The value created by “disability”

  Incomplete or wrong things are burdens and obstacles in the eyes of many people, and these things have lost their original value, integrity and beauty. Discarding or repairing them is the choice of most people, but if we change our way of thinking or look at them with a unique perspective, we may find different beauty and value.
rare watch

  Watches in the luxury world are a combination of precision and perfection. The price of a high-end watch is even more expensive than a house or a sports car. The craftsmanship of luxury watches is excellent, with strict control from the case to the movement. In order not to smash their own signs, major watch brands must strictly control the quality of their products. As a result, there are some “defective” products. In 2019, a high-end second-hand watch dealer released a film, and a Rolex Airmaster watch in the film caused quite a stir.
  The dial and case of this watch are in very good condition, with almost no traces of use and scars. However, after careful observation, it is found that the number “3” originally at 3 o’clock has become the number “9”, which has become the most important part of the series. The unique “Double 9 Time Scale Airmaster”, but there is no doubt that this is a genuine Rolex watch. Interestingly, the error of this watch was not discovered during the layers of assembly, inspection, and sale. However, the watch doubled in value because of this mistake. Professionals believe that such a mistake is rare in a brand like Rolex, and it is precisely because of this obvious error that a fake-looking genuine watch has increased the interest of collectors.

The “Hot Spot Dial” shows rich color changes because the original black of the dial has faded to slightly lighter colors such as brown, orange, and olive green, and is deeply loved by collectors.

The Rolex “Double 9-hour Airmaster” watch that doubled in value because of a mistake.
The “wrong version of Jordan’s basketball shoes” with “barbs” is scheduled to sell for 1 million yuan.

The “Balloon Girl” created by British artist Banksy, half of the painting was broken into pieces of paper and hung outside the frame after the auction. At the same time, it has a new name called “Love in the Trash Can”.

  There is a watch that is very famous in the second-hand watch collecting world, and this is the “tropical dial”, and whenever it appears in an auction, it will cause a lot of competition. “Tropical dial” means that the dial of the watch has faded from the original black to slightly lighter colors such as brown, orange, olive green, etc., showing rich color changes and unique beauty. Because the owner of the watch lives in the tropics, long-term wear of the watch causes the surface to fade due to strong sunlight, so it is called “tropical dial”. These watches are basically antique watches produced in the 20th century. In the 1990s, a group of collectors discovered such interesting changes, and watches with such changes are very rare, even if they are produced in the same batch of watches of the same model , and not necessarily all fading. After research, it was found that the reason for such fading is not simply due to hot weather and sunlight, but the use of a coating on the dial, which is not very stable and can easily cause the dial to change color. This also allows each watch to have its own unique value due to different discoloration conditions, and it is not uncommon for the current price to be more than ten times higher than the original price.
wrong version of sneakers

  It stands to reason that there will be no wrong version of the sneakers produced on the normal assembly line. For example, for a well-known brand such as Nike, there will be no wrong pair of shoes in the production of thousands of batches. However, no matter how elaborate mechanized production and strict quality inspection are, there will be mistakes and omissions due to various coincidences. In 2018, a sneaker store in Milan displayed the “wrong version of Jordan’s basketball shoes” in black and white. At first glance, there is nothing special about these shoes, but if you look closely at the trademark on the inside of your left foot, you will find that it should be The upward “Nike hook” trademark turned out to be downward. This is not a special design of the brand. All shoes of the same version have only this pair of “barbs”. Once the news was released, there was an endless stream of people asking for the price, and everyone wanted to own this pair of “defective products”. In the end, this pair of “wrong version of Jordan’s basketball shoes” is scheduled to sell for 1 million yuan. Perhaps, this mistake created not a pair of sneakers, but the word “out of print”.
ruined painting

  A painting that appeared at Sotheby’s auction in October 2018 was “Balloon Girl” by famous British graffiti artist Banksy, one of Banksy’s most famous works of art. The piece, which first appeared as street art on Great Eastern Street in London, shows a girl reaching out for a red heart-shaped balloon floating in the air. The works at the auction are spray-painted on paper by the author, with acrylic frames and taken out for auction. Although Banksy is a famous graffiti artist, no one knows his true identity or what he looks like. His graffiti works are often full of social satire, and he often goes to museums to hang his “spoof works” secretly next to the real ones. “Balloon Girl” appeared at auction to attract a large number of buyers, and after fierce competition, a woman finally bought it for 1.04 million pounds.

The “Balloon Girl” created by British artist Banksy, half of the painting was broken into pieces of paper and hung outside the frame after the auction. At the same time, it has a new name called “Love in the Trash Can”.

  At this moment, the painting suddenly moved, the painting in the frame slowly fell with the sound of the shredder, and half of the painting was shredded into strips of paper and hung outside the frame. The move shocked the art world. At the moment when the painting was destroyed, it had a new name called “Love in the Trash Can”. It turned out that all this was arranged by Banksy. He installed a paper shredder at the bottom of the picture frame. When the picture was taken, he pressed the button and let half of the picture roll through the shredder. . Many netizens believe that Sotheby’s knew about this in advance and helped the painters to complete this performance art together. After all, the paintings will be strictly inspected after they get to the auction house. It is difficult for the hidden shredder to escape their eyes. of. The buyer said: “I was shocked when I first saw my work being chopped up, but right away I realised that what I was photographing could be a page of art history.” The woman was wise not to give up the deal choice, because by 2021 the work that appears to have been destroyed will be put up for auction again, eventually fetching £18.5 million. The price of a half-destroyed painting is dozens of times higher than the original painting. It is difficult to say whether it was “destroyed” or not. Of course, some netizens think it is just a show of commercial hype.

Broken porcelain

  Different types of porcelain have different identification standards. The celadon white porcelain of the solid color series requires the gloss, reflectivity and uniformity of the glaze surface. To judge the texture of the porcelain through these levels, purity and flawlessness are the perfect standard. If the porcelain is mainly based on color, such as cloisonne and blue and white porcelain, the unique pattern design, uniform color, and perfect coloring have become the conditions for judging the quality of porcelain. However, there is a kind of porcelain that is famous for its cracking feeling. The ice patterns are mottled and interlaced all over the porcelain body. The enamel is thick, full, and crystal clear. “Golden wire and iron wire, iron mouth and purple feet” are its symbols, and that is Ge kiln porcelain. The so-called “gold wire and iron wire” is a natural cracking phenomenon on the glazed surface of the porcelain, which is like a dense mesh intertwined, and it is also like a broken ice surface. This is because the expansion coefficients of the porcelain embryo and the glaze layer are different, and the glaze layer has a large shrinkage rate during the cooling process, which leads to cracks on the porcelain glaze surface, and then artificially adds colorants to the cracks, forming “gold wire iron” line” phenomenon. The cracked Geyao porcelain has a kind of broken beauty, and the “beauty of sorrow” is vividly displayed on it.
  Regarding Geyao, there is also a beautiful legend of making a mistake and being blessed because of the “wrong”. According to legend, there was a craftsman named Zhang Cungen in the Southern Song Dynasty, who made a living by excellent porcelain making skills. Zhang Cungen has two sons, the elder brother is named Zhang Shengyi and the younger brother is named Zhang Shenger. The two brothers have been learning porcelain-making skills from their father since childhood. After the death of their father, the two brothers opened their own kiln factories. Although the brothers have their own characteristics in firing celadon, the elder brother is superior, and the “Zizu Tiekou” celadon fired is famous all over the world. This made the younger brother jealous, so he secretly mixed some clay into the older brother’s glaze jar. When the kiln was opened, my brother was dumbfounded—the surface of the porcelain was actually covered with fine cracks. However, the almost collapsed brother experienced the surprise of losing his horse. The glazed porcelain is more popular than the original celadon, and it has become a world-famous Ge kiln porcelain. An accident, caused a broken, achieved imperfect perfection.
glitch art

  Today there is a particular art form called “Glitch Art”. Among them, the word “Glitch” was produced with the development of digital technology, and was first used to describe the failures that occurred in digital products such as software, games, video, and audio. This is an instantaneous glitch caused by the interference of short-term pulse waves, which may cause image distortion, dislocation, deformation, discoloration, etc. Artists have discovered the imperfect art represented by this glitch, and some accidents and changes can instead be seen as a re-creation, a unique beauty. In the 1970s, glitch art became a distinct art category and developed unique artistic techniques. To put it simply, artists create a kind of “fault” that seems to be disturbed by artificial means, creating a kind of “fault beauty”. Spanish artist Maurizio Boncivani has created a series of oil paintings of “glitch art”. Half of the birds in the picture are in a realistic style, and the other half seems to be melted, and the colors “drip” downward. The entire painting looks as if the electronic photo has malfunctioned, causing the bird to deform. Italian artist Giacomo Camaniola is also a famous “glitch art”, his works have a distinct style, whether it is sculpture, electronic products or photography works, he made “glitch” with fine long lines , the image presents a sense of unreality, giving people a strange feeling close to collapse.

“Glitch Art” oil painting by Spanish artist Maurizio Boncivani.

A modern piece of “glitch art”.

  A bar in Ecuador that brings “glitch art” to life. The bar was formerly an old mansion in disrepair, which was renovated with as much damage and breakdown as possible. A lot of abstract and fragmented patterns are used in the design and decoration, and walking into the bar is like entering a glitched digital world. “Glitch art” has also been used in films, commercials and costume design, such as the Ghost in the Shell poster showing what appears to be a digital glitch. Douyin’s trademark also uses “glitch art”, using the method of separating red, green and blue, to render the icon with a feeling of red and blue color misalignment. “Glitch Art” is a product of new technology in the new era, which re-examines the definition of art. The unique form of expression makes the seemingly “faulty” picture show a new form of creation, and finds an alternative beauty in the “faulty” that we are afraid to avoid.
  There is no eternal perfection, only eternal flaws. The existence of flaws makes perfection meaningful, and the moment of breaking perfection may create more value. The incompleteness and demise of things are constant laws of development, and we don’t have to deliberately oppose them. Maybe we can discover new life in the process of adapting to the incompleteness and demise.