Change light bulbs at Columbia University

  ”How many students does it take to change a light bulb at Columbia University?” The
  answer was 76. Among them, 1 student changed the light bulb; 50 held a rally to fight for the right not to change the light bulb; the other 25 held a rally against the demand.
  This is a widely circulated joke in the United States. Behind the joke, the joke is the “too free” academic atmosphere of Columbia University. In the United States, Columbia University is known as the “hotbed of radicalism”. But in the eyes of Columbia University President Lee Bowlinger, this is no joke: “We have always advocated debate and free speech.”
  For Columbia University, located in downtown New York, its character is just like its location, prosperous , noisy, free, and even eclectic and bizarre. Bowlinger said without hesitation: “New York is the most exciting, dynamic and inclusive city in the world, with people from all over the world who are always open to new ideas, new things, and never satisfied. , This is the character of New York and also the character of Columbia University.” Living in a metropolis like New York, Columbia University students naturally “have the world in mind and care about everything”, they are very concerned about current affairs and dare to express their own opinions Insights, this joke illustrates this unique personality of Columbia University.
  On September 24, 2009, despite the opposition of the American political circles, Columbia University made an astonishing move of “risking the world” and invited the Iranian President – “the enemy of the United States” Ahmadi, who was attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York. · Ahmadinejad to the school to give a speech. Earlier, New York City Council Speaker Christina Quinn wrote to the president of Columbia University, asking the school to cancel the invitation to Ahmadinejad. Republican presidential candidate, Senator John McCain also issued a statement against Columbia University’s invitation to Ahmadinejad. .
  Columbia University is such a field of free and tolerant speech. In such an academic atmosphere of freedom and tolerance and advocating debate, Columbia University has cultivated countless world-class talents, including 3 US presidents and 39 Nobel Prize winners. Many Chinese who have made great achievements have also left their footsteps to study at Columbia University, such as Hu Shi, Wen Yiduo, Xu Zhimo, Li Zhengdao and so on.
  A tolerant university will never be lonely, and a university advocating freedom will never lack outstanding talents. It is worth mentioning that Columbia University admits some Chinese students every year. As long as your English level is good enough, you can directly apply for undergraduate or even graduate programs at Columbia University.
  ”Changing the light bulb at Columbia University” should be the choice that many people like.