The Revolution of the Five Rings

  On July 27, 2012, the world will focus on London, the capital of the United Kingdom, to enjoy the grand opening of the 30th Olympic Games. At that time, about 10,500 athletes from more than 200 countries will compete and fight hard. There are 302 gold medals in 26 Olympic events, inspiring the surging aspirations of all athletes.
  The sprint superstar Bolt alone has already booked more than one million tickets for the Olympic men’s 100-meter final. Not to mention the charm of the entire Olympic Games, this two-week sports feast will detonate about 5 billion viewers around the world.
  Indeed, the Olympic Games can be called the largest and most popular event in the world. But in my opinion, the Olympics can only be called true perfection if some events can be eliminated and others reformed. What we need is a drastic revolution for the Five Rings.
  Why reform? One of the key reasons is because the Olympics are gradually evolving into a “television event”. Revenue from broadcasters and media sponsors is critical. The commercial operation of the media requires a large number of advertisement insertions, which means that sports events must be interrupted frequently. Therefore, Olympic events need to evolve to be shorter and faster.
  In addition, an increasing number of TV viewers around the world have no knowledge of the athletes or the sports themselves and are watching the Olympics for entertainment purposes only. In order to meet their needs, the reform of the Olympic Games is more necessary.
  Take 1992 as an example, when beach volleyball was introduced to the Olympic Games for the first time. It was a huge success that year. Tickets for the women’s finals soared to $700 a piece, which is incredible. You must know that only the finals of a few important projects that can be carried out at the main venue will be sold at such a high price. Although beach volleyball is not an important event, its players are all girls in bikinis, young and beautiful, and hot enough to attract countless attention. This reform tells us that the introduction of Olympic sports can also develop in terms of “aesthetics”.
  Take another example of cricket. Cricket made only one appearance at the 1900 Olympics and has since disappeared. The key reason is that the process of this sport is too tedious and uninteresting, and often results in no results after a few days. For the uninitiated, watching a cricket game can often be confusing, as boring as sitting in front of a wall and waiting for the paint to dry.
  But watch out, cricket is making a comeback! Plans are being made to put cricket back on the Olympic sports list as a whole new way of playing cricket has been born, keeping all the key elements and reducing a full cricket match to two and a half hours . The new play was so popular that even traditional diehards hailed it as taking cricket to a new level of sport. In the new gameplay, the rhythm is faster, the force is stronger, and the shot is higher and farther. Isn’t this more in line with the Olympic spirit of “faster, higher, stronger”?
  Then, let us carry out a five-ring revolution together!
  Might as well cancel the following items:
  Evaluate movement skills and appreciate the beauty of sports. If it is a gymnastics competition, it can still make sense, but what about equestrianism? Is it to look at the man’s horse riding skills, or the horse’s running and jumping ability? The so-called equestrian, but the nature of the competition with the dog for people’s entertainment, is nothing more than replacing the dog with a horse. Watching an athlete dressed in a gentleman’s attire and riding a steed is pleasing to the eye, but what does it have to do with sports competition? If equestrianism is possible, then let people lead the puppy and walk around the sports field, can’t they also participate in the Olympics?
  The so-called modern pentathlon includes five basic events: fencing, shooting, swimming, equestrian obstacle course and cross-country running. Let’s take a look at the history of the modern pentathlon: In the 19th century, a young French cavalry officer was ordered to fly a message. He stepped through the obstacles, crossed the enemy line, and encountered an enemy soldier wielding a sharp sword. The two duel with swords and the officer wins, but the mount under his crotch is shot by another enemy soldier. The officer shot dead the enemy soldier and continued to run forward on foot. After swimming across the rapids, the message was finally delivered to the destination. This is the origin of the legendary modern pentathlon. The modern pentathlon we are discussing was founded by Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympics, based on the legend of the French military officer. Therefore, the so-called pentathlon is essentially to exercise the comprehensive quality of cavalry. Given that it is no longer the 19th century, and there is no longer any cavalry army, there is no need to continue this project.
  The official name of classical wrestling in English is actually “Greco-Roman wrestling”, and the crux of the problem lies in the words “Greco-Roman”. Just like javelin throwing and discus throwing, wrestling is a classical sport 2,700 years ago, but even today, more than 50 countries still participate in Olympic wrestling. Stop it! Or return this “Greek-Roman” “classical” wrestling to the ancient Greco-Romans and let it live in history forever!
  Come on, this isn’t even a sports competition. The pretty girls wore heavy makeup, dazzling swimsuits, and always had charming smiles, all of which had nothing to do with the Olympics. If synchronized swimming can participate in the Olympics, then pole dancing can also be! In fact, pole dancing has already applied to participate in the Olympics, so stay tuned.
  Yes, football is indeed the most popular sport in the world, but unfortunately the football games in the Olympic Games do not have any ratings. First of all, it stands to reason that the athletes of the Olympic Games should be of the world’s first-class level, but football is not – a team with an average age of less than 23 years old, there are at most three old people who are approaching retirement age, young and old are galloping on the field. , the only thing missing is any international star.
  In addition, it stands to reason that Olympic medals should symbolize the highest level of sports competition, but football is an exception – for players, Olympic medals are often only placed in the corner, and the World Cup and numerous club leagues are the real heavyweights.
  Of course, if you are really reluctant to cancel football, there are ways to reform. Football should go the way of rugby. Rugby has been silent for many years, but it has been determined that it will return in 2016, but the format has been changed from the previous “fifteen” to “seven”, the number of players has been greatly reduced, and the game time has been shortened to 14 minutes. In this way, a season of games can be completed within two or three days, and the game itself is quite dramatic and the viewing experience is greatly increased.
  Football might as well try the same. A team has a maximum of five players, and the game lasts for up to 20 minutes. The venue is changed to indoors. Players find it urgent, fans find it exciting, and it can also reflect the Olympic spirit. Why not?
  Or try the initiative of FIFA President Blatter – adding beach football to the 2016 Olympics. Of course, what Mr. Blatter meant was “additional”, and the original green field game should still be retained. However, if there is really beach football, what traditional games are there to watch!
  Here’s what to reform
  Track cycling looks like it has everything the Olympics should be: speed, passion, and a contest of skill. But with all due respect, I really can’t stand the so-called “strategy” of the riders – trying to hide behind other riders for the first few laps and pretending to be slow as a turtle. When it comes to the sprint time, it will be galloping fast and desperately heading towards the finish line. It was originally a race about speed, but due to the tricks and tricks of the riders, most of the race time was extremely slow, which was really boring.
  Such an idea is simply absurd. If it’s all so “distressed”, does that mean that Bolt has to walk in the first 85 meters in the men’s 100-meter final? Does it mean that the swimming prince Phelps has to tread water for a while and then start swimming? No, they are the embodiment of speed from start to finish, and track cycling should be the same.
  Therefore, we need to set a time limit for track cycling, so as to avoid the riders spending time on so-called “strategies”. Only by imposing a time limit can track cycling, like sprinting and swimming, ignite the passion for speed.
  Boxing is one of the few Olympic sports that retains its traditional form. A boxing match is divided into four quarters, each of which is two minutes, and a match is often crisp and violent. Boxers wear boxing gloves to protect their heads from frequent pounding that can lead to long-term brain damage.
  The focus of our discussion is this glove. In my opinion, if you want boxers to fight more safely, it is better to take off the gloves. Although boxing without gloves is illegal in most countries, if you look at it from another angle, gloves are the culprit of injuries and accidents – wearing gloves, boxers dare to hit harder, punch after punch Relentless, the skull continued to vibrate, and head injury was inevitable.
  Once you take off your gloves and take off this layer of psychological protection, your hand will be much lighter. After all, if you hit too hard, your hands will hurt, right? Granted, gloveless boxing seems to be a symbol of barbarism, not in the spirit of the Olympics. But please think about it, without gloves, at most, the mouth will be beaten crookedly and the nose will be broken; but with gloves on, it will be the supreme head and the brain that condense life and wisdom.
  A serious middle-aged man, wearing a pair of glasses, aimed at a black and white target, motionless. Friends, are you bored? Why can’t we keep up with the times? See how the soldiers in the army did it! Run, follow enemy trails, cover yourself, and start a lively shootout! Of course, as an enemy, it’s fine to use a doll as a role. In this way, a unique shooting showdown will definitely attract viewership ratings to climb, isn’t it fun?
  Tennis in the Olympic Games, the embarrassing situation is quite similar to football. With four Grand Slams ahead, Olympic tennis seems to be looking dull.
  First of all, like football, tennis also needs to implement a reduction strategy. Three wins in five games can no longer satisfy people’s desire for speed. Why not change to two wins in three games, isn’t it more exciting? In this way, the competition is fierce, the battle is quick, and the audience can feast their eyes.
  Wait a minute, simply shortening the time is not enough. If players can be banned from screaming and yelling when serving, then Coubertin will be happy and laugh in the sky. Tennis is not a competition, and roaring has nothing to do with the game itself, it will only distract the opponent and disturb the audience.
  Also, the serve itself needs to be changed, and each person should be given only one chance to serve. Don’t even think about the concept of “make a new comeback”! In addition, the tee line should be receded to a considerable distance behind the baseline, so that there will be more continuous sparring, which will make the audience entertained.
  Take the following advice
  . Why not advocate for equality when it comes to equipment? This idea should permeate the cycling competition, permeate the shooting competition, permeate the canoe competition, permeate every aspect of the Olympic Games.
  Looking back at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, wearing the new “Spido LZR” swimsuit is equivalent to having a trump card. This swimsuit can effectively reduce the resistance of the water, allowing athletes and others to greatly increase their speed. Compared to other people in ordinary swimsuits, wearing a new swimsuit greatly increases the odds of winning. Therefore, this swimsuit was banned in international competitions, and the 2012 London Olympics was no exception. That being the case, why not all use the same gear?
  In fact, the principle is very simple: the Olympic Games is a competition for athletes, not a competition for designers. The real Olympics should give the poor and the rich equal opportunities, and everyone can display their skills in the arena. Then, let everyone shoot the same gun, ride the same car, row the same boat, and hit the same ball. Only in this way can the spirit of the Olympic Games truly shine, and the soul of competitive sports can truly last forever.