Vending machines like Doraemon’s pocket

  In Japan, it is said that there is one vending machine for every 24 people, and the per capita share ranks first in the world. Japanese vending machines are like Doraemon’s pockets, they have almost everything you want. Moreover, with the development of technology and the improvement of service concepts, vending machines are becoming more and more intelligent, more convenient, and more considerate.
  Everyone is familiar with the shopping guide lady at the cosmetics counter in the mall. But if one day, the shopping guide becomes a vending machine with AI (artificial intelligence) technology, I wonder if people will be interested in trying it? This machine launched by a Japanese eye shadow manufacturer is said to be the first vending machine in the world that can automatically customize exclusive eye shadows for customers. After the customer stands in front of the machine and takes a photo, the machine will analyze its skin color and facial structure through AI recognition technology, calculate and give the most suitable eye shadow color number, and can also print the name of the customizer on the eye shadow box. This saves the trouble of trying on makeup and makes the buying process easier. No wonder people flocked to try this eyeshadow vending machine once it was launched.
  Even more amazing than this is the lovers vending machine. What? Lovers can buy it? In fact, the products in the vending machine for lovers are marriage advertisements, which contain various conditions of the parties. Those who are satisfied can buy the information by inserting coins, and then contact the marriage agency. This automatic purchase mode is very suitable for people who are a little shy and unwilling to reveal their true wishes and privacy to others. It is said that as soon as the sale started, all the “lover” information was sold out.
  Vending machines specializing in “expired” items removed from supermarket shelves are also popular. Japan’s food safety management is very strict. Once a supermarket violates the regulations, it will face huge fines, and if it loses the trust of consumers, it will be in danger of closing. But in Osaka, there is a vending machine that sells beverages that have exceeded the “taste appreciation” deadline, and they even openly sell products that have been removed from the supermarket. What’s going on? It turns out that Japanese food and beverage products have a “taste” expiration date and a consumption expiration date. The period of “taste appreciation” refers to the period of time when the food is the best and the drink is the best. If the period is exceeded, the taste of the food may be lost, but it is okay to eat it as soon as possible. This kind of food and beverages that have exceeded the “appreciation” deadline will be removed from the shelves in ordinary supermarkets, but in areas where the poor and homeless are more concentrated, this kind of food will be sold in vending machines at extremely low prices. Because the price is very cheap, there are many buyers.
  There are also free umbrella vending machines. In Japan, typhoons bring a lot of heavy rain in summer and autumn, and there is also a lot of rain in winter. It can be said that umbrellas are required all year round. Countless umbrellas are left on trams and public places every year. If these lost items are not claimed after a certain period of time at the lost and found office, they will be destroyed. Therefore, some organizations put these umbrellas into vending machines for those who need them to receive them for free to avoid waste.
  The types of goods in vending machines are also updated from time to time. When the new crown pneumonia epidemic first appeared, Japan had strict business hours regulations for restaurants and other places where people gather, and the turnover of the catering industry fell sharply. As a result, many merchants began to make a big fuss about vending machines. A small shop that made fruit cream pancakes tried to put their own handmade snacks into vending machines, but unexpectedly it became a hit immediately, and the turnover soared. In addition, most of the customers who came to the store in the past were female consumers. After putting the snacks into the vending machines, the number of male consumers who came to the store increased a lot.
  In addition to paying attention to the types of goods, the vending machine itself also hides various intimate small designs and small functions. In case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, some vending machines will be automatically unlocked, drinking water will be provided free of charge, and disaster information and evacuation information will be broadcast. In some areas where the number of residents is relatively small, there is also a public welfare vending machine. In addition to being able to speak dialects, this kind of vending machine will automatically provide an information broadcast every 30 minutes to remind customers to pay attention to strangers and suspicious people following them.
  In addition, when you get lost on the streets of Japan or have an emergency and you don’t know the exact location, you might as well find a vending machine with a specific location coordinate number on it. When calling the police for help, the police can accurately know you according to the number The location is now.