“Micro-era”: new forms of life and culture

  At present, the “micro-life” constructed by “micro” and “short” constitutes a key part of our online life, and the “micro-life” has changed the way we communicate, receive information and express our life.
  Ten years ago, Weibo entered people’s lives. At that time, people were still trying to use it. A few years later, Weibo has become an indispensable source of information for many people in life, and it has also become an indispensable source of information for many people to publish their own opinions and ideas. The most common platform for comments. Over the years, WeChat has changed the way we communicate. If Weibo is a platform for us to understand information, then WeChat is a must for people to socialize and communicate in life. In recent years, the development of short videos has formed a new climax. The rise of a series of short video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou marks that short video culture has become an important and indispensable part of our micro-life. Short videos already have an extremely diffuse nature and are now rapidly gaining huge influence. It can be said that at present, the “micro-life” constructed by “micro” and “short” constitutes a key part of our online life.
  ”Micro-life” firstly changes the way we communicate, receive information, and present our lives. It has changed our living habits, and we are more dependent on the Internet and mobile Internet. The second is to provide key traces for the future development of society through “big data”. The interests, concerns and habits of people left here will become the most critical information resources in social life.
  The emergence of “micro era” not only changes the society, but also profoundly changes the culture and way of life. “Micro” has two forms: one is the new compression of space, “micro” is a possibility to return to the inner nature of the self. It transforms the large external space into a small space for self-feeling, and pays more attention to the inner feelings, emotions and psychology of individual life. It turns space into an externalization of psychological space. The space here is no longer an expression of China’s relationship with the world, but a self-rediscovery in “micro-space”. Second, “micro” is an internal time rediscovery and redisplay in the time domain. After the miniaturization of space, time has the possibility of spanning. Time has been released through microprocessing, and our lives have become more “instantaneous”.
  For young people, “micro” and “short” have gradually become a part of his life like a mobile phone number or an email address. It is both virtual and real, not only the new favorite of the virtual world, but also has many influences on the real world. It brings new sharing possibilities and imaginative public spaces.
  The new form of expression represented by short videos reflects the current new forms of life and culture. The appeal of this form of expression is that the key to the imagination of the present age lies in a certain new quality. The significance of this characteristic is that it breaks away from the limitations of specific history and focuses on the experience and feelings of individual life. The meaning of the individual is highlighted, and his fate, feelings, and lifestyle have become events to advance. The meaning of the individual in everyday life is reinforced, which opens up different possibilities for the imagination of the moment. All of these are due to the transcendence of “micro” to the grand narrative, and it is also a new response to the new pattern of society.