A lasting sun, half a river

  There are many places bearing the name “the most beautiful sunset in the world”, and they are almost by the sea. The setting sun and the sea seem to have always been the most perfect combination. And the setting sun on the riverside seems to have a little more old feelings.
  Choosing to travel during the holidays is a very stupid decision. Understanding this, my friend and I were clinging to the stone railing on the riverside and smiling at each other, all helpless. Not long ago, our original plan was to go to a long-awaited ancient street, but after a few days of people and people, we felt very well with each other that this small riverside stone railing was a good place. And Yi Xinglan, who rested on the riverside, has also become stunning and moved here.
  In the distance, there are many streets and roads, and there are many cultural relics and monuments. We remembered walking into it, and there was a breath of Lingnan. Here, it is just a very common place that stretches hundreds of miles along Binjiang Road, but when the sun goes down, there is quite a scene here.
  We stood quietly by the river in this way, and we met unexpectedly with the afterglow of the setting sun. The sunset in the sky was gorgeous, and the river surface was deep blue. The weather is fresh and the cold of early spring falls in the evening, with a refreshing coolness. The setting sun hangs in the recess between the buildings on the opposite side of the river. The west side is just the direction of the extension of the river. There is no obstacle to watch the sunset here, and the beautiful scenery can be seen from the bottom. The setting sun is sinking, the evening glow is reflecting the river, and there is a gorgeous scene. The ships passing by on the river occasionally add just the right embellishment to this soft evening. Xu Shi has been running around for a whole day, the heat and power of the light has gradually weakened, and it has become a piece of dreamy colors.
  Such a river surface will make people tell many stories from the bottom of their hearts. Here are Wang Boluoxia’s youthful achievements and spirits with the solitary frogs and autumn waters; there are still Yang Shenqingshan, the boldness of several sunsets, high and deep; and the sound of the drum and the shadow of the sails in “ West River Evening ” End, waterfowl flying. The greatest gift left to our descendants in this piece of land should be these two pieces, one is history and the other is culture. I don’t know how many vicissitudes have passed. A row of old banyan trees stood by the river and the evening wind rose. Here, I do not know how much camera memory and film are used by photography enthusiasts. After standing for a long time, the people around them gradually dispersed, and the sound gradually went away. Desolation and loneliness came from everywhere, but they would be moved for a long time.
  The setting sun is reflected in the water, and there are trees on both sides, sparkling. After a long time, it will make people feel that countless layers of soft yarn are shaking. For a long time, I felt like a dream, not real enough, of course, this is not just beauty.
  In his early twenties, he admired the adventure-style life. The travel locations he chose became more and more beautiful and insignificant. A period of journey has made my gratitude and awe of life subconsciously more and more clear. I feel that it is really a godsend happiness to stay in this beautiful and vast world. In the end, when a ray of light was obliterated in the clouds, because of the happiness that I didn’t have to look for deliberately, I suddenly felt awe and gratitude in my heart.
  There is a good saying in “Camel Xiangzi”: Tomorrow is the continuation of today, and today inherits yesterday’s grievances. I have been graduating for half a year, and I am a little bit less scholarly. I do n’t believe in a sudden gradual change, or I lack the strength to sum up the past and think about the future. In this era of rapid change, these are all too far away. And life takes exactly one second to spend. In the past, the prospects of mountains and rivers, but now I think about it only because of the sorrow and happiness that I have been tossing, and the cause and effect are one after the other. In the face of the unknown beauty, we must yearn with a sense of rituals. Originally, the days are passing day by day, but humans have given some dates a special meaning, so every day can be the beginning or the end. It doesn’t matter, it also has to be.
  Unexpected encounters with the sunset on the riverside are due to unwillingness to do what you want, but also to come out and relax. Compared with advance planning and expectations, this is easier to do better. The extreme fate only targets a very small number of samples. The fate of most people is their unconscious choice. Instead of looking back at melancholy or looking up, we had to bury our heads upward. Whether this is the same in life: there is something in my heart that does not force myself to live freely, but it is easier to reach the goal.
  At this time, all the light submerged into the darkness, I can not remember “a dusk without fulfilling my wishes”, but “experienced such a dusk again”.
  There are fiery red hopes in the east, and warm nest beds in the south.
  Year after year, month, month, day, minute, minute, second, time has been moving forward, it treats it in its way, we survive in our way, it does not owe us, we do not retain it, a hundred years later We have been here in the long river of time, and we have been here happily.