Hogwarts can’t live without you, Hagrid

  In the show “Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Back to Hogwarts”, which will be launched on HBO Max in early 2022, Hagrid’s actor Robbie Coltrane remembers the camera, the “Harry Potter” series Occupying a decade of his life, “Our descendants will show the movies to their children. It’s a pity that I won’t be there, but Hagrid will still be.”
  Coltraney said this with kind eyes , like Rubeus Hagrid himself.
  We first meet Hagrid in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001), when he delivers baby Harry safely to his aunt’s house at 4 Privet Drive on a giant motorcycle. Ten years later, he sent the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Witchcraft notification letter and a pink birthday cake to Harry, and said to Harry one of the most important words in the latter’s life: “You are a wizard.” Harry.”
  Hagrid was a half-giant, wearing an oversized moleskin coat, half his face was covered by a thick, tangled brown beard, and those black beetle-like eyes were always shining with kindness. He is not a pure-blood wizard, he was expelled during his studies, and has been living in Hogwarts as a hunting ground guard since then. He is crazy about small animals. He hid his wand in a pink long-handled umbrella, and pointed at the brick wall with the long-handled umbrella behind the Leaky Cauldron. The bricks automatically shifted to make way for the passage. That was the first time Harry saw to shiny magic objects.
  Hagrid is one of the most important characters in the “Harry Potter” universe. When all students get on the train at King’s Cross Station in London, the first person they meet after getting off the train must be Hagrid. Holding a kerosene lamp, he led the first graders to row boats across the huge black lake, and only then did the children truly enter the magical world.
  Hagrid is sometimes reckless, but he is always loyal, friendly, and upright. His cabin, his tea and chewy biscuits are a sanctuary for Harry and his friends.
  As a teenager, Anthony Robert MacMillan studied painting at the Glasgow School of Art, but realized his ideas could not be translated onto canvas as he had hoped. Encouraged by his drama teacher, he moved to London and entered acting, changing his name to Robbie Coltrane. Fitzling Coltrane, the smoking-drinking, gambling-gambling but overly-intelligent detective in the criminal mind drama Decryptor (1993), won a Bafta Award for Best Actor and landed him a role in 007: Chance in GoldenEye (1995). He has also acted in well-known films such as “Van Helsing” (2004) and “Ocean’s Twelve” (2004). His most beloved character, though, is Hagrid.
  In “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” (2010), Harry wanted to escape from Privet Drive under the siege of the dark magic world, but Hagrid’s dump motorcycle successfully took him away. Nineteen years after killing Voldemort, Harry’s children went to Hogwarts and still received an invitation from Hagrid to drink tea in his cottage on Friday afternoons. Hagrid and his hut always represent warmth and beauty.
  On October 14, 2022, actor Robbie Coltrane died in a hospital in Scotland at the age of 72.
  The co-actors of “Harry Potter” have posted their condolences. In their memories, Coltrane, like Hagrid, is warm, humorous and inspiring. Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, said that on set, Robbie couldn’t stop making them laugh as children. Tom Felton, who plays Malfoy, said, “Robby naturally cares about and cares about everyone around him, and naturally makes them laugh. He is a friendly giant on screen, and he is even more so in reality. .Love you, friend, and thank you for everything you do.”
  I remembered the end of “The Philosopher’s Stone”, Harry hugged Hagrid, and said, Hogwarts can’t live without you, Hagrid.