How Branson built the ‘Virgin Empire’

  Richard Branson is a hot air balloon explorer and billionaire. The “Virgin Empire” he created has become one of the most famous companies in the world and is currently the largest private enterprise in the UK. The Virgin family owns more than 220 industries, extending from wedding dresses, cosmetics to aviation and railways, from entertainment to electronics, with total assets of more than 7 billion US dollars, and personal assets of about 3 billion US dollars, ranking No. 1 in the British wealth list. 6 bits. On the other hand, Branson is the most entertaining character in life. He may not be the richest and most successful businessman, but he is definitely the billionaire who knows how to enjoy life the most.
  The Most Unscrupulous
  Businessman Richard Branson has been working hard for two and a half hours at his villa on Necker Island at 7 a.m. During these two and a half hours, he scanned through a thick stack of documents, held several conference calls, and dealt with difficult issues in a timely manner, including flight planning, mobile communications and digital music. “I always work from home,” he says. “At home, I always come up with great ideas for starting a business that I can’t experience anywhere else.”
  Branson’s villa is a beautiful building in Bali, Indonesia . The house with the same structure, facing the sea on all sides, the roof is paved with Brazilian cypress, and the mahogany furniture and statues of Bodhisattva are randomly placed in the house. Necker Island, which faces the azure Caribbean Sea, was bought by Branson in 1979 for £300,000, and he spends his family vacations here every summer. On the island, he built a 10-bedroom house, a fresh water treatment plant and a power plant. Necker Island has become an Eden in the dreams of the upper class, Princess Diana, Prince of Wales, Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, etc., have all become guests here. To this end, he once said witly: “It may be the most extravagant thing I have ever done to invite a large group of friends over for vacation. Fortunately, I have my own airline.”
  It was on this dreamlike island, Recalling his dream-like experience, Branson couldn’t help but sigh: “Sometimes when I wake up, I really feel like I just had an incredible dream, and the dream is my life.” In fact, Branson’s life experience is far more exciting than any fairy tale. Perhaps, it is this incredible life experience that has become Branson’s most proud performance.
  From “The Student” to “The Virgin”
  Branson was born in a warm middle-class family in the United Kingdom. Due to severe dyslexia since childhood, his academic performance can be described as a mess. When he dropped out of public school at the age of 16, the principal was relieved and said to the stupid student, “Branson, I can predict that if you don’t become a millionaire in the future, you’re going to go to jail.” That was What happened in 1967, we have to admit that this middle school principal was a prophet. Afterwards, Branson did go to jail briefly for his obscene advertisements.
  After leaving school, Branson took the 4 pounds given by his mother and came to a strange London with a few friends. In the basement of a church, they finally rented a cheap house, where they founded a A student music magazine aimed at young people. At the time, Branson’s goal was simple, one day turning the magazine into Britain’s Rolling Stone. The publication caused a sensation after its release. Even the famous rock stars Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones and John Lennon of the Beatles were interviewed by the magazine. Lennon also created a special edition for the magazine. First song. The Student became one of the most popular magazines in the UK at the time, with a circulation of 200,000 at its peak.
  A few years later, however, The Student began to have funding problems. So Branson was inspired to advertise on the back cover of the magazine, selling music tapes at low prices. Due to the high price of music tapes sold in British specialty stores at the time, his pioneering work caused great repercussions, and orders continued to be sent. Branson, who had tasted the sweetness, decided to continue his efforts and founded a tape recording studio called “Virgin” (“Virgin”), which developed into a “Virgin” record company and audio-visual product chain, when he was only 19 years old. In 1973, the first recorded album of Mike Oldfield’s Pipe Bells was an instant hit, selling more than 13 million copies, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time in the UK. Subsequently, Phil Collins, Boy George, Rolling Stones and other big-name singers and bands have joined. The launch of the Virgin brand marked the first successful step for Branson’s career, and Virgin Records also became a pivotal brand in the British entertainment industry.
  But what really impressed me was that in 1984, Branson entered the very high-barrier aviation industry and established “Virgin Atlantic Airways” to provide discounted air tickets, which was regarded by many critics at the time as a “Suicidal Behavior”. To this end, he did not hesitate to fight a sensational lawsuit with British Airways, the leader of the British aviation industry. In the end, he won, not only successfully retaining the right to operate on both sides of the Atlantic, but also rapidly expanding his business, successfully entering Europe and the United States, and controlling 30% of Australia’s flights, becoming a model for many airlines. In 1994, Branson established the “Virgin Cola Company”, which currently sells more Virgin Cola than Pepsi in Europe. In 1996, “Virgin Railroad” was established, and it was ambitious to develop it into the company with the best service quality in Europe. 1999 announced the establishment of “Virgin Telecom”, and is committed to making it a global mobile phone company. Currently, Branson is turning his attention to the IT industry, and has put a lot of effort into e-commerce and the web. Virgin’s online services already include financial services, airline ticket reservations, shopping and more. He is committed to getting Virgin up to date with the digital trend in the UK and making Virgin’s website one of the top 10 websites in the world, allowing customers in the UK and around the world to buy everything from cars, CDs and more from commodity.
  What is surprising, however, is that he is not tech savvy at all, nor is he proficient in computers. For example, at a Microsoft conference, when Bill Gates asked attendees who could not use a computer, Branson would have been the only one present who actively held his hand if his wife, Joan, had not held his hand. hands.
  Don’t do the biggest, just do the widest
  On the surface, Virgin’s tentacles are everywhere, from Virgin Records to Virgin Airways, Virgin Rail, Virgin Telecom, Virgin Hypermarkets, Virgin Wedding Dresses, Virgin Cinemas, and more. Virgin offers products and services. Covers all aspects of people’s lives. In fact, Branson’s diversification goal is not to maximize each, instead, he prefers to play the role of industry disruptors, to those industries that charge customers too much (such as music), or technology monopolies. (such as cell phones), or companies that treat customers arrogantly (such as airlines). For this reason, he has the notoriety of “follower dog” and “mangy dog” in the industry. On the other hand, most of the time, he is not keen to let the company obtain stable profitable income, and more is to use the profit just obtained to invest in a new industry. To date, Branson has founded more than 7,200 companies, each of which is profitable.
  Sexy life, show life
  Due to the continuous extension of the brand, maintaining the Virgin brand has also become an important task for Branson. He is the only true face of the Virgin brand. His long gray hair, his always-on smile and his adventurous, maverick demeanor are the best interpretation of the Virgin brand. Every time the Virgin brand is extended, Branson puts on a unique show.
  He once wore only briefs and co-starred with Pamela Anderson of the American soap opera “Bayguard” in a commercial for a Virgin Health drink; played Spider-Man slammed from a high-rise building; drove a tank into New York’s Times Square To promote the Virgin Records chain into the United States; to fly to New Delhi, ride a white elephant to the Indian Congress, run naked along the beaches of the English Channel; risk his life to cross the Atlantic and the world in a hot air balloon
  … The move has made himself the most legendary billionaire, ranking first in the “British Men’s Best Brands” poll and third in the “British Women’s Best Brands” poll. By the time its name became a household name, Virgin’s brand had a 96% recognition rate in the UK. Not only did this brand-defense approach pay off, it also saved Branson a lot of advertising dollars.
  ”Newsweek” once commented on him: “Branson has successfully dealt with fame and money: no tie, no personal driver, no celebrity clubs that keep people away… He is not interested in power in the usual sense. He has no intention of influencing others, Branson just likes to have fun.”