Know yourself, happiness will be clear

  There is a girl in the neighbor’s house, who is slim and very beautiful. When she was in high school, she went to an art class outside the school to learn painting. Once chatting with her mother at the door, talking about her daughter learning to paint, I asked her mother: “Would learning to paint be more helpful for your daughter’s future?”
  Her mother told me: ” I don’t know if there is a future, but my daughter likes it, and she has a plan for her future. She said she wants to be a painter, but it doesn’t matter if she can’t be a painter, then she will do design related to painting and so on Otherwise, I will open training classes to teach children to draw, and in short, I can always find a way that is related to her interests.”
  After hearing these words, I couldn’t help applauding this girl secretly. The girl has ideals, but she is not blind. She plans her life so that it can be advanced or retreated. She is really a beautiful and intelligent girl.
  Later, the girl was admitted to the provincial Academy of Fine Arts, and later I heard that she was doing comic-related work in the Pearl River Delta. It’s just that she is not a painter yet, but she is gradually moving closer to the direction of a painter. Every step of her life is clearly stepping on the rhythm she wants, which is really a kind of happiness.
  I have a friend, A Jun, who is a civil servant in a government agency. His wife is an elementary school teacher. The combined salary of the two is about 10,000 yuan per month. In our county, the income is considered acceptable. Ajun used to live with his parents, but recently bought a house by himself, with a price of more than 400,000 yuan, a parking space of 100,000 yuan, and a 20-year mortgage. Why is the price of the house so cheap, because the area is only more than 90 square meters, a small apartment with 3 bedrooms and 1 living room. In recent years, A Jun’s colleagues and some friends with the same conditions have bought houses of about 150 square meters, and some even bought duplexes or even villas, with a total price of more than 1 million.
  When chatting together, I asked Ah Jun why he chose a small apartment. A Jun sipped tea and said to us calmly: “The small apartment size matches my identity. I don’t need to borrow money for the down payment, and the repayment pressure is also small. It is less than 2,000 yuan per month. I will It’s very easy. If I choose a large apartment with millions of dollars, I will not only use my parents’ capital, but also borrow money from other relatives and friends, and the monthly repayment amount will also increase exponentially, so I will be under pressure Shanda will not only affect the lives of parents, but also create a relaxed and happy atmosphere for children. If the economy is tight, it will be impossible to travel during the annual holidays, and the quality of life will be greatly reduced. Buying a house is for living and living. Just enough to live in.”
  I agree with Ah Jun’s words, the house is for living, not for showing off and vanity. If you sacrifice the normal life of parents and children for the sake of decency, it is not worth the candle. In order to buy a high-end house, many people not only give everything they have, but also reach out to their parents. Some parents with poor financial conditions have to work hard in their later years in order to help their children repay their loans.
  Many people feel that housing prices are getting more and more expensive now, and they cannot afford it. In fact, one reason is that someone has overpriced the house, and the other reason is that we overestimate ourselves and set our sights on houses beyond our ability. As long as we lower our requirements a little bit, recognize ourselves, and match well, we will always find our own warm house.
  With a clear self-positioning, life will not be confused, can be happy, and can climb to the highest level that one can reach.