The beauty and sadness of Ukraine

  In people’s impression, Ukraine should be a beautiful and rich place: it has a large area of ​​black land, and it is called “the world’s three largest black land” along with Northeast China and Mississippi in the United States. “European Granary”; has a long history, there is a record about Ukraine in the “History of Rus” in 1187; there is a splendid culture, countless monuments and historical and cultural heritage, the famous writer Ostrovsky Birthplace; beautiful scenery – 43% forest coverage, more than 3,000 lakes, two large rivers, the Dnieper and Transnistria, pass through the country, and the rich natural resources have brought countless unique to Ukraine. Landscape; there are rich minerals, developed industries, and beautiful girls who are talked about all over the world.
  However, in reality, Ukraine is a sad place: the nuclear disaster still affects the country; although the resources are rich and the people are highly educated, the people here are not rich; the political situation is turbulent and conflicts are frequent , so that this beautiful place in Ukraine is always covered with a shadow…
  This kind of beauty and a touch of sadness accompany every day of my trip to Ukraine.
Kyiv also has a “left bank”

  Like many countries, Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, is the political, economic and cultural center of the entire country. Kyiv has a history of more than 1,500 years and is the oldest city established by the Eastern Slavs, so it is known as the “Mother of Russian Cities”. In the earliest chronicle of the Eastern Slavs, “The Chronicles of the Past”, it is recorded about the origin of the city of Kyiv: the three brothers of the Bolian tribe leaders – Kei, Sek and Horif jointly “build the castle, in the name of the eldest brother. named Kyiv”.
  Just as the Thames is to London, the Seine is to Paris, the Hudson is to New York, and the Huangpu River is to Shanghai, if a river runs through a city, it will surely become the city’s most famous landscape. one. In Kyiv, the “River of Life” passing through the city is the Dnieper River.

The Dnieper River originates from the marshes in the southern part of the Valdai Hills in Russia. The river first flows from north to south, turns southeast to Kyiv, and finally empties into the Black Sea.

Cable car connecting the upper and lower parts of Kyiv.

  Kyiv was originally built on a platform about 90 meters high on the right bank of the Dnieper River. Later, with the continuous expansion of the city, the Dnieper River became a river passing through the center of Kyiv. This river not only brings life security to Kiev, but also makes Kyiv an important transportation hub since ancient times. In ancient times, the Dnieper River was known as the “Road from the Varyags to the Greeks”. It connected the Baltic Sea with the Black Sea through waterways. The convenient water transportation brought prosperous trade to Kyiv. Subsequently, Kyiv became the hub of two other trade routes: one connecting the Arab world with Western Europe, and the other connecting the Arab world with Northern Europe. The intersection of the three trade routes made the city of Kyiv unprecedentedly prosperous, and was later called the “City of Kings” on the Dnieper River. If you live in Kyiv, you will find that most luxury hotels are built on both sides of the river, and “River View Suites” will always be the hottest label for hotels. In addition to the river banks, many hotels are also built on abandoned boats by the river, thanks to the design style of “stupid, dark and rough” in the Soviet era: many abandoned ships are so huge that there is more than enough space to build a hotel, and a “boat hotel” With a unique selling point.
  In the course of history, the center of gravity of Kyiv gradually shifted to the left bank of the river. Today, many buildings with glorious history and culture in Kyiv are almost concentrated on the left bank, which may be the European version of “Thirty Years of Hedong and Thirty Years of Hexi”.
  When you go to a city, look for the square first, which has become a habit of my travels for many years. In the planning of many cities, the center of the city is a huge square, such as Tiananmen Square in Beijing and Red Square in Moscow. In Kyiv, the city’s square is also famous for a long time, which is the famous Independence Square. Independence Square is not only the symbol of Kyiv, but also the symbol of Ukraine. Many major events in Ukraine, whether in TV broadcasts or in newspapers, are almost always the square in the initial picture or the most prominent location. This square has had many names in history, and the name “Independence Square” was modified to commemorate Ukraine’s declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. The landmark of the square is a towering memorial column, which was renovated in 2001. It was built at the time, and on the column is the Slavic goddess – Beli Henaya. It is believed that when this memorial column was built, it was hoped that Belizenaya could shelter this ancient city and allow Kyiv to regain its former prosperity. But it backfired. In the ensuing time, there have been many political turmoils in Ukraine, and many events that can be recorded in history just happened in Independence Square, under the gaze of the statue of Beli Henaya, which makes people somewhat embarrassed . However, as the facade of Kyiv and the “responsible appearance”, Independence Square is still a very suitable place to stroll.

Column on Independence Square.

  There are many fountains on the square, which become children’s paradise in summer. There is a statue of four people in the middle of the main fountain. It is said that the figures represented by the statue are the three brothers and their sister who founded Kyiv. However, the most famous thing here is not the statue, but a building that tourists from all over the world will check in – the earth column. The top of the white marble column is a blue earth surrounded by birds. On the black base of the earth column, the distances between the capitals of various countries and Kyiv are engraved. Comparing with the dictionary, it can be found that the distance between Beijing and Kyiv is 6,450 kilometers. There is also a yellow gate on the square. Although it is not as big as the Arc de Triomphe, it is also very distinctive. This gate is called Pecher Gate. On the gate stands a statue of the Archangel Mikhail holding a sword and a shield. Archangel Mikhail is the patron of Kyiv.
  There is a fan-shaped glass curtain wall behind the memorial column, and there are many circular or arched glass buildings. Below these strange structures is a large shopping mall. These glass buildings are the domes of the shopping mall, used for lighting. Diagonally opposite Independence Square is the famous Tchaikovsky Conservatory. This academy, founded in 1913, is one of the most famous music academies in Europe and even in the world. Although the building looks a bit old because of its age, it is a palace for many music lovers. Many people come to Kyiv for the purpose of Buy sheet music in a small bookstore on the first floor of the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, some of which are said to be available only here.