Hercules’ Choice

  You have me, I have you, when a fool thinks, God will smile… So there are all kinds of strange things in the world. Some are warm, some are ridiculous, some are sweet, some are sad, some are pleasantly surprised, some are depressing… Please allow me to talk about all of this slowly, and please take your time to savor…
  The choice is each of us. Things that are inevitable at all times, beauty and ugliness, good and evil, right and wrong… Throughout the history of human beings, whether it is Hercules in ancient Greek and Roman mythology, or Shakespeare’s to To be or not to be, how to choose has always been a difficult problem for people. Since ancient times, sages and sages have been helping us to find the best answer and make the best choice in life. So what is the ultimate choice in life? It is actually very simple, that is, what kind of life should we choose? How to live the best life? Although the question is simple, where is the answer
  ? The 16th-century Italian Baroque painter Anibal Caracci painted an oil painting called “The Choice of Hercules”. In this oil painting, there are two goddesses beside Hercules. On his left is the goddess of virtue, who points out Hercules a very difficult and dangerous road in life, on which the road is full of thorns and dangers, and must go through hard work and struggle to get the final glory. On his right, there is the goddess of sin. She also pointed out a way of life to Hercules. This road can be said to be the golden road, without any difficulties and obstacles. Some are beautiful and delicious, singing and dancing are peaceful, however, this It’s a way of evil. Faced with two different paths in life, how should Hercules choose?
  Of course, the mythical Hercules chose the path of virtue. On this difficult life path, he defeated all kinds of demons and Difficulties, and finally won the glory of life for myself. However, ordinary us are not the Hercules in mythology after all. Do we have the courage to choose the same path? Even if we choose such a path of virtue, will we definitely get the final glory? Life Are there only two ways to choose? If virtue is not rewarded, and if sin cannot be punished, then why should we choose virtue? In real life, there must be good rewards for good and evil for evil. ?
  A theme that has been explored in many of Woody Allen’s films is that often in life, doing bad things doesn’t necessarily pay off, on the contrary, some people do bad things with no punishment and always get away with it. In his film “Match Point” a few years ago, he told a story about a frustrated tennis player who decided to try his luck in London. While teaching tennis at a club, he met a The son of a rich family, soon, he had a hot fight with the daughter of the family, and soon gained the trust of the family. He and the daughter of the daughter also began to talk about marriage matters. After getting married, his father-in-law found a high-ranking job for him in an investment company he opened. It stands to reason that his goal of getting rid of his own predicament in life has been achieved. But at this time, he met his brother-in-law’s girlfriend, an actress from the United States, and a spark of love developed between the two of them… However, things didn’t last long. The actress was pregnant, forcing the tennis player to make a choice, and he finally made a choice… His choice was carefully planned to kill the actress and a living room The old lady next door, even though the police listed him as a suspect and even imagined how he did the crime, but a homeless man picked up the old lady’s ring he threw away and became his scapegoat… He still lived Living a luxurious life is like the edge ball at the beginning of the film. No one knows whether this ball can cross the net. However, if such a ball does cross the net, it is a lucky ball. Is this tennis player really a lucky ball?
  Art comes from life, life is sometimes better than movies, and we often complain about why the bad guys always get away, why the law can’t punish them, and why the good guys always get caught Bullying, why is justice always difficult to achieve? If this is the case, then what is the point of being a good person and choosing virtue?
  Plato tells the story of the “ring of Gyges” in “Republic”, “It is said that Gyges was a shepherd who was serving under the ruler of Lydia at that time. One day when he While grazing, there was a sudden storm, followed by an earthquake, and a crack opened in the earth where he was herding sheep. Gugos was surprised, but walked down the crack with courage. In the crack he saw many novelties The most special thing is a hollow copper horse with a small window. He took a peek and found a corpse in it, with a gold ring on the finger of the corpse, and he took the gold ring After that, they left. These shepherds had a habit of meeting once a month and reporting the condition of the flock to the king. This time, Gugos wore the gold ring to attend the regular meeting. When he While sitting in a meeting with everyone, he happened to twist the gem of the ring towards his palm. This time, his companions couldn’t see him, and they talked about him as if he wasn’t there. He himself Inexplicably, he turned the gem out unintentionally, and others saw him again. After that, he kept experimenting, wanting to test whether the ring really had such magical power, and finally confirmed that the ring did have the magical power of making people invisible. With this certainty, he tried every means to become the king’s envoy. When he arrived at the king’s side, he seduced the queen, conspired with her, killed the king, and finally stole the throne.”
  If each of us had a ring of ancient Goss, wouldn’t we be just as lawless and free to do as we please? If so, Plato said that each of us would do injustice, because “if whoever has the power If he doesn’t do wrong, and doesn’t take money from people, then he will be regarded as the number one fool in the world, although people still praise him in front of him—people are always deceiving each other because they are afraid of losing money.” If there is no punishment for sin, with the assurance of the Ring of Gugos, then morality ceases to exist. Without morality, choice has no meaning. Not every one of us has a Googols ring, nor can we not face our choices.
  In Athens more than 2,000 years ago, Socrates kept asking everyone he talked to in the city: “How should one live?” This question has never been answered. For thousands of years, countless philosophers and Scholars have tried to answer this question from various angles, but no one can provide a perfect answer, neither do I have an answer, the answer can only be decided by each person. Today, we are still faced with the same choice as Hercules, whether to choose virtue or sin, and how should we spend our life?
  Some people may say, I never want to ask such a question, just follow my feelings, There is no question of choosing not to choose, it is actually a choice. Facing all kinds of temptations in life, facing justice and evil, modern Hercules, what is your choice? How should one live?