Woman thirty, wonderful just started

  In the years of my teens, I always had a concept in my mind: The best time of a woman’s life is her twenties. That age group represents youthful appearance, energetic, financial independence, freedom of life and unlimited possibilities. But as soon as it enters the thirties, it will turn from rosy idealism to boring and heavy realism. This idea did not have a specific reason, and it could not be supported by the limited life experience at that time, but it was extremely solid.
  Of course, when the ring of life really draws thirty circles, too many changes occur. In reality, the twenties have their own auras, but they are also accompanied by wandering, turbulence, and uncertainty; the process of adjusting themselves to get along with the outside world is also accompanied by discomfort, contradictions, and tangles. As for the often stretched economy, it is too common to be worth mentioning. In contrast, 30-year-olds don’t seem to be so “bad”. I can’t say how successful my career is, but having a job that I like and believes is valuable and meaningful has satisfied me.
  Visible changes in life have changed the invisible mindset and concepts. Indeed, many tasks, such as transitioning from one person to two or even a family, balancing family and work relationships, have all come to the fore. It is inevitable that women in their thirties will be overwhelmed and lose sight of each other. Did they all come this way? I am optimistic that with the knowledge of women today, smooth handovers can also be achieved.
  Needless to say, women in their thirties are facing more severe challenges than their peers of any age. On the one hand, the rise of their self-awareness will inevitably make them have higher pursuits for the value and meaning of individual life, and hope and strive to live a sufficiently exciting life. On the other hand, many expectations, restrictions, and even discrimination from the family, the workplace, and society will also become their reactionary forces on the way forward. How to break through and take into account, test every woman who has entered the threshold of 30 years old.
  One weekend a few weeks ago, I had dinner with two female former colleagues. I found out immediately that our three demonic office workers represent three stages of 30+ women: T is 35 years old, has just given birth to a second child, sold a house, and replaced a school district house; she is now working To pay off the down payment loan, raise a second child, and worry about whether to change jobs. I’m just 33 years old, and I feel that I have exhausted most of my energy to cope with work every day. I’m spending my life to have my own nest in the city where I work, and at the same time, I’m facing the birth of my family. After the 90s, M has just passed her thirty-year-old virtual birthday and is still single. Every time he calls back to his hometown in Shandong, he has to accept a remote marriage proposal from his parents. Running for renovation.
  This can be regarded as “Illustration of the Thirty-year-old Girl in the Magic City”. There are no cool and explosive plots in the real idol romance dramas of pseudo-urban workplace dramas, counterattacks in the workplace, walking with wind, etc., only the reality is ordinary, mean and cruel, but we have learned or are learning to adapt to reality Reconcile your life and try your best to enjoy this painful and happy life. It is not necessary to give such a high interpretation of rationality, calmness and optimism, but this is really a reflection of our hard work.
  I’ve gotten rid of my teenage age’s fear of thirty years old and started to like the comfort brought by realism. I only hope that on the way to maturity, I will retain a curious and inquiring childlike heart, a little unwillingness to lose, and the courage to change reality.