A bad mood is actually not enough wisdom

Judging from the repeated letters, your mood seems to be very restless recently. Worry is a kind of twilight, a kind of sickness, you are still a young man of eighteen or nineteen years old, so depressed and depressed, I really worry about you.

Most people like to talk about Xuan. When you talk about troubles, he drags out “world-weary and pessimistic philosophy” from the “philosophical dictionary” to describe your illness. I don’t know how you feel?

I myself seem to have tasted troubles before. I just feel that there is no way to worry. Not only people do not know it, but I am also inexplicable. Where is the so-called philosophy and outlook on life!

I have also learned some lessons from philosophers: in peace of mind, I admire the philosophers under the Greek gallery, believe that life should be converted to nature, and there should be anger and greed in life; I admire Tolstoy, and believe that the beauty of life lies in love and ; I admire Browning and believe that there is ugliness in the world to have beauty. Incompleteness is true perfection; however, when the external feelings occasionally come, the heart surges, and the great philosophy cannot resist. This is certainly due to lack of self-cultivation, but how many of the young people’s self-cultivation has reached the point of “indifferent”?

In the past, elders often used the principle of “should or not” to tell me. They said that a young man like me should be lively, shouldn’t be depressed, should work hard to learn, and shouldn’t take his sorrows and joys in mind. Thank you, please keep this “should” prescription, there will be more troublesome people in the future!

Friends, we are just slaves of nature. To conquer nature, we have to obey it. If you violate nature, troubles can take advantage of the emptiness. To get rid of your boredom, you must also give your natural impulses a chance to vent.

This fact can be seen in buzzwords. We say “comfort” when we feel happy, and “depression” when we feel unhappy. These two words can be used as adjectives or verbs. When used as adjectives, they describe the state of quickness or unhappiness; when used as verbs, we can say that they explain the reasons for quickness or unhappiness. You feel annoyed because your vitality is depressed; if you want to be happy, you must make your vitality smooth and vent. The buzzwords also contain the word “xianxue”. Most idlers are prone to worry because they are uncomfortable because of the static state of life in their leisure time.

Young people are more worried than old people, because young people are more vigorous. Children’s vitality is also very strong, but they don’t know about sorrow, because they play games all the time, so their vitality will not be depressed. Occasionally, the child is not very happy, so he bursts into tears, and disappears after crying. Adults have to be polite when they are upset, how can you cry? Huanglian is suffering in my heart, so I feel more and more bitter.

Goethe wanted to commit suicide when he was broken in love when he was young. Fortunately, his literary maneuver has become more mobile. He immersed himself in writing “The Troubles of Young Werther” for two weeks. The book was completed, his anger was vented, and his thoughts of suicide were dispelled.

When you are worried, you don’t have to write a book. You can read a few lamentations, listen to a tragedy, and drench your sorrows with wine. In short, sorrow is born in depression, and the method of relieving sorrow is venting; because depression is still, the method of seeking vent is moving.

Human nature is complex, but humans are animals, and their basic nature is nothing more than moving. We can find infinite pleasure in the middle of movement. I can prove this truth with two small things: I used to live at home, and my study was always happy to clean it myself. Whenever you see the messy books and dusty ground, you go and sweep it yourself, and the muddy world in a moment becomes a clear window. At this time, sitting leisurely, swimming with eyes and arms, it is unspeakable joy. For example, you yourself like to play tennis. When you play hard, do you still remember the so-called troubles in the world?

You probably remember the story of Tao Kan from the Jin Dynasty. He was always dismissed from office and lived for leisure, so he couldn’t find anything to do, so he moved bricks. In the morning, one hundred bricks are moved from the fast to the outside, and in the evening, one hundred bricks are moved from the outside to the fast. When people asked why, he said: “Our side is committed to the Central Plains, and I am afraid that we will be overwhelmed.” He also said to others: “Sage Dayu cherishes every inch of yin. As for everyone, we should cherish the division of yin.” Xiyin, why have to move bricks, but his old gentleman is still very strong, and he uses this thing to do more activities to avoid depression and boredom.

Friends, the sadness is the hardest! Sorrows come and go, life is still such a life, and the world is still such a world. If you think of yourself as great, you should treat your worries with “disdain”.

If you think of yourself as insignificant, you should treat your troubles as “not worth it”; I advise you to play more tennis, more piano, plant more flowers, and move more bricks and tiles. If you don’t like these things, just talk and laugh, run and jump, it is also good.

I wish you here: Talk and laugh, run and jump!