Invisible Husband, Enemy of Happiness

  After two years of marriage, my husband and I separated, not because of bad relationship, but because of work, he went to the outer suburbs and could only come back one night a week, and I was alone at home the rest of the time. At the beginning, I enjoyed this single life very much. Gathering with friends, going to bars, and playing until dawn, no one “checked the post”. One of the most annoying things for many people in marriage is that every time they get together outside, it is less than ten nights. At this point, the phone will come frequently, just like interrogating a prisoner. Who are you with, is it a man or a woman? You must be honest. Otherwise, it will never end with you! Therefore, everyone envies me, a “pseudo-single” nobleman. I am also happy to enjoy this life. It’s just that my colleagues and friends have families and children, so it’s impossible to come out to party every night. Most of the time, I stay at home alone, watching TV, and I won’t go back to bed until midnight, and I still can’t sleep. Loneliness surrounds and devours me like the omnipresent air, and my youthful and plump body often wakes up at night with a secret and sticky longing. It turns out that the skin is also alive, and needs the infiltration of love and tenderness to emit a beautiful luster, and such luster cannot be applied by a mask. Love is a woman’s best cosmetic.
  Now, I am missing such a most expensive cosmetic. Because many times, I lie in bed alone, feeling like a fish without water, how can I have fun? I long for a man to approach me at zero distance at night. own me.
  This is the secret that I’m craving.
  Jiang Junqing appeared in my life at this time. In fact, we have known each other for a long time. He is my work partner. We are not in the same city. He is in Shanghai. I quickly got close to him because of a text message I sent by mistake. It was originally sent to my husband, but somehow I pressed the wrong key and sent it to him. Because there was no title, he misunderstood that it was sent to him. So, he replied quickly – Xiaojie, thank you for missing you, in fact, I have not been missed for many years, since the divorce at the age of 30, and now ten years, seeing your text messages, I really want to give it all Being missed by you once, how willing I am to take the initiative to think of you once, even if I am self-indulgent, ten years, there is no one I miss, I don’t know who I miss, human affection is so thin, human nature is so fragile, Xiaojie, you want me to think Are you? No matter whether you are beautiful or ugly, forty or thirty years old, I am willing to miss you and take care of you. Don’t look at me on the surface, I am a very happy person, but in fact, I am unhappy in my heart. Longing to love, longing to be loved. And love is a thing that is more fragile than glass, and sometimes it shatters for no reason. Xiaojie, are you as lonely as I am? I thought that in the world, I was the only one who was lonely and unhappy. It turns out that there are people in the world too, so Xiaojie, please give me a chance to miss you, please?
  Read over and over again N text messages from Jiang Junqing. Suddenly want to cry. Not sad, but happy. Although not the same disease, but also sympathize with each other, at least, I understand his loneliness, and his desire for ashes, no matter what, we are all eager to live, eager to live into love.
  I texted back to Jiang Junqing and said, I will miss you like you miss me. People who have been lonely for a long time understand the inner desire of each other best and the tormented body and desire every night. We comfort each other, tell each other’s troubles in life and career, and encourage each other in career. At this time, we became confidants again. Sometimes I would persuade him to marry a good woman. He would also ask me if he would divorce him? I shook my head. I won’t divorce him, but when I’m lonely, I do think of him, what he’s doing at the moment, is he also thinking of me?
  He said yes, I will not force you to divorce me, but you must think of me. In this way, when each night comes, his text messages will arrive as promised. Passionate love words, tender care… Love is deep, people are lonely, and only those who are deeply involved can experience the loneliness and extreme longing. Later, Jiang Junqing was no longer satisfied with text messages, but made a phone call. I, the tenderness that was invisible suddenly sounded in my ears, his voice was full of magnetism, low and soft, I could even feel his gentle breathing at the end of the microphone, his wriggling lips slowly approaching me The sound of rustling.
  At first, I was not used to it and felt shameless. I don’t want to betray my husband, and I’m not a woman who is crazy, but at that moment, when he said those blushing words to me, I didn’t refuse. No body can resist temptation. He knew that I wanted to Whatever, what I want is exactly what he wants. It only took a few days from the beginning of being unaccustomed to looking forward to it. At that moment, I was like a burning firebird, and he was poured with gasoline. Until one weekend, I was bored at home watching TV and the doorbell. rang. I opened the door, and there was a strange man standing in front of me, “May I ask who you are…” I looked suspiciously at the man who was not handsome, but neat and tidy. He was smiling politely at me. “Xiaojie…” A familiar voice sounded on the phone. I stared blankly at the young man in front of me. It turned out that this gentleman-like man was the one who spoke warmly to me on the phone. He is Jiang Junqing, who made a surprise attack. I looked slightly embarrassed. For those naked love words. I invited him into the house. My husband just left yesterday and won’t be back until a week later, so I don’t have to worry about “bringing wolves into the house”. He served tea and poured water politely, and the intimacy and ear heat on the phone suddenly disappeared. There is a feeling of a stranger with him. Until he appeared in front of my eyes, I didn’t know that I didn’t miss him, what I called missing was just my longing for warmth when I was alone. It’s not that I miss him, I miss his tenderness and his warm words of love.
  That he is the abstract he, another incarnation of my husband, or rather, a handsome young man I love. It’s the embodiment of my ideal man.
  At noon, I cook for him, he is the best partner, choose vegetables, wash vegetables, soon, with his help, I made four dishes and one soup. Shakespeare said that music is the best aphrodisiac, but in my opinion, who said wine is not the best aphrodisiac? A man who understands women.
  He smiled and asked me: “Do you still miss me?” I shook my head: “But I don’t hate you.” I told the truth.
  Taking advantage of the wine, he held my hand, I wanted to pull it away, but he held it so tightly that he couldn’t pull it away. I lowered my head and dared not look at him, my heart was beating fast. “Just for missing, you can reject me, but I don’t regret your rejection, because you have really missed it.” After a moment of hesitation, my hand never came back, I was lost In his love words like text messages, even more magnetic than him on the phone, soft like fog, wrapped around my ears, wet the skin, and itchy earlobes, which he kept in his mouth. At this moment, I am a dead tree and spring, or a flower that has just bloomed ushered in the first rain and dew in my life, and slowly opened its own petals.
  He has to go to work on Monday, so, on Sunday night, he has to leave, and at midnight, I take him to the station. He put his arms around me and kissed, kissed, and reluctantly gave up. The moment the train was about to start, I followed the train and ran with me, along with his words: “Baby, don’t forget to miss me.”
  Second In the evening, his phone call came early, and we reminisced about the peak happiness of these two days together. Because I couldn’t help falling into love, I didn’t find anyone who opened the door until my husband stood in front of me, and the phone dropped in my hand. down. I hurriedly picked it up and hung up. That panic, didn’t he catch any clues… “Who is it?” My husband asked me casually. I pretended to be a colleague. At this time, the phone rang again. When I heard it was Jiang Junqing, I quickly said that I made a mistake. , and hung up in a hurry. Unexpectedly, the call came again, this time it was my husband who answered, “Hello, where are you?” The other party hung up just after saying this. My heart hanging in my throat finally fell back to my heart.
  I seemed to be casual, but I blamed my husband for coming back suddenly, and I didn’t make a sound in advance. He said, “There happened to be a convenient car, so I made a temporary decision. You were lonely at home and came back. Don’t you miss me?” Worried, I burst into tears in his arms. He looked at me in surprise, and I said to him, I am lonely. Stay with me more, okay? I’m really afraid of losing you one day. Losing this home, he said, I’m not good enough for you? But you don’t know what’s on my mind? What do I want, what do I need. He said, what’s wrong with you tonight? Actually, nothing, just two men knocked over the bottle of five flavors in my heart.
  Marital love is inevitable. The unchangeable posture, the sentimental and emotional, although he has a good sense of strength, but after a long time, it will also make people feel boring and monotonous, especially after he has a skin-to-skin relationship with Jiang Junjie, it is difficult to arouse me with my husband. At that moment, when I closed my eyes, Jiang Junqing was all in my mind.
  As soon as my husband left in the morning, I texted Jiang Junqing. Last night, it really scared me to death, since then, we have an agreed code. The second time we met was three months later. After the lingering, Jiang Junqing suddenly asked me for a divorce and went to Shanghai with him. I was shocked. Although my husband and I didn’t fall in love, I never wanted to divorce him. Our little family is also happy. He hugged me and said, Xiaojie, I am serious, I am responsible for the happiness of your life.
  That time, my husband and I quarreled over a trivial matter, and we quarreled fiercely. Both of us were determined to get a divorce. I went to Shanghai in desperation, of course, to find Jiang Junqing. I didn’t get in touch with him beforehand, because I wanted to give him a surprise. Didn’t he want to give me happiness? If he could afford it, I would have to be confident. Before I raised my hand and knocked on Jiang Junqing’s door, I heard a woman’s screeching scolding from inside. From the woman’s intermittent scolding, I understood that it turned out that the two places were also separated, and Jiang Junqing’s wife discovered his Affair. She vowed to divorce him to the death, but Jiang Junqing was inseparable, and she refused to admit that he had an extramarital affair.
  I don’t know how I got out of his residence, but all night I wandered along the Huangpu River. The next day, I bought a return ticket. When I got home, I saw that my phone was full of my husband’s missed calls and unread text messages. It turned out that when I ran out of the house crying and vowed not to return home, he kept looking for me all over the world.
  Although the separation gave me endless loneliness and misses, but after experiencing this incident, I realized that for Jiang Junqing, I was only the object of his loneliness, if I hadn’t heard his wife’s scolding with my own ears , I have always naively believed that he never got married after his divorce. After seeing so many text messages about her husband’s worries, I realized that Jiang Junqing was just a temporary substitute for me. Or he is just an invisible husband of mine, if this continues, sooner or later, my happiness will be ruined.
  I am fortunate that I woke up very early, and I did not continue to fight with my husband. I called my husband that night and told him that I missed him very much. He said quietly on the phone: “Baby, I know you are lonely, let me give you a daughter and let her accompany us to our old age?” I laughed and burst into tears. OK, then hurry up. Then, I sent a text message to Jiang Junqing: Thank you for accompanying me through a lot of lonely time. Love needs sunlight, and without sunlight, love will grow moldy. I wish you and your wife a lifetime of love. goodbye.