even have time to see the appearance of those shadows. After their hunting is over, I can see that those big guys are wild boars!
   Wild boars are very powerful, but it is the first time that wild boars take the initiative to conduct organized hunting. I have never heard of it before.
   There are not many large animals in the oasis, but there are still many small animals. Small animals have to drink water. It is estimated that the wild boars will not be less harvested. I was a little bit emotional. When I was thinking about what animal should fall into the pig’s mouth, I found that the wild boars were approaching me. My first reaction was to take some photos, after all, there are not many opportunities for them to look at the camera so close. But I didn’t take two shots, and I felt that the situation was wrong, because I saw greed and bloodthirsty in the eyes of wild boars!
   Yes, this is not a wild boar in the general sense, they have long been used to eating meat!
   I was sweating and I started to shiver. The wild boar is famous for being tough, so many big guys, I can’t deal with it anyway. When they charge, I will be exhausted.
   I forced myself to calm down and thought, I am a human being after all, and there are not many wild animals that take the initiative to harm people. Maybe they are just curious. I’m lying on my stomach, do they treat me like an animal? No, I have to stand up and let the wild boars know that I am a human, not that they can eat casually!
   So I bravely climbed out of the tent, stood up to the wild boar, flicked my hair, and tried to communicate with them with my eyes.
   The wild boar stopped and looked at me together, as if thoughtful. I breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this trick really worked. I believe that most wild animals will not actively attack people.
   But my estimate is still too optimistic, or even wrong. I overlooked a little bit. The place is off the beaten track, and most of the wild boars have never seen anyone, so how can they “snap up” me?
   Just thinking about it this way, the wild boars have been forced to come up, only a few meters away from me. Some of these guys have long fangs and their eyes are fierce. I realized: I must fight, otherwise I can only let them kill!
   Although I don’t have a gun, I still have some cold weapons. I hurriedly held a hidden knife in my hand. Although the tent is not particularly strong, it can also be used as a support. I can only rely on my own strength to deal with the wild boar.
   A wild boar rushed up and hit my thigh, trying to knock me over. I was shocked, hurriedly drew away, and swiped a knife on the pig’s ass. This hidden knife was very sharp, but it only cut a small cut, and the wild boar screamed and jumped out.
   The rest of the wild boars did not run away, but all rushed forward. I was so frightened that I almost fainted, but falling down meant death.
   I dodge around the tent and give the wild boar a knife if I get the chance. The wild boar would only rush forward, but there were too many of them, chasing and intercepting, and soon I was surrounded. As long as more than a dozen wild boars get on, I will be torn apart!
   That’s it! I am powerless! There is no one in the radius, and it is useless for me to call for help.
   I danced the hidden knife, ready to struggle to the death. At least let them understand that I can’t be caught casually.
   I cut off the nose of the wild boar in front of me with a knife, and the guy screamed, jumping wildly, blood flying. The other wild boars froze for a moment, and continued to rush over. Leaning on my back in the tent, I had nowhere to go, so I could only jump up to dodge. In a panic, my calf was scratched by sharp wild boar fangs, and it was painful–seeing that my life was dead!
   Suddenly, another shadow rushed over quickly. At that time, I couldn’t keep my eyes on it, but it vaguely felt bigger than a wild boar.
   In an instant, I understood, and the wild boar that was able to open my mouth and bite my feet suddenly messed up, the mane on the back seemed to be standing upright and trembling, it should be very nervous and at a loss.
   The shadow rushed to the back of the wild boar’s butt, and knocked a wild boar to the ground with a paw. Then several other wild boars were also hit hard, all weak parts were attacked. Normally, wild boars are very vigilant and have a keen sense of smell. It is difficult to get close to them, and they are difficult to succeed if they have a frontal attack. But at this moment, a few wild boars focused completely on me, only attacking me, completely ignoring the situation behind. That shadow should be their adversary or natural enemy, look at the rare opportunity to launch a fatal attack on them.
   All this is incredible! The remaining wild boars recovered, turned around and prepared to join forces to meet the enemy. I escaped from the mouth of the god of death, but my courage increased greatly. I didn’t shrink back and swiped a knife on the wild boar ass. The remaining wild boars were knocked over again, and some of their eyes were caught blind, screaming with pain, and running wildly.
   Fortunately, wild boars escaped without injury. I stood firmly, and then took a closer look at the shadow, never expected that it turned out to be a tiger!

   My God, the tiger is down! The color of this tiger is a bit grayish, even faintly blue, which is different from most tigers in my impression.
   I looked at this tall and fierce tiger, completely stunned, almost feeling like crossing, my brain was even blank. However, I have to face the reality. A tiger is a tiger. It is impossible to be the same as a man, let alone a savior and a god. It is a bloodthirsty beast. The coordinated operation just now was only a special coincidence of one in ten thousand. Now that the common enemy is gone, we cannot avoid facing each other, about 10 meters apart.
   Although this is not the first time I have faced a tiger, it is the first time I have faced a tiger that is being hunted. It was very excited, pressing on the blind wild boar, biting its cervical spine. The wild boar screamed, unable to break free.
   I was exhausted, with a hidden knife in my hand, blood dripping down.
   Fortunately, the tiger did not come forward. It already had quite enough prey. Those wild boars are estimated to be enough for it to eat for a month, so it has no desire for prey. And I was very relaxed and calm, and also protected myself.
   When I saw this, I slowly stepped back, not daring to turn around and run. A little mistake might irritate the tiger.
   Finally retreated to a safe zone. The tiger should be hungry. It opened the belly of a wild boar and started eating…
   At this moment, I was finally out of danger. I took a few deep breaths, and the almost stagnant brain seemed to have increased. Lube, regained activity. Suddenly, I screamed, almost yelling out—Xinjiang Tiger! I am in Xinjiang now. This is not an ordinary tiger, it is an extinct Xinjiang tiger! I pinched myself hard to prove that I was awake, and then I looked around, yes, my position has not changed, and everything is right.
   I hurriedly observed carefully, but unfortunately the tiger was far away. The tiger in front of you must be photographed!
   But the tiger was full, drank some water, and dragged a wild boar away, probably in the direction of the mountain, perhaps its nest was there. I hurried to the tent breath, picked up a camera, but has not found a trace of a tiger ……
  extinct tiger Xinjiang
  Xinjiang tiger, also known as Lop Nur tiger is a tiger populations have disappeared in Xinjiang.
  Xinjiang tigers are mainly distributed in central Xinjiang, from Korla along the Kongque River to Lop Nur. Due to the destruction of their habitat from the 19th century to the early 20th century, coupled with human hunting, this wild group of Caspian tigers in China was extinct from 1916 to 1920s. They were once mistaken by experts as an independent tiger subspecies, but they are now included in a population of Caspian tigers.
  According to textual research, the last time humans discovered Xinjiang tigers was in 1916. In the following decades, scientists have searched for them many times, but never found them again. It can be said that Xinjiang tigers ended their final life course mainly after humans destroyed the natural environment. Since then, people have never seen such graceful animals. Subsequently, the Xinjiang tiger was recognized as extinct in 1979. However, in 2001, farmers and herdsmen in the foothills of the Tianshan Mountains were surprised to find a series of suspicious animal traces similar to Xinjiang tiger paw prints, but so far there is no evidence to prove its existence.
  Until now, some people have claimed to have witnessed Xinjiang tigers.