A marmot is on guard, and someone is going to invade his home. His home was 3 meters underground, and there were two exits with soft grass for their rest, but all this was useless, and four or five marmots’ homes had been looted.
  A marmot, also known as a marmot, has precious fur and can be a big money for humans. His oil can make bridles and bridles as strong as steel. These marmots know it. So the marmot’s mother told the marmot to keep her home anyway.
  The marmot has been in the post for three days, and within three days he has witnessed many of them entering the team’s skin. They died very miserably, and some were born and even killed. The marmot hid in a rocky grasshopper and saw it all very seriously. He saw his own horror, but for the sake of the family and the long-term extension of the family, he didn’t care about giving up his life.
  Another team came over. They were holding horses and carrying long poles. There were empty silk sacks sewn on the long poles. They were used to catch marmots. They covered the bags in the hole. When the marmot came out, there was no net leak.
  The groundhog is standing in a very hidden place. It is a rock surrounded by wormwood. As long as the groundhog looks carefully, it will see the movement of the team. One of the men and women in the team hated the marmot the most. He had a lot of strategies. He always came up with an idea when others gave up hunting, and none of his ideas failed. It always kept the silk bag full. Marmots of the same species.
  This man is about 30 years old and is a young man of humanity. He has both experience and patience in dealing with marmots. He first blocked another hole in the marmot’s house, and then guarded this hole. If he doesn’t attack, he will hang a firecracker to celebrate the festival to the tail of a small groundhog caught beforehand, and then set off a firecracker and let go of him. The groundhog is frightened and will straighten Finding a mother in the cave, then how many marmots in the house will be out of the cave under the squinting smoke, and a family is thus destroyed.
  The groundhog saw crying here, and he shivered. He didn’t know if his family would have the same fate. The group returned with a full load, and the marmot came home to tell his mother about it, and of course he said his fear and worry.

  The marmot’s mother was very weak, and she just gave birth to three younger brothers. Because there was not much milk, two younger brothers had starved to death. The mother heard the marmot finish all these words, and stood up and told him that human beings are asking for hardships, and without us, we cannot maintain the ecological balance.
  The marmot understood his mother’s words, and he went to guard again, but this time he had a lot of thoughts, that is, from this moment, he grew up a lot.
  In the early morning of this day, the sun is very soft, and the green grass around is peaceful. It is a wonderful moment for the marmot to forget the disaster. It was at this moment that the gang came again. They used irrigation methods, and of course they were better off putting firecrackers. The groundhog hid behind a rock and couldn’t help laughing.
  Suddenly he saw a thin, small marmot arching out of the hole, which surprised the marmot. He knew that if this little marmot was also tied to the tail with firecrackers, his entire family would encounter it in an instant. The devastation.
  The marmot couldn’t hold it back, he had to turn the tide at this moment. If possible, he would like to negotiate with human beings, and it is necessary to trade his flesh and blood for peace.
  Just as the teenagers tied a long string of red firecrackers to the tail of the marmot, the marmot rushed out like an arrow. He went straight to the hands that tied the firecrackers and used his two beautiful front teeth Bit it deadly. The juvenile released the marmot, and the marmot crawled back to the hole.
  But the marmot was undoubtedly caught, and firecrackers were not tied to the tail.
  The marmot did not resist, he was very docile, and the firecracker was fastened to his tail like a kite’s tail. At this time, the marmot looked up at the sky. He hoped that a kite really appeared in the sky at this time. He compares it well to see who flies higher.
  The firecracker ignited, and a thunderous sound sounded like thunder. The marmot did not run, and did not return to the hole. He calmed himself, let the firecracker approach his body a little bit, and then strove to jump into those panic People with high shoulders.