Security is a female pleasure

  After love happens, do we want to seek the kind of “two colliding” sexy, or “two two combined” sense of security?
  Rossi’s point of view is that if love is purely for a sense of security, it is better to go home and ask your parents for it. . Love means spring has come, there is a little panicky green on the branches, and some ducklings who are testing the water are hesitantly and excitedly swaying ripples…
  If there is no thrill, how can there be envy? There will be no sweetness, romance and sexy. The suspenders as thin as silk have an adventurous sexiness. If you feel sexy, then it’s dangerous.
  Sexy is risk. At a press conference, someone asked the supermodel host Li Ai: Is your sexy dress very dangerous? It’s about to fall off! She smiled and said: If you feel sexy, then it’s dangerous…Sexy index and risk factor It is directly proportional, the relationship between the two is well grasped, and the sexy can be more full and reasonable.
  There is an old news that in a holiday hotel in Beijing, Li Bingbing flashed in the hotel lobby. When she went to the elevator, she was stopped by the security guard. It turned out that she was mistaken for a call girl, and she was so anxious to call a friend who was staying in a certain room. Help… Seeing this, I can’t help but smile knowingly. I really want to congratulate Li Bingbing. She used to give people a positive and aggressive feeling, but now she can finally be mistaken for “Miss” by the well-informed security guard of a five-star hotel. , it can be seen that her sexy degree is vigorously progressing and brilliance, she is getting more and more tasteful, this is obvious to all, and this is what she lacked the most in the past, she was once upright and serious, and lacked the necessary demon gas. Demon Qi is dangerous, but it is a sexy prescription.
  Even Song Zuying, who has an official halo, has begun to set foot in the sexy line. It must be admitted that her once modesty is the safest and safest; however, it can easily become rigid and rigid, and not enough style. Not long ago, the most sexy set of photos since her entry into Taoism was exposed for the first time, and the world was amazed. People of all ethnic groups in the country were stunned at first, and then they were delighted and clapped their hands. It is risky, and it is easy for people to criticize and judge, but if the exposure is just right, the people can accept it. In the beginning, Song Zuying appeared at the “National Security Winning Championship” celebration cocktail party, wearing a low-cut evening dress and shining brightly, but it can be seen that she was only “careful and sexy”, and the size range was limited; after the news came out, she saw that the people were rejoicing, so she became more courageous. Big, from a sexy experiment to a sexy practice, and continue with his sexy transformation.
  The old look is “the old no one wants”! Sexy is the cutest, most exciting, and most valuable change. Sexy is a liberation, an investment, and requires a certain amount of courage and adventurous spirit.
  Love British “female” true character
  Love is a need for risk awareness, but also requires the courage to take risks. How to reconcile the two requires practice.
  Gong Li attended the release ceremony of a certain brand of underwear as a spokesperson, wearing a lace sling, mysterious and noble, but there was a precarious sexy in her chest and eyes. Many people think that Gong Li is deliberately showing off coquettish, but it must be admitted that she has mastered the danger of being entrained because of her sexy, so she shows a very sexy style.
  A dancing girl in her 20s falls in love with a blind man in her 40s who is poor and only has one set of clothes left to change. When they were at their worst, they gradually fell in love with each other because they shared a cramped rented room. The good reason why the girl loves him: he will not rub her or “snatch” her under the pretext that he can’t see his eyes. Her trust in him turned into love and devotion.
  She said that her previous boyfriend was not only young, handsome, rich, and powerful, but also insecure. She once asked her ex-boyfriend on a moonlit night, “Who am I in your life?” He actually didn’t think twice. Said: “Passenger!” Later, the gentleman kept apologizing and explained that it was a slip of the tongue and a joke, but she no longer believed it, not even in love and men. So, she spent a week indulging herself in eating and drinking indiscriminately, and suddenly she turned from slender to fat. She felt that if she could meet a man who liked her and pursued her, she would be a man with a sense of security. . At this time, I met this blind man in his 40s. Not only did his words and deeds feel very safe, but he also felt “blind in both eyes, and there is no other man eating the bowl and looking at the pot”!
  It’s just that this is not good for safety . Will an overly paranoid pursuit cover up the original brilliance of love? Will it put the cart before
  the horse? Girls in love should be careful and brave. A lot of happiness and sexiness are obtained because of bravery. As the song sings: “Be a brave girl”, use the cloud as an umbrella, even if it rains, it is very exquisite.
   Please take care of girls’ performance of “suspected sense of security” in love.
  Women do need a sense of security more than men in their relationships and in life. She will keep asking you: “Do you love me?” Men feel bored, but she never tires of it, because in the question and answer, she can confirm the safety factor and satisfy a kind of “institutional pleasure” caused by repetition. Even, she will make trouble unreasonably and quarrel with you for no reason, for the last sense of security sought by men’s compromise, the safest is to attack and to feel victory.
  In a survey in economics, when asked whether ambiguous information will reduce their investment confidence and increase risk awareness, 92% of women answered in the affirmative, while only 69% of men. In short, women are more risk averse and more cautious about uncertainty than men.
  Yes, women are vigilant animals, so female agents tend to perform better than male intelligence officers because they are sharper and more vigilant, better able to grasp the details of the situation, and more self-protective. Therefore, when a woman acts tenderly and spoiled in front of her lover, she seeks a positive sense of security; if she is domineering and arrogant, in fact, she is also seeking a sense of security in disguise. All she wants is a kind of affirmation, support and forgiveness. sense of security.
  For a sense of security, women are often reluctant to marry a rich man and are willing to love a poor boy with all their heart, because they are afraid that the rich man will not pay attention to her and will get rid of her; also for a sense of security, a woman may also marry a rich man, And give up the poor boy who loves her. The sense of security is a psychological need, so it is more casual. Different people will have different security support when they are different; perhaps, when walking, it is the man’s right hand holding him; when kissing, see if he is. It’s not swallowing with relish; after the orgasm, is he still holding on tightly and reluctant to let go…
  Security is a need to be respected and pampered, such as warm physical contact, such as sweet talk, such as giving diamond rings, cars , house… The feeling of caring, the addition of material, these are the sense of security output from the perspective of men; there are also some very feminine and changeable sense of security seeking, which are often ignored or even misunderstood by men, such as women who like the truth, If you play too deeply, it will make her feel at a loss; for example, if a woman likes you romantically, but it is too romantic, it will also make her feel guilty… Also, why do women have a daughter’s heart no matter how old they are? The feeling of caring is the most beautiful sense of security, just like his warm breath on his forehead, which is hot and humid, and more secure; if it is on his chest, it will be itchy, which may be more comfortable, but it is easy to make people flustered. Insecure and too dreamy. Therefore, there is a small gesture of men that can make women feel safe: forehead kisses. The Olympic figure skating champions Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo have the best, riskiest and most beautiful moves: a man throws a woman high, and before each shot, the couple on ice always kisses on the forehead, so honest The introverted Zhao Hongbo knows that the forehead kiss can give his wife the most powerful sense of security. With a sense of security, women tend to be more calm and powerful than men.
  Women need a sense of security, and often it is not purely a need to show weakness, but a desire to be stronger.