A flying man from the future?

Fly on the platform!

  According to a British newspaper “Daily Mirror” on August 8, 1968, a man named Whitelade revealed that his mother had seen her life unforgettable scene in 1916. At that time she lived in Sackfoma. One day she came upstairs and through a window about 9 meters above the ground, she saw 8 to 12 people appearing in the air outside the window. These people were standing on a round platform with railings on the platform. All of them supported Standing by the railing, they formed a circle. They were all dressed in blue uniforms and round hats. They looked like a team of navy. This platform aircraft was flying at an altitude of eight or nine meters, but no sound was heard. Just as the aircraft was getting closer and closer to her and was about to fly over her house, suddenly the aircraft made a 90-degree right-angle turn in the air and flew towards the thatched shed near the railway hotel, lifting the roof of the shed. The flying speed of the platform is the speed at which a person runs up. At noon in the sky, there were no pedestrians on the street. I wonder if anyone else saw this sight.
  On October 18, 1955, a floating platform was seen again in the UK. At that time, a priest named Xley was traveling on a train. The train was bound for London. When the train stopped at West Hampstead Viaduct When he got down, Xli saw a gray platform the size of a minibus appearing at an altitude of more than 30 meters, flying very quietly, at a speed of 10 meters per second, and there were about 20 soldiers who looked like soldiers. Wearing a helmet and a yellow-brown uniform, the platform flew within his line of sight for three or four minutes.
Who made the platform?

  Regarding the flying platform in 1916, interested researchers wonder if it was a platform hung by the German airship at that time? However, according to detailed information, the platform under the German airship is very small and can only accommodate one person to hide inside, and the platform under the airship will sway back and forth, and I dare not be so close to the ground, otherwise it will be easy to touch On the building, causing casualties. In addition, the engine of the German airship was very loud, which was inconsistent with the situation at the time. Besides, humans have not yet manufactured an aircraft that can turn at a 90-degree right angle in flight, but has only heard of it in UFO experience. This makes people feel that the flying platform is very mysterious.
  Humans tried to build flying platforms in the 1950s and 1960s. The most famous is the Hiller VZ-1 platform of the United States, which was manufactured in 1954. The platform has a diameter of 2.5 meters and can only carry a person to a height of 10 meters. The fastest speed is about 7 meters per second, using two jet engines as power. In the 1970s, someone invented a similar one-person flying platform, which used 4 jet engines and could fly 16 kilometers in 15 minutes, but only 15 minutes at a time. Because it was not very useful, it could only be sold later.
  Although some people have made this kind of flying platform later, they can only carry one person and are of little use. They can only be used as a tool for air sightseeing or air play. Such a single-person flying platform cannot explain the above two examples of floating platforms carrying multiple people.
Fly directly in the air!

  In addition to the people flying on the platform, there are many people who have seen people flying directly in the air!
  For example, on April 9, 1948, in Washington, U.S., Viola Johnson, a laundry worker, heard the sound of an engine above his head. When he looked up, three people were flying around the city at an altitude of about 75 meters. The speed is about the same as that of a truck. Although they can’t see any engine, they can hear the sound of the engine. They kept turning their heads wearing helmets, looking around.
  There are also more recent stories. For example, in March 2000, Salvador Gurrillo, a famous U-FO observer in Mexico, observed a rare phenomenon. At that time he suddenly saw something black in the sky. When he pointed the camera at it, in the observation window of the camera, he clearly saw a black person standing in the air, slowly rotating with one leg as the axis. , He seems to be able to float freely in the air. Seeing this sight, Gu Ruiluo was shocked. The man hung motionless in the air for several minutes, then moved and disappeared behind the building.
  After that, more and more people in the sky were observed. On October 1, 2000, the newspaper La Prensa in Mexico City reported what a Californian Airlines pilot saw. When the plane landed in Mexico City, he and the co-pilot both saw a person standing at a certain height in the air. He is carrying a kind of backpack, but he can park freely in the air, as if the gravity of the earth does not work on him. The Mexican trapeze reappeared on June 17, 2005. A man named Haoraku Lokote and his sister saw a dark and tall man floating in the air, taller than the surrounding buildings. , His waist was wrapped in a luminous machine glowing red.
Humans wanted to fly with rockets on their backs

  These reports are shocking, but puzzling. However, from these stories, we can analyze that these trapeze people generally seem to carry an engine on their back.
  The idea of ​​flying directly into the air with the engine behind the human body really appeared long ago. This attempt began in Germany during World War II. Later in the 1960s, people conducted special research and the best results were obtained at that time. It is called a strap rocket, but unfortunately, a person with a strap rocket can only stay in the air for at most 40 seconds, and it is very dangerous. In other words, the idea of ​​strap rockets for human flight has gradually proved a bit unrealistic. Until now, researchers have not developed a strap-on rocket that can be used by humans to fly directly in the air.
  So where do these people who fly behind the engine come from? Who built the engine that allowed them to fly freely on their backs?
Fly like a bird!

  According to reports, in 2002, the US Department of Security invested millions of dollars to develop a close-fitting aircraft that allows people to stand in the air. This aircraft is maintained in the air by flapping two horizontal wings. During the test, the machine malfunctioned and the pilot was almost injured. However, the recently designed 1.8-meter single-person flying wing has allowed people to fly across the English Channel. Putting on this aircraft, it feels like a bird flying in the air.
  However, a few decades ago, someone saw this kind of “birdman” with big wings and able to fly freely in the air!
  For example, the Soviet writer Asenyev recounted a strange event that happened in the mountains near Vladivostok on July 11, 1908: “It had just rained, the temperature was very low, and there was a layer of mist. Suddenly my dog ​​barked into the sky as if there was Something swept across the bushes, stopped not far away, stood there quietly, we looked at each other for a few minutes… It was a person, all black, and finally I couldn’t bear it, bending over to pick it up The stone was thrown at the man. With only a few flapping of wings, the man rose from the mist, flew across the river, and went away. I was frightened, and my dog ​​was frightened. Dinner time , I told the people nearby about the adventure, and they all said they had seen such a flying man.”
  One night in 1952, an American soldier named Sinclair Taylor was on duty in Kyoto, Japan. Suddenly heard the sound of flapping wings, looked up and found a huge bird flying in the night. When the big bird flew close, Taylor was frightened. It turned out to be a winged man hovering in the air, his eyes still staring at Taylor. When Taylor told the story to the officer, the officer said he believed it, because another soldier told him a similar story a year ago.
  If these “bird people” stories happened now, people would definitely think they were people wearing flying wings, and they would not be shocked. But decades ago, or even a hundred years ago, who made flying wings?
  If these phenomena are true, how should we understand them? Could humans have really developed practical flying platforms, single-person flying engines, and flying wings long ago, but are they keeping secrets? Some people also think that these aircraft will be very popular in the future. Maybe people in the future will travel through time and space due to some reason when they fly, and come to the present or the past? It is said that many planes have traveled back in time due to time and space when flying. Of course, some claims are not credible, and we hope that scientists will develop them as soon as possible, so that we can use this kind of aircraft in the near future.