Find a step down by yourself

   Most people, when they are “stacked” by things, can’t find a step to let themselves go down.
   Sometimes, the steps may be given by others, but many times, the steps must be found by yourself. Therefore, learn to turn by yourself and give yourself a reason to get out.
   Once, Teacher Xiaoye was giving a lecture and found a student in the last row talking, so he reminded him a few words. Unexpectedly, the student grabbed a book and threw it directly at the podium from the back row. Teacher Xiaoye flashed away, and the book fell on the podium. The students stared wide-eyed, and there were a few troublemakers making noises, wanting to watch the excitement.
   Teacher Xiaoye bent down to pick up the book, smiled, and said: “You, you haven’t thrown it far enough, and it’s not accurate enough. After class, let’s go to the playground and I will practice with you again.” The students roared loudly. Laughing, that student also blushed.
   If this matter is placed on me, I will never let it go. Either he leaves the classroom, or I leave the classroom, and no one can step down. As for Teacher Xiaoye, with a few simple words, not only gave himself a step up, but also gave that child a step up. This reminds me of Socrates. He was a Greek philosopher, and he was particularly good at this.
   Once, when he was discussing academic issues with his students, his wife rushed in angrily and cursed at him. After scolding, the wife felt that it was not enough to relieve her anger, so she went out and brought a basin of water, and poured it on Socrates. His students thought that the teacher was going to lose his temper this time, but Socrates laughed and said: “I know that after the thunder, there will be heavy rain.”
   This is the wisdom of Socrates. He gave his wife a step in time, and at the same time gave himself a step.
   Life is complicated and chaotic. If you don’t pay attention, you may be framed by yourself, others, or the environment. How tiring it would be if you stood there all the time, didn’t find a step to get down, and had a sullen face and puffed up all day long.
   When Tao Yuanming was framed by the officialdom, the countryside he turned back to may be a step; when Rousseau was framed by life, the Walden Pond where he lived may be a step…
   They are not retreaters, let alone cowards, they just changed their philosophy and posture.
   It is not easy for everyone to find a step to go down by themselves. This requires wisdom and more importantly, a mind.