Greedy and stupid

   It is difficult for people with low IQ to enter the official career, and no one in daily life thinks that those who are officials and eunuchs are all fools. What is puzzling is that throughout the ages, corrupt people have followed one after another, and they cannot be eradicated. From this, we can see that greed is the most difficult virus to treat in life. Greedy and stupid, once a person is infected with the word greed, it can lead to eight blindnesses.
   First, a double-sided life, with different hearts.
   When he was on the stage, he was condescending, sitting upright, like a high-sounding gentleman. When it came to anti-corruption, he was eloquent, impassioned, and his words were powerful. As far as his soul is concerned, he is a greedy devil who secretly accepts people and treats things based on the benefits and interests at hand.
   Second, you are worried, and it is difficult to have a peaceful day.
   The higher the official, the greater the power, and the smaller the external constraints. The power and money transaction also has a step-by-step upgrade process, during which the mentality of contentment is fleeting. The accumulation of wealth quickly turned into a heavy mental pressure for them: restless day and night, worried, every time I received a notification from a superior to go to a meeting, or heard someone knocking on the door at night, I was frightened and sweated…
   Third, easy tricks Theft, self-eating Coptis chinensis.
   Today’s thieves are also very shrewd. They know that ordinary people don’t wear any money on their bodies, and keep them in the bank to take them as they go. But corrupt officials have a lot of money, but they don’t dare to deposit it in the bank, because it’s easy to be exposed in the bank. As long as the thief sees the right time to attack the corrupt official, the recruiter will not dare to publicize it. If he reports the crime, the source of so much money is unknown, how can he explain it to the discipline inspection department? The weak underbelly of the corrupt officials, “dumb eats Huanglian”, is well understood by thieves.
   Fourth, become lustful and become addicted to love.
   Pang Jiayu, the former vice-chairman of the Shaanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference, was brought down by a “complaint group” composed of 11 mistresses. In the meantime, some people provided Pang with bills for accepting bribes, and some people mastered Pang’s wife’s company financial accounts… The beauty of women can make men’s brains short-circuit in an instant, resulting in almost all corrupt officials who are “hungry and thirsty” characters. . Love and hatred turned upside down, and biting was cruel and tragic, unbelievable.
   Fifth, to leave the homeland is miserable and inexplicable.
   The huge greed that brings disaster to the country and the people in the homeland sneaks out of the territory. Can foreigners not recognize what the infiltrator is in essence? Can a corrupt official be transformed into a law-abiding citizen by changing the environment? The world is big, but there is no paradise for corrupt officials. A certain mouse, who fled out of the country with a nest of relatives, did not lose his life in the end, and was able to be repatriated to return to his homeland and fall into the legal net, which was considered a kind of treatment.
   Sixth, when he fell, everyone betrayed his relatives and left.
   The most glorious days of corrupt officials are when they call forward and embrace each other, bossing around and making their ancestors glorious. Some people have done statistics and found that 90% of corrupt officials’ corruption process involves family members. I don’t know how many corruption cases are caused by relatives and friends. They are in unison, and they are in a mess, and the word “corruption” is snowballed to the extreme. Once the corrupt officials get out of the saddle, their relatives and friends will be scattered.
   Seventh, Huang Liang Meng San, all previous efforts have been abandoned.
   Those who can make officials bigger step by step always have some decent foreshadowing in the first half of the process. They are often close to “capable officials” at the beginning, and they have suffered hardships and achieved some political achievements. After the hot dream of Huang Liang dissipates, those previous actions and a series of actions in the past are likely to become a trick to climb up and an opportunistic trick and trick. People fall and come to a conclusion, is this a “conclusive conclusion”?
   Eighth, the sin is heavy, and the retreat is blocked.
   When Jiang Dezhi, an expert in procuratorial business, was in contact with the corrupt officials, Cheng Kejie, Mu Suixin, and Liu Jinbao all asked him: “Can you tell the central government that you don’t want a penny, no officials, and go to remote areas to build A small house, can I be a common man?” In the course of life, there are words of repentance and Tuxin, but practice has repeatedly confirmed that this theory is insulated from corrupt people with high power. After the water is turbid, there is no room for manoeuvre, “there is no way to turn back”, it is destined to be wishful thinking.
   There is a saying that “phlegm confuses the heart orifices” for human physiological pathology. In fact, spiritual “greed” is obsessed with the heart orifices, and the harm is even more severe. People often say that “one leaf obstructs the eye”, and the word “greed” is the one leaf that is best at obstructing the eye. The above-mentioned series of blind spots are commonplace, neither esoteric nor secretive, and have long been deduced by history as common sense in politics, but the successive batches of corrupt officials just turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear.
   In reality, if those young people who are eager to make progress and focus on the future, if they can be calm and sober, read and study, put learning to be a man above entering a career, and fall into the quagmire of the word “greed”, will the ratio of the word “greed” be reduced accordingly? Woolen cloth?