A judge led by a lighter

  As a student, he went to the western United States for further studies, accidentally fell into a trap carefully set by the FBI and became a KGB traitor. Two years later, he was sent back to work in the United States and continued to spare no effort to sell secret Soviet intelligence. He lost a spy lighter and aroused suspicion from the KGB. In 1986, he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in prison for being betrayed by the famous American spy Ames. In the early 1990s, he was fortunately pardoned by then President Yeltsin and later moved to the United States. He is the former KGB lieutenant colonel Boris Nikolaevich Yuren.
Fall into the trap step by step

  Yuren was born in Moscow in 1947. In 1975, after graduating from a specialized intelligence training course, he became a junior KGB officer and was later sent to the University of Berkeley to study for 6 months. During his advanced studies at Berkeley University, he came into the sight of the FBI. The FBI agents did a long time in recruiting the Soviet intelligence officer, and they were very careful. Through a detailed understanding of his social relations, habits and hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, etc., he sketched an accurate psychological portrait for him. He believed that there was something in Yuren’s personality traits, which was in line with the appetite and appetite of the US counterintelligence department. Imagine. On this basis, the Americans formulated a multi-step action plan.
  Judy Stevenson, a young and beautiful female agent, was ordered to approach Yuren. She appeared in front of Yuren with sympathy for South American left-wing terrorists. Yuren was fascinated by her soon, and she often visited him since then.
  After a while, Judy introduced his “brother” Riley Watson to Yuren, who was actually an agent of the FBI. This is also an important step in recruiting Yuren. With these foreshadowing, the recruitment operation has entered the final stage. One day, Judy suddenly came to Yuren’s residence bursting into tears, saying that several FBI agents broke into her house and searched, found the “souvenirs” Yuren gave her, and they participated in activities together. the photograph taken. Now, she is accused of participating in terrorist activities and being an accomplice in helping Russians establish contact with terrorists. In order to verify her own words, she also took out a street tabloid with a report about the incident. At the end Judy hysterically asked Yuren what to do? After Judy left, Yuren felt extremely panicked. After some consideration, he went to the Soviet consulate in San Francisco and reported what had just happened to the security officer. The other party told him not to panic, this is likely to be a provocative behavior.
  The next day, Riley Watson came to Yuren and said that Judy was sick and hospitalized. They drove to the hospital and found Judy lying on the hospital bed, pale and haggard, with various medical equipment and rubber tubes stuck in her body. Seeing Yuren, she also said that the FBI’s allegations against her were very serious, and Yuren herself must go to the FBI to explain that she had no fault. Unable to withstand the “siblings” repeated persuasion, Yuren came to the FBI to explain the situation. The atmosphere of the conversation was very good. Yuren explained to an FBI agent named John that Judy’s matter was just a misunderstanding, and she was innocent.
  After a while, John called to suggest that Yuren come to the bureau again to verify some details in the Judy case. The atmosphere of the conversation was still very harmonious, but the topic expanded while talking and turned to another question. It turned out that Yuren’s wife was coming to the United States to visit relatives. He wanted to greet them. The family stayed together for a few days, but he was a little tight. He wanted to know if he could get some funding in the university. There is a precedent for this. John patted Yuren on the shoulder, and said that this matter was on him. When we met again, John happily said to Uren: “Your problem has been solved!” and handed him an envelope containing $500. You Ren was stunned for a few seconds, feeling that things would not be so simple, so he didn’t say anything for a long time. But the temptation was too great, and Yuren finally smiled and accepted the envelope. The couple spent a happy week. After sending away his wife, You Ren went to express his gratitude to the university leaders who sponsored him. The other side asked with a look of surprise, “What is 500 dollars?” It was only then that You Ren came to realize that he understood himself. Has been hooked by the FBI.
  John arranged the meeting with Yuren in a hotel. They showed him a photo of him taking money from an FBI agent, and also pointed out his real work unit, military rank, and purpose of coming to the United States. Recruitment proceeded smoothly in accordance with the careful plan of the Americans. You Ren explained all the fellows in the fellows and the intelligence personnel of the San Francisco KGB Intelligence Station he knew, and also introduced the KGB’s organizational structure and leaders. The agents of the FBI were very satisfied. Yuren has completely fallen into the trap set by the Americans. The year is 1976.
Crazy crime

  As Yuren’s training mission in the United States is about to end, the FBI decided to provide him with the materials needed for the six-month training work summary to create conditions for his future promotion. Based on these materials, Yuren reported to his superiors that during his training in the United States, he established useful contacts for the Soviet intelligence service with a series of influential Americans, such as getting to know the dismissed CIA staff; fortunately to be with the former United States. The senator knows and can meet in an informal setting; he can also get non-secret but very necessary political information. John told him: “With this report, you will be able to come to the United States in half a year.” Sure enough, after returning to work for two years, Youren was sent to work at the San Francisco Intelligence Station by the KGB in 1978. The cover was TASS in San Francisco. reporter. For the first few weeks, the FBI did not send anyone to restore contact with him, but not long after, while Yuren was taking a leisurely stroll, a car suddenly stopped beside him, and the driver was John!
  During his five years in the United States, Yuren voluntarily worked for the Americans. The American explained why he continued to work as a spy: “He was treated well in the KGB, but he was regarded as a humble countryman. Within the KGB, promotion does not depend on the quality of your job, but on the quality of your job. What kind of relationship do you have. Youren has no background. Although he was already a lieutenant colonel of the KGB when he was sent back to San Francisco, he still believed that this was just to show that all the internal staff can It’s just a fake trick to get fair treatment.” For this reason, he leaked all the members of the intelligence station in the United States, and often reported to the FBI the secret operations that the intelligence station was preparing to carry out, some reliable intelligence relations developed by the Soviets, and the United States. Current plans and strategic plans for political intelligence work. He told the CIA that the KGB has an organization code-named “North” composed of the best military officers, which is responsible for buying American and Canadians from all over the world to spy for them. He pointed out that there is a senior KGB spy in the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following this clue, the Norwegian police arrested Arnetle Haut at Oslo Airport in 1984 and sentenced him to 20 years in prison. At the time, he was carrying a suitcase containing 66 confidential documents and preparing to go to Vienna to meet with KGB personnel. Every time Yuren and the Americans had a regular meeting, the other party would give him a pile of photos of the Soviets, and asked him to identify anyone in it that was related to the Soviet intelligence service, and he would tell them all. The FBI asked him to take photos of the San Francisco consulate and intelligence station rooms. On Saturday, he went to the consulate with a camera that could take a panoramic view. He took pictures of all rooms except the sealed room. Even the central hall, which was full of mirrors, was taken in. After returning, hand the film to John. When we met, John showed him the photo. There was a figure of him taking a picture in the mirror in the central hall. The American smiled and said, “Boris, we already have enough materials to destroy your reputation, and you have to send us such materials.”

Lost disc lighter sparks suspicion

  In 1981, a CIA agent flew to San Francisco and brought Yuren a miniature spy camera. The camera is cylindrical and disguised as a lighter. The lens is mounted on the opposite side of the flint. It is only a 10-cent coin size. The special film can take 90 photos each. You can use one roll and replace it with a new one. Yuren has a habit of smoking, so having a lighter does not arouse any suspicion. But a few months later, he accidentally lost it when working at the consulate. A fitter picked up the lighter and pressed it a few times. When he found that it couldn’t make a fire, he threw it on the bench. A few days later, when he was about to use the parts inside the lighter, he took it apart and saw that it was a miniature camera, so he immediately reported to the KGB officer in charge of security work in the consulate. After the film was taken out, the film appeared. Fortunately, the film was blank. If a document is shot in the film, the owner of the lighter can be quickly determined based on the content of the document. Nevertheless, because Yuren and Igor Samsennov, a political official of the consulate, both smoked, they immediately became the main suspects of the KGB.

  After Yuren discovered that the lighter was missing, he desperately recalled where it had fallen. He met with John urgently to analyze and study how to deal with this emergency. John later said: “That night, I helped him find the lighter in his car, hoping that the lighter fell between the seats. We almost took the car apart, but we didn’t find it.” Later, You Ren vaguely felt that Zeng After spending half an hour with fellow Semenov, wouldn’t the chance of ignition be left there?
  So John and the others brought in a female agent and asked her to make up an excuse to come to Semenov’s house and sit on the sofa where Yuren sat on the couch not long ago. When the two were talking, the female agent first looked for an opportunity to check if there were any missing lighters up and down the sofa, but did not find it. Before leaving, she seemed to accidentally drop the bag on the ground. When picking up the bag, she deliberately opened the bag and let the contents spill all over the floor. Seeing this, Semenov helped her pack everything together. Seeing nothing, the female agent left angrily.
I always have to pay it back

  In order to divert the KGB’s suspicion from Yuren, the FBI began to provide him with more valuable intelligence and allowed him to establish new sources of intelligence from the political elite of the United States. These people have a promising future for the Soviet KGB. Very important. But at this time, Yuren’s term is about to end.
  Considering his own safety, Yuren firmly refused to continue working for the Americans after returning to Moscow. The Americans did not force him, because it was agreed at the beginning of the cooperation that he only allowed him to work abroad and did not want him to take risks. But before Yuren returned to China, the FBI still arranged for him to get to know the CIA agent Collins. In several subsequent meetings, Collins persuaded him to continue working for the CIA after returning to the Soviet Union, but Yuren only agreed to occasionally send a safety signal to the CIA, such as marking with chalk at an agreed place, and resolutely People who do not meet with the CIA in the Soviet Union, nor do they use secret voting to communicate.
  In 1982, Yuren stepped down and returned to work in the foreign intelligence agency at the Moscow KGB headquarters. The KGB’s suspicion of him has not been eliminated, but because it has not caught the true evidence of his betrayal, it has not taken any action against him.
  In the spring of 1985, Aldrich Ames, who was in charge of counterintelligence work against the Soviet Union and Eastern European countries in the CIA, voluntarily surrendered to the KGB, confessing the fact that Uren was the “mole” that the Americans had planted in the KGB. This led to Yuren’s arrest in 1986. After careful analysis and follow-up investigation, the counterintelligence department found enough evidence to initiate criminal proceedings against Youren, and finally sentenced him to 15 years in prison. But this guy is quite lucky. In February 1992, the then-Russian President Yeltsin issued an order to pardon 10 national traitors who were sentenced to different imprisonments in different periods for “treason” under Article 64 of the Criminal Law, including Yuren.