“6 Fun” to make life in old age healthier

  After the elderly have retired from their jobs, how can they make their later life meaningful, and how can they maintain a healthy and long life? In fact, it’s very simple. The key is to have a good mental state and have “six fun”.
  A well-interested mentality is the foundation of health, to be energetic, cheerful, and let the flow go. In addition, you should integrate your waste heat and interests into a stable and harmonious family and social life.
  Fun Get along with the people around you in the big social family, you will find more joy in life. Many old people like piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, make new friends, participate in sports; grow flowers, raise birds, fish and collect; share family happiness with grandchildren and children; get along with their wives, communicate often, and hum and sing old tunes in their leisure time. With this kind of fun, life is more fulfilling.
  Childlike people should maintain their childishness and curiosity when they are old. It is a healthy temperament to be as carefree as a child in his later years.
  Aspirations In ancient and modern times, at home and abroad, many elderly people realized their youth dreams in their later years, and they can be described as “late bloomers”. This kind of ambition, ideals, and pursuits give full play to their wisdom and strength, and the diligence of brain, hands, and idleness are important factors for health and longevity.
  Humorous humor is a unique art and a “worry-relieving agent” in life. When you encounter troubles or embarrassments, learn to be humorous and funny, balance your mind, and laugh. Such a state of open mouth can help you keep fit and feel comfortable.
  Qiaoqu means getting old. Some people mistakenly think that beauty and grooming are young people’s business. When people are old, they only need to eat and wear warmth. In fact, the elderly pursue beauty and pay attention to beauty, which is beneficial to physical and mental health. Because proper dressing and dressing can bring vitality to the life of the elderly, which creates a sense of self: I am not old, I am still young. This mood is more conducive to health and longevity.