21 degrees north of the equator

 ”This is a magical country. Its heat, its green fields, the deep green sea, the hustle and bustle of the market, the women with bright eyes and tough smiles.”

  The longing for Vietnam stems from the movies and books I saw when I was young. After the teenage girl watched the movie “Lover” for the first time, she can never forget the picture of the heroine lying lazily and charmingly on the railing of the port in every hot tropical afternoon. At the same time, the mysterious Southeast Asian country full of tropical customs and historical favors was also embedded in the girl’s longing for the distance.
The first day

  Sitting in a bus driving from Nanning to Hanoi, your mind puts the memories of the past upside down like a movie. The book bought in the middle school era, the author is your favorite female writer at that time, she once used “to remember this city of the previous life with her life” to describe this place. Two hours later, you will arrive at the friendship gate, exit here, and then enter. Strangely, when looking at the Chinese soldiers wearing military uniforms and holding weapons at the border, they were a little nervous, and they could not find their ID cards. But when they checked their documents and talked with you on a routine basis, you only found out that they were childish faces of similar ages. When the young soldier smiles, he shows neat teeth, and his smile is beautiful and makes people feel very at ease.
  In the afternoon, the train entered Vietnam.
  ”Hanoi, the capital of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the second largest city in Vietnam, is located in the Red River Delta in northern Vietnam.” This is the information you found on the Internet. If you have not read this information, you will feel that this is just a small coastal town in China.
  Looking out of the car window, Xu Shi happened to catch up with the rush hour, and the vigorous motorcycle army came into view. Vietnamese people love to ride motorcycles, and the scene of motorcycles roaring past is already one of the unique scenery of this country.
  In the evening, you and your companion dragged boxes to walk aimlessly beside Hoan Kiem Lake. Every time you walk, you will meet European and American teenagers sitting on the street playing guitar and singing on the street, and Southeast Asian faces who have walked slowly after dinner, all of which made you anxious and gradually calm down.
The second day

  In the early morning of the next day, when I woke up, there was a murky drizzle outside the window. You stood on the hotel ’s small balcony overlooking the bottom, and the Europeans and Americans chatting in the cafe corridor, wearing raincoats and riding the motorcycle in the rain very skillfully The local guy in the car, with a clear contrast between busy and leisure, can’t help but make people a little more curious about this all-encompassing city.
  Hanoi Cathedral is very close to the residence and can be reached within a 10-minute walk. This is a church built like the Notre Dame de Paris, and the oldest church in the city. In this small town in Southeast Asia, its French style is more elegant.
  There are not many tourists coming here. Most of the people passing by here are pedestrians. Only a few tourists take pictures here. This is easy for you to relax a lot. In the past, many of the attractions you have visited were mostly crowded with people, and everyone scrambled to take pictures. Sometimes people even need to wait in line to take pictures, wait more than ten minutes, hurriedly take a so-called commemorative photo under the watch of a stranger, and hurried away.
  However, real travel is not like that. Real travel is seen with eyes, listened with ears, and felt with heart. The more you reach a certain age, the more you understand that there are many hearty scenery that cannot be shared with text or photos. You can only stand there quietly at that moment, remember that moment, and then remember when you remember The picture of the experience is enough.
  Thirty-six rows are narrower than expected. In the afternoon, they and their companions wandered from one street after another to see no difference. Most of the stores were so small that the goods were covered with sidewalks. There are a lot of things to sell, shoes, clothes, daily department stores, everything, like the streets of China in the 1980s. I often meet girls who walk on the streets with their big bags alone. Their eyes are firm, their paces are strong, and their independent and confident appearance is not only beautiful but also beautiful.
  The tropical monsoon climate in summer is erratic, with the sun shining brightly in the last second and heavy rain falling in the next second. You sit in a chair in front of a small restaurant and watch the traffic on the street endlessly, while talking about such unrelenting heavy rain without notice, you have to stay here waiting for the rain to stop, but you did not expect the heavy rain to let this The city has a special flavor.
  In the evening, you and your companions go to watch the puppet show, which is the cultural essence of this country, and the audience who come to enjoy it is endless. The puppet show is a traditional folk stage play with the most distinctive characteristics in Vietnam. The unique feature is that the performance is performed on the water throughout. The puppets are beautiful on the water and the style is very rich, but the applause is the moment when all the actors who manipulate the puppets in the water come out to call the curtain. Every industry has its hardships and difficulties, so it should have applause.
  Today when I recall the water puppet show, more of the pictures in my mind are a pair of father and daughter from European and American countries. They are sitting right in front of you. The little girl of four or five years old was probably not interested in such a show. She lost patience several times. She sat on her father’s lap and seemed very impatient. Xu was to appease her, and the man who seemed serious at first whispered something softly into his daughter’s ear. The picture of them kissing each other’s cheek reminds me of Jay and Claire in the American drama “Modern Family”, and maybe the father looks like a master. I can’t help but think that Claire will be like this little girl many years ago Be cute to Jay.
The third day

  You slept on the last day, and when you got up, you were already in the sun. After checking out, you went to the supermarket to buy a lot of coffee as a specialty, then walked to sit next to Hoan Kiem Lake and waited for the right time to go to the train station.
  You know, you will remember Hanoi like this. The tropical monsoon climate is annoying and full of rain, with deep impressions that cannot be erased during the French colonial period, tourists from all over the world with different faces, young Southeast Asian girls who are stunned before massage, endless motorcycles, and evening streets Hair salon, wearing slippers to go to the convenience store to buy yogurt in the summer evening.
  When the train from Hanoi, Vietnam, to Nanning, China started, you opened the curtains to look out, trying to take a picture of this strange city in your mind as the end, but the window was just dark and there were a few stars in the sky , Light and dark. You close your eyes and only hear the sound of the train booming.
  What you have to remember is such Hanoi, what you have to miss is the sunlight that is short here but can be recalled repeatedly in a long time in the future.