A screenshot with a mosaic

  One day, I was chatting with a friend about the gossip of others, and suddenly, a friend sent a message, “Delete the chat record just now.”
  Very inappropriate, really inappropriate! When I saw this message, I was a little upset and thought: Do you not trust me? But then I thought about the recent hot search, and I felt that this was very suitable for the current operation. If it was me who spoke first, talking about this gossip with someone we all know, I would also be a little worried that the other party would unintentionally send this chat record to the other party. It’s embarrassing.
  Immediately at ease, I hurriedly deleted the chat record just now, and sent a screenshot to her, with the sentence “deleted”. There is a kind of “God knows that you know I know”, of course, we didn’t do anything bad, but our mouths were broken. It’s just that “the mouth is broken” is not very popular at the moment, and accidentally “the society died”. So, being a little more cautious, a little more cautious, is never a bad thing.
  In fact, it is not abrupt, this kind of “chat caution” has long been a sign.
  At first, a friend posted a screenshot in the girlfriend group, and the basic identity information on this screenshot was mosaic, including avatar, name, etc. When I saw this screenshot, I was a little nervous. In this group of girlfriends, such screenshots have not been posted less often, and they are even a bit wanton, so is it necessary to add mosaics now? At this time, people’s “chat records” are not as busy as they are now. Uncomfortable is uncomfortable, and several of us still discussed this screenshot.
  One time after that, I was chatting with a friend about gossip, and I thought there was a chat content very interesting, so I wanted another friend to see it, so I took a screenshot. However, when I wanted to repost this screenshot, I remembered the previous mosaic, and subconsciously processed this screenshot.

  Later, I gradually discovered that it was not just me, but more and more people around me became more cautious about “chat” and became accustomed to the handling of each other. “Hi” is one thing, but handling records is another. But still a little embarrassed. However, it was the first time that the other party directly asked to delete the “chat history” that day. At this time, I realized that “chat record” is a sensitive word for personal communication. It is no longer deliberately cautious, but you should be so cautious.
  The more and more accustomed sequelae is to see someone who doesn’t follow this pattern, she feels itchy, and wants to remind her: you can cover or cut off the other person’s name. It’s just, obviously, what can the other party think! I don’t really trust your performance. But it’s good to be careful.
  So, I asked her, are you still posting screenshots like this? Don’t deal with it?
  She said there was nothing to deal with.
  I looked at the “You can be more mindful” in the input box. After thinking about it, I deleted it and re-entered: “Yes.”
  Although everyone is very sensitive to “chat history” and personal privacy, it is not You have to impose your own practices on those who are not willing to do so.
  Even so, in the context of big data, I still have a question, is it useful to be cautious about the handling of records? A few days ago, WeChat was going to launch the cloud-stored chat history, and the news rushed to the hot search. In addition, it was not difficult to find a way to restore the chat history. In order to prevent yourself from being caught or “death to the society”, perhaps you can only use words with caution in chat. As a result, conversations between friends may be a lot less fun.
  The friend who asked me to delete the record said, “It’s good.
  Be careful with your words and deeds . It’s good for everyone.” You need to be afraid that others will know about it.”
  Well, it’s good to know what to do.