Persistence in innovation: 2021 annual advertising and marketing inventory

  The year 2021 will be quite unstable, facing various risks and difficulties such as repeated outbreaks of the epidemic, raging rainstorms, and international trade frictions and conflicts. However, some domestic companies have seized the opportunity to grow against the trend, showing strong resilience. In 2021, corporate advertising and marketing will also persevere in difficulties and innovate in perseverance. At the end of the year, what has corporate advertising and marketing experienced in an extraordinary year? What lessons can we learn from?
  To this end, we review and analyze the marketing situation in 2021, summarize typical marketing cases, and look forward to the advertising marketing trends in 2022.
Looking back at the way back: the long road is long, the search is up and down

  1. New technologies lead marketing changes
  In the past year, the repeated outbreak of the epidemic has continuously promoted the continuous integration and transformation of the advertising industry. Coupled with the development of communication technology, various new technologies have also been used in advertising. With the development of the concept of the metaverse, new ways of playing have also appeared in communication marketing. “Virtual image” has become a craze, and the Douyin virtual character “Liu Yexi” (a virtual beauty expert who can catch monsters) attracts 2 million fans within 3 days, and creating a virtual IP has become a marketing direction that the brand can explore. Under the impact of the epidemic, people choose to consume more online, forcing companies to increase their online marketing efforts and cultivate online marketing channels and capabilities. Enterprises make full use of new technologies to carry out online and offline scenario marketing to improve consumer experience. New technologies help marketing achieve the desired effect.
  2. Pan-media to strengthen content marketing
  With the omni-directional penetration of mobile social media into people’s lives, we have entered the pan-media era. In this reality, advertising marketing has also changed from the original centralization to the generalization. Everyone is the producer and disseminator of advertising content. All kinds of social media have become the channels for brand advertising. KOL marketing, socialization Media marketing has become a marketing method that is generally concerned and recognized by the advertising industry. For example, the popularity of Michelle Bingcheng’s Brainwashing Divine Comedy is inseparable from the boost of major social platforms, and is also closely related to KOLs. In June 2021, after the official account of Mixue Bingcheng released the song “You Love Me, I Love You, Mixue Bingcheng Sweet Honey” on station B, various social platforms have emerged in an endless stream of earthy videos about the Divine Comedy, which has stimulated netizens Spontaneous secondary creation and multi-level communication.
  3. Iteration of live broadcast short video
  marketing The emergence of short videos has lowered the threshold for people to use the media, and everyone can use short videos to express themselves. In 2021, marketing activities in the field of live streaming and short video will still be active, but the chaos of traffic fraud, fake and inferior products, and tax evasion will be reborn. When short video and live broadcast platforms were just emerging, the entire industry was in the stage of extensive delivery for a long time. However, after precipitation, the problem of live video delivery has gradually been exposed, platform dividends have peaked, and problems such as the homogeneity of marketing methods have made live broadcast delivery and short video marketing effects stretched. New social experience and new technology support will become the iterative direction of live streaming and short video marketing.
  4. Downgrade consumption and return to rationality
  Under the attack of the Delta and Omikron variant viruses, the epidemic has repeated twists and turns, and the global anti-epidemic situation is not optimistic. Although the epidemic in China is well controlled and the economic situation has begun to pick up, there are still various uncertainties. Therefore, consumers generally extend their own consumption, and the premium, IQ tax, and impulse to follow the trend gradually fade out. Young consumer groups take the initiative to downgrade their consumption, and the rational consumption tendency is more obvious. Consumption downgrade is not the opposite and opposite of consumption upgrade, but relative to consumption upgrade, consumers generally return to rationality and maturity, from the previous impulsive consumption and symbolic consumption to focus on the commodity itself, their own needs and other issues.
2021 Advertising Marketing Hot Events

  1. Alipay’s “Are you there” password on Valentine’s Day, attracting millions of users to participate
  in Valentine’s Day in 2021, and Alipay’s “Are you there” password on the Moments. As long as you search for “are you there” in the search box on Alipay’s homepage, you will receive a love song with an earthy love story beginning with “are you there”. The push of songs and love words is random, and users can click the “Share” button Automatically generate an envelope poster with confession copy. The marketing was jointly launched by Alipay, Pocket Ringtones and Migu Music, and it attracted millions of users to participate within 18 hours and received a great response. The popularity of Alipay’s “are you there” is due to the sense of festive ritual and the freshness of random “blind box”.
  2. Xiaomi’s change of icon has caused heated discussions, and the topic is far more popular than the design fee.
  On March 30, 2021, Xiaomi mobile phone officially announced the launch of the new LOGO, and began to upgrade the brand recognition system. The LOGO adjustment was personally designed by the internationally renowned designer Hara Kenzai. It took nearly 3 years to design, and Xiaomi paid 2 million yuan for the design fee. From the look and feel, Xiaomi’s new LOGO has changed from the original square to a circle. Netizens generally said that 2 million yuan was changed for the LOGO, and Mr. Lei was deceived. On April 6, in the live broadcast of Xiaomi’s 11th anniversary special event, Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun explained the controversy caused by Xiaomi’s new LOGO, and said that a mature brand can only change the LOGO slightly, although the new LOGO seems to be rounded. , In fact, the font, word spacing, and word width have been fine-tuned, and there is Xiaomi’s letter LOGO. Advanced theoretical netizens may not understand it, but the heated discussion on the whole network may be the most worthwhile.

  3. Zhong Xuegao’s “Four Famous Cakes” commercials, ancient and modern collide with new ideas
  . At the end of April 2021, ice cream brand Zhong Xuegao officially entered the field of Chinese pastries. Zhong Xuegao and agent KARMA skillfully took advantage of the four classic Chinese classics. Combining traditional Chinese culture, explaining the selling points of new products, and using modern buzzwords to achieve the collision of ancient and modern A little surprise, the first word of the three words Zhong Kui, Xue Baochai and Gao Lao Zhuang formed “Zhong Xue Gao”. Through creative product content and effective communication methods, Zhong Xuegao has achieved communication with consumers. However, as the “Hermes of the ice cream industry”, Zhong Xuegao’s price as high as 80 yuan per box also discouraged many consumers.
  4. Same-trip 98 yuan ticket blind box, it’s not a dream
  to just leave One-way tickets to domestic cities with random dates, fully refundable if the ticket does not meet expectations. The purpose of this marketing campaign is to subsidize users and promote the development of domestic tourism. The blind box also led the blind box boom in the entire travel industry. Subsequently,,, etc. successively launched air ticket blind box actions. The pressure of staying at home during the epidemic, the curiosity of unknown destinations, the viral spread of social media, and the timing of leaving after saying go, these have become the gimmicks and purchase drivers of the blind box of air tickets. If you are not satisfied with the blind box results, you can get a full refund to guarantee the consumer’s consumption experience and achieve a win-win situation for both airlines and customers.

  5. Michelle Bingcheng Brainwashing Divine Comedy, with over 30 language versions
  On June 3, 2021, the official account of Michelle Bingcheng will upload the theme song MV on station B. Subsequently, the theme song quickly swiped on major platforms. This magical animation MV theme song is available in Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese, Thai and other languages, as well as Sichuan dialect, Cantonese, Shandong dialect, Shanghai dialect and other dialects. The platform goes viral. Because the melody of the lyrics is too magical, netizens have a feeling of “no feeling after listening to it once, really fragrant twice, topping it three times, and infinite looping four times”, and it has also triggered the second creation of many netizens. Love me~I love you~Misue Bingcheng is sweet~” the magical world. In recent years, earth-flavored marketing has become a major trend, and this unconventional and anti-trend way is in line with the tastes of young audiences.
  6. “The King’s Ranking” “Out of the Circle”, with a score of 9.6 in 4 episodes.
  On October 14, 2021, “The King’s Ranking” created by Kussuke Toka and animated by Japan’s WITSTUDIO will be broadcast. The cartoon talks about It is a story of Porgy, who is despised and laughed at by others but has always been kind in order to fulfill his promise with his mother, and the little shadow Kake who has the same painful past. “The King’s Ranking” came out of the circle as soon as it was broadcast, and when only 4 episodes were broadcast, it won the hot topic list with a high score of 9.6 points on Douban. Open the social media of “post-90s” and “post-00s”, and the picture of Prince Porgy overflows all over the screen. The emergence of “The King’s Ranking” is inseparable from a good story. The true depiction of the characters’ emotions in the play is the key to the comics’ ability to capture the audience. Empathy communication and building a two-way emotional link between brands and consumers have become the key to advertising and marketing. .
  7. L’Oreal’s “price gouging” caused controversy, and the anchor competed with the brand’s “price sovereignty”
  During the “Double 11” pre-sale period in 2021, L’Oreal Paris cooperated with Li Jiaqi and other live-streaming bloggers, and claimed that the low price of the pre-sale was “the most powerful throughout the year”. With the arrival of “Double 11”, careful consumers found that the coupons of L’Oreal’s official flagship store appeared “lower price”, and the 7-day no-reason return period has passed. The deceived consumers started to defend their rights against the brand. The number of collective complaints exceeded 30,000, but the handling rate was less than 10%, and L’Oreal’s customer service attitude was poor. Behind the “suspected price fraud” of the brand, the competition between the anchor and the brand for “price sovereignty” is also the focus of attention in the field of live broadcast delivery.
  8. Metaverse sells houses, 140,000 yuan per square centimeter.
  Facebook changed its name to Metaverse Company, which triggered a fire in the concept of Metaverse. At present, some domestic Internet giants, such as Alipay, Tencent, ByteDance, etc., have also launched Metaverse business one after another. On November 23, 2021, on the American virtual platform Decentraland, a piece of virtual land was sold for a high price of 243 US dollars, with an average price of more than 140,000 yuan per square centimeter, making netizens call it “much more expensive than the Beijing school district.” Previously, the Sandbox sandbox game platform had launched 400 sets of Metaverse real estate, which were sold out within 1 minute, and the speed was faster than the lottery to buy a new house. Fortune estimates that the total value of Metaverse real estate in the future will reach trillions of dollars.
  9. “Wuling will build what the people need.”
  In the Spring Festival of 2021, the red masks for the Spring Festival Gala jointly created by Wuling Hongguang and CCTV have become a hot spot for audiences. With the festive red masks, Wuling Hongguang quickly came out of the circle. From Wuling brand masks, Wuling brand street stalls, Wuling brand snail powder, Wuling X Xi Xiaocha, Wuling launched the slogan “What the people need, Wuling builds what”. Seemingly irregular out of the circle, in fact, there are traces to follow. Wuling gradually broke away from the original image of the traditional car company, and used recognizable social language to quickly establish a brand image among young consumer groups. In addition, Wuling’s emergence is inseparable from the hot spots of the times. With the help of the street stall economy, Wuling street stall vehicles have entered the public eye; during the epidemic prevention and control period, they quickly responded to the production of masks, and constantly created products that surprise the whole people.

Looking forward to the future: the road is long and the road is long, and there is no future

  1. Create high-quality products High-
  quality products are the premise of winning consumers. No matter how the consumption environment changes or how innovative the marketing form is, high-quality products are always the king of marketing. Only by perfecting the products can companies firmly grasp consumers. Good marketing methods can only lead to products and brands, and high-quality products can attract consumers to continue to consume, so as to achieve marketing purposes. Therefore, only by always providing high-quality products and strictly controlling product quality can the brand and products have an enduring status in the hearts of consumers.
  2. Tell a good brand story
  Marketing is not only to convey product value, but also to convey brand story. Only good stories can attract consumers. Only through creative stories and brand image creation can they enter the hearts of consumers, be remembered by consumers, and arouse consumers’ empathy and desire to buy. There are many forms of story expression, but emotional resonance can only be achieved through linkage with consumer psychology. In the future, no matter what kind of marketing, you must learn to tell brand stories, export your brand value through good stories, and in the process, establish a brand image and establish a good relationship between the brand and consumers.
  3. Festival ceremonies create a consumption atmosphere
  Festivals have a natural sense of ritual. For the new generation of young people who need a sense of ritual in their lives, festival consumption is essential. This also inspires brands to be good at grasping the hot spots and traffic of the festival, have a high degree of sensitivity, and act quickly to promote the success of marketing activities. The key to festival marketing is to be sensitive to the festival and to plan ahead. It is necessary to be able to realize the importance of the festival in the early stage of the festival and plan ahead to achieve the success of marketing. In addition, there are still opportunities marketing and marketing of hot events, such as the background of the era, hot spots of the era, etc., and marketing must be good at seizing the wind of the era and create popular products with the help of hot events.
  4. Socialization attracts young consumers
  For a brand, it is good at using social language, creating “brainwashing” slogans with the help of buzzwords, creating a very online image for the brand through social marketing, and at the same time inspiring netizens to create a second time, becoming a rapid creation in the era of mobile social media. The magic weapon of brand image. With the help of socialized and youthful communication methods, to cater to the interests of the target group, the brand marketing can be quickly broken. Being good at playing stalks, cross-border and other youthful marketing methods can realize the integration of the brand and young people, so that the brand has a distinct label of the times, and lay the foundation for the brand to enter the life of young people. The layout of major social media platforms can help brands accurately reach target consumers on different platforms, thereby realizing the continuous sinking of brand awareness and expanding the brand’s voice.

  5. Immersive experience has great potential
  Brand marketing is not limited to pure online, and should realize online and offline interaction and communication. The stereotyped “I tell you, listen” marketing method cannot win the favor of consumers. Marketing should focus on consumers’ experience and provide them with a trendy and personalized consumption experience. At the same time, under the new technology conditions, with the help of 5G technology and VR, AR technology, etc., to create Metaverse products, and integrate the brand value into the high-quality scene interactive experience, so as to gain consumer recognition. Scenario-based immersive experience marketing with the help of technology does not mean that it can successfully attract consumers. Successful marketing relies on the blessing of immersive experience and relies on the creative interaction of the brand side to retain consumers’ attention and achieve marketing effects. .