Why are stars poor so fast?

After reading the newspaper, it was found that Xu Meijing was photographed on the street to make money after singing a hit in the mid-1990s. In the video, she was dressed in ordinary clothes, and she was fat. She also exposed her property and was transferred away by her family. The other was In 1988, Taiwanese singer Jiang Mingxue, who debuted with Zhang Qingfang and Wu Zongxian, hanged himself at home. At the age of 58, he owed a few months’ rent. When the landlord came to collect debts, he found that he had committed suicide and that his body was rotten. These tragic news made people hardly believe it. After all, Xu Meijing’s song was sung on the streets and alleys. “Moonlight in the City” and “Every Night Returning” are famous karaoke songs. Jiang Mingxue also sold 250,000 records. According to the singer’s life as I know, even if I go to second and third tier cities to walk around, it is common to make a million each time. How can I fall into such a state of poverty?

Years of studying star life have made me think about a question. Why do those stars who have become famous all over the world become so poor in a few years or ten years? It stands to reason that they are all thicker than our waist, why are they so poor? The problems here are really complicated. It has something to do with the times, people’s personality, but also the way they acquire wealth and the consumption patterns of their strata.

What is related to the times?

Simply put, people can’t do the times. Once the market depends on to survive radical changes. It is the moment when the great wheel of the era passes by, and the individual is lack of skills. It is a matter of a second to become poor. For example, the singer Jiang Mingxue who was later hung up, his fame was originally accidental. In the late 1980s, Taiwan pop music was a popular urban folk song. The next trend indicator was urban female subjects. It is natural to want to cover the popularity of old songs. This is also considered to have not chosen the right path, but he still went to the dark with all his heart, of course, hopeless success.

The second is related to their personality. Personality is not good, can not be integrated into society, no work and no income, sitting in the mountains and empty, it will only take a few years to become poor.

For example, Xu Meijing. She sang well, but she was young and fragile. She fell in love with the producer in her early years, and later broke up. Her spirits became emaciated and she could only retreat after a generation of songs. And Jiang Mingxue, too young and well-known, and handsome, he can’t let go of the shelf, his character is arrogant, he will not do anything. So I always felt that the world was losing me. After a few years, people would not have many opportunities until they were fifty. Be weak again, get bad habits, your body is getting worse, and chances of encountering impermanence will increase. Once life goes to a negative cycle, it is basically difficult to turn around. This was the reason for the poverty.

The third is also related to the way they get wealth.

Stars make money quickly, and they will have huge wealth in a short time. But wealth is also an energy. Without considerable financial management ability, it will be hurt by wealth. Spending extravagantly or investing indiscriminately will instantly dispel wealth. For example, Zheng Yuling was a sister of the Hong Kong film industry at that time, and she made a lot of pension money, but because she was invested in a bank, she suddenly lost money.

The fourth point is even more interesting. The stark poverty of the stars has a lot to do with the consumption patterns of their class.

The celebrities are rich, thinking that they have entered another stratum, and soon they will find another set of consumption systems around them. This set of consumption system is called luxury consumption system, also known as conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption is a consumption channel specifically targeted at the wealthy. Ordinary people buy hundreds of pieces of clothing and grit their teeth to buy a few thousand brands. However, if you buy a luxury brand like Chanel, a set of clothes would cost 100,000. If you are tired of buying luxury goods, there are still hundreds of thousands of famous wines, millions of high-end jewelry, tens of millions of famous cars, or there are hundreds of millions of artworks waiting for you … just like a station The beauty blogger on the wind mouth sighed that I thought it was 100,000 yuan a month, and after you 100,000 yuan a month, I felt that I was poorer. Yeah, at a glance at the consumer market, no matter how rich you are, you can’t afford it. In addition, people’s consumption is a whole. You have bought a Kelly bag. Are you still embarrassed to take the subway? I bought a famous car. Can’t the driver buy one? There are hundreds of millions of luxury homes. Isn’t there a portrait of tens of millions? The furniture must be at least French antique, right? Can’t the housekeeper invite one? Just like female celebrities want to eat top bird’s nest, they can also afford it, but every day, this amount is really quite large. If the celebrity is overwhelmed, and there is no normal work in recent years, and it is necessary to maintain this level of consumption, it will be a bottomless pit if you become poor.

Fortune, personality, as well as financial ability and consumption methods, all determine the star’s standard of living in an extremely unstable state. And people who have seen big money look down on small money, so in the end, they will appear in all kinds of tragic news. In times of economic downturn, it is probably within the means to make ends meet, open source and reduce expenditures, which is the way of life for all people, whether stars or ordinary people, right?