A strange bus ticket

  Many years ago, when I went to university in Xi’an, a girl named Wang Qiuhan in the same dormitory had the best relationship with me. We go to class, eat, go shopping together, as good as sisters.
  I remember that it was one day in April 2001. Qiu Han got up early and answered the phone, and he was in a daze, staring at a certain point in a daze. I asked her what’s wrong, and she cried me in a hug: “Lily, my mother…my mother is gone…”
  I was shocked. Autumn containing Chouchouyeye said: “My mother had had a heart …… there, my uncle just called to say, my mother was in the kitchen wood fire to cook it, suddenly …… suddenly ……”
  It’s still Wait, ask for leave and go home! I cleaned up, took Qiuhan who was out of breath from crying, went to ask the counselor for leave, took a taxi and went straight to the long-distance bus station.
  Qiuhan’s home is in a village under a small town in southern Shaanxi called “Wuli”, a 6-hour drive from Xi’an. We bought the tickets, got on the bus, and gradually passed the scenery of southern Shaanxi that was different from the Loess Plateau. The majestic Qinba Mountains are dotted with gurgling rivers, lush green fields, and rape fields are endless. But at the time, I was uneasy, and Qiuhan next to him was almost lost. How can I appreciate the beauty of this spring?
  After getting off the car, Qiuhan told me to walk about 40 minutes on the mountain road. At that time, it was about 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and the weather, which was still fine just now, suddenly became gloomy. The sky was filled with black and heavy clouds, as if a thunderstorm was coming. We speeded up our pace. At about 5 o’clock, Qiu Han pointed out: “Here.”
  A small village was in front of him. I have heard the sound of Suona’s “Ulala”, Qiu Han walked quickly to a courtyard, and sure enough, there were many people wearing white cloth on their heads walking around. A lot of wreaths leaned on the courtyard wall. In the middle of the courtyard, a mourning hall was erected impressively, and the letter was written, “There are still remnants of work left on the Longshang, and the relics in front of the hall are admired together-mother Li Guifang through the ages.”
  I saw a portrait of a woman hanging in the mourning hall. At the age of 50, with short hair and wrinkles on his dark skin, he smiled reluctantly. This should be Qiu Han’s mother. Qiuhan knelt in front of the mourning hall with a plop and cried loudly. I was also in a heavy heart. I incense Qiuhan’s mother and paid a few respects.
  The shrill suona sounded especially sad, and the whimpering cry was around her ears. Qiu Han had changed her filial piety with her elder brother to see her mother’s body in the ice coffin. I thought and thought, should I accompany Qiuhan? But she was surrounded by seven aunts and eight aunts, so forget it.
  That night, the expected thunderstorm did not come, but it was a dark night without stars and moon but wind. Qiuhan and the others were vigil in the mourning hall, and I slept in the side room of Qiuhan’s house. The window lattice was swayed by the wind, and miserable crying came down the wind. Besides, after all, someone had passed away. I always felt that there was something in the dark air. I was frightened and sweated. I forgot how I fell asleep later.
  The next day, Qiuhan woke me up and said that it was better for me to go back to school first. She would stay at home for several days to deal with mother’s funeral affairs. Her uncle and elder brother also thanked me again and again, and said guiltily that they didn’t entertain me well. I also knew the inconvenience of staying here, so I comforted Qiu Han and took the car back to Xi’an.
  Two weeks later, Qiuhan also returned to school. Her face was still pale and looked lonely and panic. I took her to go shopping more frequently and to the nearby attractions, hoping that she would gradually come out of the shadow of her bereaved mother.
  This incident was quickly forgotten by me. Until three years passed, one day in 2004.
  There was something wrong with Qiuhan that day, and she lay down on the table in a daze. I walked over and asked in a low voice, “Do you miss your mother? Don’t worry, she must be very happy in heaven.” Qiuhan suddenly exploded and jumped up: “Whose mother is in heaven? What are you talking about? My mother is so good, how can you curse her to die? ”
  God! I thought I had a hearing problem: “Qiuhan, did you say that your mother…didn’t you die?”
  Qiuhan’s apricot eyes stared at me fiercely, “I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person. I’m just broken in love. It’s uncomfortable, you cursed my mother!”
  There is something wrong with this. Didn’t Qiuhan’s mother pass away three years ago? Didn’t I go to her house by coach with her that day? Isn’t the portrait of her mother hung in the mourning hall?
  ”Qiuhan! Think about it again. Three years ago, in April, you told me that your mother had passed away. We took time off from the counselor and went to your house by long-distance bus! I gave it back to your mother. It’s incense! Staying at your house for one night!” I’m going crazy, either Qiuhan has amnesia or my memory is confused. Who is the problem?
  Qiu Han looked at me with unbelievable eyes: “Lily, are you energetic…” After a pause, she took out her phone and trembled and opened a photo to tell me: “Look, this is this year.” The family portrait we took during the New Year, my mother was next to me.” In the
  photo, I saw the woman at a glance. In his 50s, his hair is short, his skin is dark, and he smiles without teeth. Isn’t this exactly the same as the portrait of Qiuhan’s mother I have seen? And Qiu Han was standing next to her mother, wearing the new sweater she bought before last winter vacation.
  Suddenly, there was a gust of gloomy wind across my back, and the hairs all over my body stood up.
  Later, Qiu Han and I described everything that happened that day, including the style and features of their small village, the layout of her courtyard, and the furnishings of the side houses. Qiuhan couldn’t help nodding, and said, yes, it was their home.
  But Qiu Han said that she never went to the counselor with me to ask for leave, nor did she go back to her hometown with me. In April three years ago, she did go back to Uli alone, only because her mother was sick.
  Roommate Qianqian suddenly interrupted: “Yes, Qiuhan did return alone that time, I remember. Lily said that it was an outing that day, or I helped Qiuhan carry things downstairs.”
  The world is in a mess. Up.
  The counselor at that time had resigned last year. I really want to ask her, I obviously took Qiuhan to ask for leave that day!
  Later, Qiuhan gradually estranged from me. In my spare time, I always unconsciously think of the gloomy spring day three years ago, and often think of myself in a cold sweat. Maybe, I really got sleepwalking? Or mental illness?
  Everyone had left school until graduation. I packed my things, and suddenly a piece of paper fell to the ground. When I picked it up, the blood in my whole body was solidified.
  It was a bus ticket stub from Xi’an to Uli at 10 am on April 17, 2001.