Weird traffic penalties

  Going to kindergarten to “class”
  In the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil, as long as the driver fouls, he will be sent to the kindergarten to “go to school” and play with the children the game of driving children’s toy cars on virtual roads and fork roads. Reflect on your own faults in the accusation.
  Going to the hospital to be a “nurse”
  Some parts of the United States treat illegal drivers, which means that you can go to the hospital to be a “nurse” in the ward for a few days, specializing in caring for the victims of traffic accidents. Faced with a victim whose arms and legs are missing from a car hit all day, the driver will suddenly feel compassion and regret his illegal behavior.
  Going to the cinema to “go to the movies”
  Colombia’s punishment for drivers is “going to the movies”. Once drivers are driving illegally, they are politely invited into an in-house movie theater to watch a heart-pounding traffic accident documentary. In the face of the bloody scene brought about by the traffic accident, how can the driver not cause a shock to the soul.
  Go to the grave of
  the , the driver must buy flowers to the grave of the deceased to repent of his sins.
  In addition, during the 10-year disciplinary period, drivers must take one day a month to stand in front of the bar where they drink alcohol, hold a sign that reads “I am driving under the influence of alcohol, unfortunately hit a person”, and tell the passing drivers. : Do not drink and drive.
  Shaved Heads
  In Indonesia, drivers who break the law are fined on the spot, their licenses confiscated, and eventually their hair is mercilessly handed off, in order to make drivers fear “if you want to break the law, think about the black hair on your head” Feelings, will no longer dare to easily violate the rules.